Political Markaz - No aid relief for flood victims

No aid relief for flood victims

No aid relief for flood victims

Jul 19,2019 Comments Download

The grievous incident that took place last week was the flood in the Neelam valley in Azad Kashmir. Due to seasonal disturbance in weather, floods came and 23 people got killed and many are missing, and many villages got drowned and it is not easy to reach there, the welfare activities organizations are also not there who can provide aid reliefs and support them.

In every country there are organizations who are ready to reach people in case of such emergencies. There are many incidents taking place in the country and we could not feel that there is some organization who can provide support. They send forces and some other departments. Due to this there is delay and the lives that can be secured does not take place.

In this era, where weather disturbances are happening due to human intervention, like flood rains and pollution. On the other hand, there are signals which come before the catastrophe, warnings are given and the areas are warned and evacuated as well. Our weather department does not takes care of any such responsibility. Such incidents repeat and in city like Lahore, rains came and many areas are still under water and everything stops. Houses fall and people life gets disturbed.

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