Political Markaz - No Verdict only preaching by Supreme Court towards Non Takfirism

No Verdict only preaching by Supreme Court towards Non Takfirism

No Verdict only preaching by Supreme Court towards Non Takfirism

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No Verdict only preaching by Supreme Court towards Non Takfirism

The Pakistan Supreme court has issued a verdict on a very important issue and media did not highlight this as it was very sensitive. It was beyond expectations as our judiciary works with pragmatism. Last year the Tahreek Labbaik group did a sit in protest at that time the last government Minister of Law resigned. There was a big chaos at that time, the capital was frozen, roads were blocked and many issues took place. 

First police was trying to settle, then the Court issued order that this protest should end, the police came out in field and within 30 mins of operation the police were beaten and the operation was stopped. Then in 2018 the protests which took place in the Asiya Bibi issue, the police has spent almost 190 Million rupees. This means just to watch the drama of these protests the police has spent this much. In this protest, then the government organizations intervened and this strike ended in a dramatic way. Then the case started, the decision was made and now the announcement was done which was a unique verdict.

Every topic was covered in this verdict, in which all the government agencies, institutes names were taken with their limits and asked them to remain in their limits as they crossed the limits not just in these protests but in other things as well. The mention of government, forces all is present in this verdict. But in this verdict, the orders and decision are less as compared to counselling and preaching. It looks like as if the Supreme Court has done preaching to them. The judgement is always to be implemented but does not likes with this verdict any action would be taken against someone being ousted of job, arrested or some action taken.

This was a preaching done by the judges and this was the precaution they have taken. But in their limits this is an important step, to point out the agencies who put the security under threat. Amongst these points, one issue for which I took this step is that both the judges have written, is that to spread sectarian hatred, malice should come and will come under terrorism act. If anyone tries to spread hatred amongst Muslims, did sectarian talks, hurting other sects, attacks the followers of any religion then he will be counted as terrorist and cases will be filed under the law of terrorism. If someone issues a verdict of religion that spreads religious discord this will come under terrorism law.  

In the front is this group of Labbaik Tahreek Rasoolallah, who did this protest and during these protests, they issued verdict of infidelity against personalities and sects. How much religious hatred this group has spread is a separate issue but the religious hatred that is being spread in Pakistan since 40 years whose evidences are present with courts and also with media, as people have sat on TV shows to spread religious hatred specifically against Shiite. They have issued verdicts of infidelity against Shias and no one took notice of this. Now when the court has counted this spreading of hatred, hate speeches, Takfirism also as terrorism, this is a very good step if this law becomes an act and made practical at system level.

The way they made the law for using loudspeakers, which they implemented so similarly if they collect all the material related to Takfiri’s, which is present on media, which was shown to the world, the court should take notice of this, and bring those people in court; those who did Takfir of Muslims .Shias and have spread Takfirism, the law should turn towards them. It should not happen that if the head of some religious group comes up, then action is taken but a historic religious group of Shia is not considered in this. If the hatred is spread against Shiite, then this law does not applies then this would be injustice.

These Takfirists are cancers which will destroy communities. They start battles at state level for spreading hatred. This should all come under terrorism act. But till date this has not happened that someone has done this injustice against Shiite and the court has taken any notice. They have not shown any reaction on this. We can see today that those who spread hatred across the country, they did wall chalking, the social media is full with their posts under their own name. They have announced this hatred in front of judges, openly but they are being got into politics. They have become pure and doing leadership of others. This is not the criteria, that if this hatred is done by anyone, even if Shia then this act should be applicable on him as well. And specifically when Takfirist verdicts are issued aginst Shias, then also reaction should be done and all those who have done this before cases should be filed on them.

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