Political Markaz - No Intention of Pakistan government to resolve issues

No Intention of Pakistan government to resolve issues

No Intention of Pakistan government to resolve issues

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In national issues, the way the nation politics is going we can see that there is severity coming on hourly basis. Instead of making affairs fair, balanced and making the national atmosphere stable new issues, complications, topics are being raised everyday which is raising anxiety and becoming effective on everything. Due to which the people have to face more hardships and amongst these hardships the top of the list is economy problems where inflation is going up and non-availability of commodities. The prices of commodities are going up every day and become unavailable. In yesterday’s newspaper there was news related to two Assembly members; who made their complaints noted. About one it was written that he has come to assembly without taking shower and other had to take bath with cold water in this winter. The reason was that there is no Gas available due to which one could not take shower and other had to take with cold water. The media is writing this as a joke but from this you can realize what the situation of the country is becoming. The policies are not being made; the parliament is suspended, the laws are not being made, and it is not capable to make laws.

The 200 donkeys which people have sent to parliament they are not doing this. The reasons is that in Parliament there are few dozen committees made for various affairs where laws are to be made. Like there are committees related to education, sports, defense which are also called as commission. The work of these committees is to make various policies by research initially and then they present that in the Assembly meeting and then the Assembly members reject it or accept it. This is the way of formulation of laws. Like what would be the foreign policy of Pakistan, there will be a committee of expert member. They analyze all the foreign affairs, then they prepare a bill that is presented to parliament. These committees are not being formed, not even a single one. This is because the members of parliament of the ruling government is not willing to give any committee to the opposition party. Even if they want to give then also they give very insignificant committees which are not important. They will give environment committee and the opposition knows that there is no benefit in this. As a result these 200 members have become victims of suspension of parliament. The laws cannot be made as the committees for raising the bills is not yet made. This is because the government and opposition are in strong conflict and specifically the government is more into revenge politics as stated by media.

The ruling government believes in revenge politics and they want to put all the opposition inside prison which the PM has said openly. They have made cases against all in different contexts. They want to imprison all opposition parties inside jail and then they will put country on the path forward. This kind of atmosphere neither leaves any room for making laws, policy, and reformation of nation and as a result the state is suspended. It is like martial law when no progress takes place. Four months have passed and there is nothing moving forward. All the affairs are waiting for government decisions, as a result the non-governmental elements take over the affairs. Like the economy comes under the hands of mafia and smugglers when the government is not able to take control. This way the people have to suffer. Like electricity bill, gas bills are going up, even though gas is not being given but still it is very expensive and people have to pay bills. The same situation is there in all segments. The daily vegetables are very expensive. When the currency falls down, policies are not made, the ministers are giving full time to opposition. The courts are busy in political cases rather than solving people’s cases and disputes of their rights are hanging since years. Practically if the government does not takes the reigns in their hands, then the pressure comes on people. The government has indicated that there could be interim elections as well. This act has made the atmosphere of Pakistan disturbed and the issues are going on day by day even though the government has support from everywhere but the intention of government is not seen.

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