Political Markaz - Non-seriousness of people, scholars results in Haram Fasting in Pakistan

Non-seriousness of people, scholars results in Haram Fasting in Pakistan

Non-seriousness of people, scholars results in Haram Fasting in Pakistan

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In the local affairs the atmosphere is of election. The interim government has been created and people are still not certain if elections will take place or not. But at the same time with uncertainty everyone is working and preparing for elections. The design for elections have been done which is not good for the country. The kind of people who have been got in the field of elections are not good and the way people are being taken out from the field. At the time of elections one common attribute which we Pakistanis have is non seriousness. This attribute becomes clearly manifested on some people on certain occasions. On certain occasions this stands out as to how much non seriousness is present in community, leadership, classes of people and government. This non-seriousness clearly comes out and one such occasion is the election atmosphere. Elections is a social act which manifests many hidden things and man can assess his society, the people their sense level and classify the people under elections. If from the scholarly vision someone does an analysis without getting involved in this as spectator. If someone wants to assess as to where my nation and people stand then election is one such occasion. The outcome of this eternal non-seriousness are the standards on which elections are done. There is a height of non-seriousness and hypocrisy.

The name is democracy but actually it is hypocrisy. The system in your county is hypocrisy. There is hypocrisy in the name of religion, nationalism, patriotism, and communism. Like the one who is in politics all his goals are nonpolitical that is personal, economical or class based. He jumps into politics, raises political slogans, but all his actions are non-political. This is hypocrisy. Then there is hypocrisy in the name of community, religion and nationalism. Those who use religion in politics, they have no interest in religion. Their entire desire is on chair, power but they want to reach power, authority through the ladder of religion. The communists make community as the ladder to step up to power but in reality they have no interest to give any benefit to their community. Similar the nationalists have high hypocrisy who have no feeling for their nation. One famous poet of Pakistan was Habib Jalib. He used to be in prison in all the governments of Bhutto, Ayyub khan. Though he and Bhutto both were socialists but Bhutto put him inside prison. He has very good poems of his which are rebellion in nature. One poem of he says

Those who sell the principles for the sake of power
You are abased in the eyes of sincere people
You were never and will never be concerned about the nation

Those who sell principles to buy power, authorities, tickets of elections. All this country and nationalist slogans you are raising but in reality you never had any affection with the nation and neither will you have. You are just the people of your own personal interest. You are very lowly, abased in the eyes of those sincere persons. The field of elections are for such persons only. In the fight of cocks, pigeons, bull you will find cocks and bulls only. This is because the hunger of power have made them blind. Certain parties have become blind in power. They want power at any cost and people are non-serious. This category which is the well-known class, where there are thugs, thieves, dacoits, adulterers, alcoholics. If Taqwa is not the standard then these criteria’s are set. When Taqwa is not there and alternate standards are made then the outcome is hypocrisy. You can estimate the hypocrisy here; that those people who have given a lot of statements, speeches against Takfirist and have said that they are Khawarij, outside of Islam but for the sake of elections they have done alliance with them now. They have done alliance with Takfirist, who consider other Muslims as Kafir and have killed Muslims. Since this is election they don’t see Faasik, Fajir.

Democracy is hypocrisy and nothing is considered. The same elections which have reached here in seventy years and this game is being played. From the last elections what has the community, nation, religion and you yourself have got. This is the eternal non seriousness. It is impossible that non serious people can think about their own act as to what they are doing. The shadow of this non seriousness is being present all the time but during elections it gets manifested clearly. In every segment the shadow of non-seriousness is present. The media of Pakistan is the filthiest, there is no attention towards communal teachings, towards religion. Those who celebrate Ramazan with actors, dancers. The month of sacredness, sanctity and in that month artists, dancers, licentious people sit on TV Channels and they are the ones whose entire lineage do not fast. This is the peak of non-seriousness as to how much non serious they are. You see education system, trade, business and one examples you have seen is the sacrilege of Ramazan on media. Though the High court has summoned also that artists, loafer anchors will not come on stage on TV for Ramazan but still this did not get implemented.

The peak of non-seriousness came up at the end of Ramzan on the occasion of Eid. For crescent sighting the committee that was made by government, they are the cream of non-seriousness. This committee did not give even an atom size importance to Eid, Ramazan and to people. The name of the committee is crescent sighting who does not see the moon; they on the day of 29th do Iftar in a hotel, in a closed room. The moon is seen only for short time for 30 mins. When the sunset happens, they jump on food and no one views the crescent, they make no arrangement to view the crescent and just wait for people to respond. The established moon that became certain also on 2nd Shawwal that this was the moon of 2nd Shawwal and not first. Then people made noise also, the Ahle Hadith scholars raised the issue.

The Scholars of Ahle hadith did the Eid Namaaz on 2nd Shawwal. They said in the Eid sermon that we did Haram fasting on Friday and the chairman of the crescent sighting committee has made us to do this, hence sin will be on him. When you know there is Eid on Friday, then why did you fast? As it was Haram and you are saying this also that the fasting on that Friday was Haram and now you are blaming the Chairman. There were so many people who saw the moon with pictures takes, and they said we were calling the committee but no one answered. We ourselves were trying to call the central, regional crescent committee and could not reach a single person and all phones were disconnected. This witness is present from the KPK crescent committee sighting.

