Political Markaz - OIC conference in Islamabad

OIC conference in Islamabad

OIC conference in Islamabad

Dec 24,2021 Comments Download

By- Ustad Syed Jawad Naqvi

Last week there was an OIC conference in Islamabad. There are some Foreign Ministers of nations visited and some did not attend. In fact on the same day certain Islamic nations representatives were meeting Modi in Delhi on the same subject of Afghanistan. As said before America has done a big evil in Afghanistan. They did notorious acts when they were present in Afghanistan and when they left it was a much bigger evil. They left the nation to a group who was opposed by majority in all aspects. They handed the nation to Taliban and handed Taliban to Pakistan. You can see what target they have hit. They told Pakistan that to bring Taliban to power it was Pakistan who supported them and their success is due to Pakistan. Now Afghanistan is in the laps of Taliban, and Taliban is in lap of Pakistan and Pakistan is hanging in air as they cannot find any lap. They left Pakistan alone on it is own and they have done this before as well.

In the past also America left Afghanistan leaving terrorists behind with Pakistan who were moved to Waziristan, who then started terrorism in Pakistan against Muslims, forces, army , police , Shias and after this the Pakistani forces had to take a stand and finish them after which peace got established due to the efforts of Pakistan forces. Now the same mistake has been done, where Taliban is left over to Pakistan. No global government has accepted Afghanistan and no trade dealings are happening with Afghanistan. America is waiting for the natural consequences of their plans. They gave governance to Taliban but no money is there with them. The people will starve and when people starve they rebel as the last option. They will take weapons in their hands. The current scenario is this that they want the entire Afghan community should starve and at the end all will rise with weapons and kill Taliban and anyone who has something to eat will get killed. This would be out of control and America wants to see this in Afghanistan. From the time Taliban came in power, our Pakistan leadership is appealing world to help Afghanistan as there is human crisis. On one hand the situation which America has created for Pakistan whose economy has gone to zero, and in this state Afghanistan has been handed over to them. The governor of Pakistan has said that for 6 billion dollars loan we have agreed to terms that would destroy entire Pakistan. In this situation such a big human crisis is placed in the laps of Pakistan. Taliban needs two type of supports, one is to help Taliban to government and second is to support hungry people there.

In I979 this OIC was made and many top leaders of Pakistan and other nations became member of this organization. From the time this organization came into existence that is since half century it has not taken a single step for the benefit of Islamic countries practically. They have not supported any one, they are just a useless organization. You can get water out of stone but no goodness can come out from this organization. An example of this is Kashmir, where they were usurped by India, and these nations of this OIC gave medals to India. They could not bring one meeting for Kashmir. Saudi is the head of this OIC and all others are considered as its pupils and Saudi gives money.  Erdogan, Mahathir and Iran had planned that OIC is useless and have not taken any step so let’s make an alternative organization. Our PM got impressed and excited and said we will part of this as well. Our PM was stopped by Bin Salman to attend that conference in Malaysia. All Islamic nations curse this organization who has never done anything. Now they are sitting for Afghanistan. For Pakistan this is a big success because our current Foreign Ministry is failure in terms of foreign policy. In this conference in Islamabad where they were 60 kms from Kashmir they left without taking name of Kashmir. Without taking name of Palestine and condemning Israel and even Iranian representation was present. We could not accept them. The foreign ministry claims success that they gathered some people. What happened with Afghanistan? No support has been given and they will not do as well. This is because Taliban will strengthen and people will get some relief which America does not wants. They want Taliban to become helpless and people should starve. In this situation to gather those people who have not helped anyone since birth. They never issued statement on anything even when Quran is sacrileged. Prophet is insulted and whatever is happening in India with Muslims they did not condemn India. These 57 nations organization just look at their own state and see even if they are capable to make the world into a bloc. Those who made this organization who wanted to become top ranked Global Muslim leader. They made this organization to form a third bloc against America and Russia. The nations whom they were allying with were all slave nations ready to take any step for the sake of power.

Similarly there is another organization that is Non-Aligned countries which has no cream in it. Those nations who are slaves of America cannot help Afghanistan at all. The only three nations who can help Afghanistan are Russia, China and Iran. They will also do when they see some of their interests in Afghanistan. All those in this organization are those who only care for their own governments interest and not the interest of nation. You have asked for help on the basis of humanity. But humanity is from values and not interests. At present in the world the politics is not based on principles instead on interests and benefits. Those who see their own interests they will help. If Iran, China, Russia see their interests in Afghanistan then they will help and situation can change in Afghanistan. They are doing some little help to just keep their engagement on but not to the level to strengthen Taliban or help people.

America is a Satan and you need to cut the roots of this Satan. The Pakistani nation should first see themselves and it should not happen that in process of saving Afghanistan they should not destroy themselves. Pakistan itself is in trouble and you are inviting a conference. May Allah grant this Taufeeq and give such persons who can get Pakistan and others also out of this difficulty.

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