Political Markaz - No abuse in Parliament – Code of conduct passed in Pak Parliament

No abuse in Parliament – Code of conduct passed in Pak Parliament

No abuse in Parliament – Code of conduct passed in Pak Parliament

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The government and opposition has done a meeting recently and they have come to a common agreement on ethical ways of communication. Allama Iqbal has stopped to not believe in these 200 donkeys (sitting in parliament). Since the Pakistani people do not believe in the words of Iqbal and this is what is happening. During this period it is on record that till date not a single law, bill has been passed.

After 5 months they have taken one decision that in Parliament they will not abuse each other in Parliament. They use very foul, abusive words in Parliament. You do not have knowledge on how much money is spent in one Parliament meeting. In other countries they present how much money was spent in this gathering. Since in Pakistan they have not announced but we can estimate that at least 700,000 USD is spent in one Parliament gathering and then they sit and abuse each other. They have sat now and agreed that they will not abuse and use foul language which is insulting to each other. They have done all this and the government representatives are foremost in this and they start the first poem.

After 5 months they have not even made a law but just agreed upon a code of conduct that they will not use abusive language to each other. These are the representatives whom you have selected and sent to parliament. As per Allama Iqbal this Fairy of yours that is this democracy has this outcome. When the power hungry people, blind for power do every possible thing to come to Parliament then the parliament will be like this only.

They are only hungry for power and empty of values. When there are no values and all are spell bound with power; then this is the situation where they don’t care for anything. Now it is winter and there is totally no electricity. Previously at least in winter the electricity used to be better but now it is gone totally. On one hand they claim that they resolved the energy crisis and still this is the situation of people. All this is because the organizations are paralyzed, the behaviors are inappropriate. