Political Markaz - Once again Jamea unites Muslims under the banner of Imam Ali (a)

Once again Jamea unites Muslims under the banner of Imam Ali (a)

Once again Jamea unites Muslims under the banner of Imam Ali (a)

Feb 18,2022 Comments Download

By- Ustad Syed Jawad Naqvi

Last week on the occasion of 13th Rajab, a beautiful conference took place with the title as Nahjul Balagha ba manhajul wilayat . Many scholars of various sects visited and delivered beautiful speeches in this environment of hate and sectarianism. The other sects in this situation came and talked about the merits of Ahlulbayt and Imam Ali (a) in an intellectual manner and they expressed their beliefs on Ahlulbayt (a) which was something unique. This conference has washed away the seditions of all those who were spreading this that Ahle Sunnah does not respect Ahlulbayt (a). And some in Shias say that Shais do not respect companions. Such seditionists are present on both sides. In Shias you can read the authentic books of Shias that they have respect of companions. The Zakir’s are not the source of Shia religion it is the authentic books of Shia which are reference to know Shias. Since in Shias one thing is found that they express the merits without any limits and just drag by passions. I want to say that for companions up to the level of Ghuloo the beliefs are present in Shias where they take their levels beyond the Prophet. For Salman, Ammar, Miqdad they go beyond. One Ahle Sunnah scholar said that one is who at peace with Ali we are at peace with him and the one whom Ali has war we are at war. Where Ali is quiet we are quiet and where ali speaks we also speak against those. Ali has categorized that companions and Tulaqa (disassociated ones) are different. You can see the status of companions which Ali has expressed in Nahjul Balagha. Hence this is not true that Shais do not respect companions. And for Ahle Sunnah you can listen to this conference again and again and see how much Ahle Sunnah respect Ahlulbayt (a). For Nahjul Balagha many misunderstandings are present that Nahjul Balagha is not authentic though several references are present. And with Ahle Sunnah coming and presenting from Nahjul Balagha is itself a proof. The privilege which Allah has given to Jamea is to join people. These elders also desire to unite Ummah and we are thankful to them. 

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