Political Markaz - Non-Serious, Inexperienced Railway Minister killing Passengers in Pakistan

Non-Serious, Inexperienced Railway Minister killing Passengers in Pakistan

Non-Serious, Inexperienced Railway Minister killing Passengers in Pakistan

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This week’s tragic incident of train accident whereby a passenger train collided with a goods train parked at station and big number of passengers lost their lives and a bigger number got wounded. These incidents in railways are happening since last few months continuously from the time this person has been made the railway minister.

A person whose field is not this, and he has no experience, seriousness and he is given such an important department. The one who is famous for juggling, mockery, joking and who has no specialization and attention towards his department, and he came and started political activity in railways to show his performance is better than the past government. In the past government railway improved as per media reports. This person wanted to prove that the past system was bad and now it is improving. The structure of Pakistan railways is under high wear and tear.

Two systems in Pakistan are useless, one is WAPDA ( the electricity board) where overhead cables are hanging all over streets, above the houses and accidents are taking place and it also results into loss of electricity. If there is right system of distribution of electricity then the electricity produced is enough for Pakistan. There are electricity thefts also, which are done mostly by elites who have 60 AC’s in their homes which are all running free and they pay 5000 Rs per month. The system of electricity in Pakistan is completely worn out and dangerous.  

And more than this is the railway system which was laid by British 200 yrs. back and then many of these tracks were pulled out and sold and a severe worn out system is there now. In this disturbed worn out system, there is a non-serious minister of railways. He is running excessive trains which the system cannot handle. There is no possibility on platform, workshops to run such trains. If they would have upgraded systems of the railways, made it digital and new engines would have come then you can increase the number of trains. 

There is very high standard and advanced rail systems present in Japan, Europe, Iran and even in Arab nations but the system of Pakistan of railways is worst. They are trying to prove that their records are better than the previous ones. They are running excessive trains on the same engines and same system. There are no additional trains or engines. Like Quetta express comes, they change the label and run it again as Karachi express.

There are goods train, which are to be managed, the tracks are worst and employees are lazy and non-committed, who do not even come to work. This is a dreadful situation. There are many train incidents happening almost every day where trains go off track. The trains collide with parked another train. This has gone on peak in last few months. In the instable politics of the nation there is no attentiveness on this. There was first a failed airline system and now trains are also like this which endangers the life of people 

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