Political Markaz - No burden on anyone’s conscience in Pakistan

No burden on anyone’s conscience in Pakistan

No burden on anyone’s conscience in Pakistan

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The famous railway minister of Pakistan, Sheikh Ahmad Rasheed, who is famous in media, present in every government, reaches positions, famous in forces and have become iconic, and who expresses openly about things. In the latest statement which he issued , related to the Sadqabad train incident where a passenger train collided with goods train and 26 persons died, the press asked him a question and he gave an interesting reply which was a deep reply and I think he expresses big realities which other position holders do not do.

When he was asked as to such big incident happens in railways due to you, where you are running over capacity and there is no railway system that is fixed, and you are starting new trains every day without new bogies, upgrading of lines, these incidents are happening due to this. They asked him do you consider yourself responsible and in other countries people resign from their posts.

He replied that I do not consider any burden on my conscience. This was the statement which he gave in front of journalists and it came in news. This is a dangerous statement but is a reality, that there is no burden on his conscience. He had no pain or grief inside him. The second point is that this minister who is always in every government and on media. You can say that this person is the interpreter of Pakistani situation, circumstances, culture and politics.

He does not do any acting and is natural; he stays in his actual position and he says openly. Like he is not married but when asked why?  He said when milk is available publicly why should I buy a cow. Others will give excuses to escape such questions. Such kind of things only he can say and we can say he is the actual representative of our culture. According to me; he is the actual representative of our community. What majority is doing, thinking he is doing the same, and he says also. Hence his words are right. When he has said that I have no burden on my conscience, he has represented the temperament of our entire community.

We all do not take any burden on our conscience. It is not because there is no heavy burden on anyone in this country. There are many burdens on us, the people die in road accidents and Pakistan could be leading in this, the buses fall in valleys, motorcycles clash. If you go to emergency wards, you will see but no one has a burden. Let people die. One past ex CM of Baluchistan, Raisani, who has said that degree is degree does not matter real or fake. When he was CM, Shias got martyred and 35 got martyred in one incident.

The journalist questioned him that you are CM and such big incident has taken place. He said that from 220 million population if 35 ide, what difference it makes, when terrorist bring people down from bus and kill them. The CM says that it does not matter, such things happen. The journalists said that you say it makes no difference, but their families are crying. He replied that I can send one truck of tissue paper to them. You can see that there is no burden on anyone’s conscience. There are many heavy burden things, if someone feels that burden, he would die under that.

As an example, in the era of Imam Ali (a.s), the Muawiya regime was in rebellion against the central government of Ali. The battalion from Syria would come and loot people. In one incident they attacked and looted, and in that looting, they looted one Muslim family and other Jewish. They pulled out the anklet from the feet of the Jewish lady. They sacrilege woman and went. Ameerul Momineen (a.s) called his soldiers posted there and gave a sermon when he got the news, that one battalion from Syria came and they did this.

Ameerul Momineen (a.s) says, that on such situation if a believer dies of grief, I will not condemn him. This is the feeling of burden. Ameerul Momineen (a.s) took this much burden and told his soldiers that if you all die it would be fair. We can see where we have reached and why we are not taking this burden on our conscience. It is not that this lack of conscience is there only in CM and Railway Minister instead in the entire country you won’t see any burden on the conscience.

If you go to market, you won’t see any burden on anyone. You will see dacoits, corrupt people who do such lowly things. If you go to various departments and see, there is no burden on anyone. He is sitting on any seat; he is sitting in his home but does not feel any burden on his conscience. There are so many incidents shown on media, is there anyone who says that I have a big burden on my conscience and I should die. There are mountains of burden, but no one takes the burden. Why?

The work of conscience is to take to burden. Conscience is that thing, board, chip inside the soul which takes the burden of these injustice and feels guilty. I am also involved in this. This bitterness which is happening in front of us, we do not accept any burden. Hence, I consider this minister of railway, as the correct interpreter of the community.

Other shed crocodile tears, and do acting.  Even they also have no conscience, they did not make anyone responsibility for this incident, no laws were made on these incidents. Some say we have burden and do acting, but some like minister of railways say I have no burden on conscience, because the conscience is dead. How can you revive the dead conscience? This poem which is written in UN as well, from Hakim Firdausi. “You are thoughtless, unconcerned from the pains of others, you are not human because man is one who has pain and grief”.

One who feels trouble, pains and most painful thing is which does not feel the pain. We have become careless, we don’t think about others, our conscience has died and we cannot think about anyone. The person without conscience does not thinks about anyone, neither community or nation. If you se 72 yrs. of Pakistan, every segment is ruined. Is there any burden on conscience? Is there any conscience who can say that I have burden on me? Can someone say that I am involved in making this atmosphere of terrorism. Is there someone to say we are responsible to say that due to us these many got killed.

One who is shameful on his own acts. In politics, economics, trading, government, religion, markets, homes, the consciences are dead. Hence, we can see where the nation has reached. The conscience has died? Why? the Quran says, that La’ab, Lahw, Shahwat, Hawas (lust) kills the conscience. The love of world kills conscience, the love of power, rulership, kills conscience. The lustfulness, lavish living kills conscience.

In Indian language, if someone is little bigger, we say that You are Mahan (great). If you find someone with conscience in Pakistan, then we should value the worth of such person and also appreciate yourself for finding such person. People watch on TV such incidents. On TV they show such scenes for fun, where someone is falling down. If someone gets a shock, or someone falls downs, they broadcast for laughing. These painful scenes are for our laughing? Man can see such incidents on every step, the poor, disabled, the beggars on street when we see we should have burden on our conscience. Shamefulness and this burden are the things of conscience. Anyhow this minister has expressed the state of everyone in this community and he should be relaxed that no one has any burden on their conscience in these 72 years.

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