When he was asked how you see the moon? Thy say on the eve of crescent sighting we have Iftar in a hotel, we sit on the dinner table and wait for witnesses. When we asked did you appoint someone to view crescent? The member of the committee said that no, we never assign anyone this duty. Then who will give you witness? He said public, and we ourselves don’t make any arrangement. I am talking about the government committee kept for this. They said if someone sees they can call. When we asked him did you announce any phone number to call about crescent sighting? He said no, we did not announce any phone number. This is the regional crescent committee, then there is central committee above them, and this is the way they have played with the religion of people. We can see how non serious are people, the scholars. They don’t care for any sanctity of Ramazan. We just look at TV and accept what the committee says. The moon was sighted all around Pakistan and the experts have given maps two weeks before about the areas where the crescent would be sighted and Pakistan was present in that. But see the non-seriousness of people and also the scholars did not move. Certain scholars are saying also that we have done Haraam fasting. This is a historical record that you have kept Haram fasting because you have kept with certainty, those who do in doubts is different. They say also we kept Haraam fasting and the sin will go on chairman. This is non-seriousness and dangerous. The Quran has discussed this calamity in various verses. It is said to the Prophet, have you seen such people who have made their religion as playground, mockery, Lahb, Lahw. No one cares and no one is serious. The Scholars have been so unconcerned. You should have developed certainty in either case, to fast or not to fast. If you do without uncertainty this is the mockery of yourself and religion both. They neither have any tools, they did not see and neither asked the people to see. They were asking weather department instead of meteorology.

The entire Muslims world started to fast on the same day and did the Eid also on the same day but it is the limit for Pakistan that due to the non-seriousness of Pakistani’s has made it very bitter. The chairman of committee is the most useless person. He switched off his phone on the night of sighting. When he was called on TV, he removed the mic and left that I will not reply. You have made the entire community to fast Haram and not even replying to the people. There should be a case on this Chairman. The chief justice should leave the dams issue. They are doing everything to fix internet, weather but they are not fixing justice. First fix justice, law and such criminals should be punished those who are making mockery of the entire religion, Islam and are not even accountable.

In one discussion he said, this is the government committee and no one has the rights to speak against this committee. When the government has made this crescent sighting committee then no one has rights to speak. This chairman has proven that he has no knowledge of any Fiqh that is Hanafi, Maliki, Hanbali or Shia. The one who is careless about religion and does not cares for any Haram, Halal are these useless people. In Hanafi Fiqh their fatwa is anywhere in the country crescent is seen it will be accepted. In Shia Fiqh scholars like Ayatullah Khoei has the fatwa that all those countries where night is common and if moon sighted anywhere in that horizon that will be considered as accepted for the countries in the same region where night is common. But even his followers did not do Eid. In Pakistan most follow Hanafi Fiqh then what kind of Hanafi Fiqh you are following that you did not consider this? What kind of Muqalid you are that you are not following the Fiqh of your Marajae. This is carelessness towards the verdicts, tool, and information. At least someone should show them some criteria to observe crescent. The people selected in government committees are not real scholars, they select people on political relationship and those who speak on the instructions of government. The Scholars should each them the religious ruling about crescent sighting.

Today with the help of technology you are proving things in every segment, but for such a simple issue of crescent you have made it complicated. If through scientific means it is proven then it should be accepted. There are 150 to 200 committees made by the Leader in Iran to observe crescent. Then there is a committee that observes above the cloud. Then they take reports from experts and after that they declare. If the views of experts are not reliable in the matter of crescent then why you listen to the experts in other issues? Which religion says that you should not listen to experts? When doctor says there is heart attack but Mufti says no, then what will do you? The mufti when he becomes sick, he goes to expert for treatment. If today the Holy Prophet (s.a.w.s) and Imams were present, will they not touch the telescope? Imam e Zaman (a.t.f.s) will turn his face from it? The science has not come from hell. It is the result of efforts, tools made by man. This fight of religion and science, religion and philosophy. All these insane people have made fights and separation between religion and politics, science, knowledge, philosophy and then what remains with religions will be only the Mufti and his beard. This is the religion that will be left behind. All this is religion.

To look at the sky at sunset for sighting moon it is a science. We use Compass for Qiblah this is science. You sit in airplane for going to Hajj, is this not science? You can use camels. For getting information you are using mobile, so why you are accepting a mobile which is also science, but to view crescent you are denying science. The Mufti should have this much sense that when someone calls on mobile to say crescent is seen, this science is accepted, but to view crescent science is not accepted. To sit on TV for the Mufti is acceptable, with microphone, video, camera all that is also science.

Science does not mean non religiousness. It is that knowledge which discovers and makes the means of living. The means for living, eating, moving. Science is making things from the material given by Allah. All this cloth, building, mosques are made by Science. All those masons were scientists only and even today the uneducated masons are much ahead of educated engineers. All these are talents and if you remove them from religion then what will be left in religion. Taking advantage from the senselessness of people and telling them to not use these means for moon sighting but using the same means for other things in life. There is no objection by law, judiciary by anyone. The TV has announced 2nd Shawwal and we are accepting it blindly. The Mufti also does not know that the moon sighting is necessary and permissible for everyone. He gave an example that if government has made judiciary then no one else can make judiciary. This shows that this Mufti is ignorant. You cannot do analogy on this. The person who does not know such simple issues of religion is made as the head of crescent sighting committee. This is an example of non-seriousness, mockery in religion and all other things.

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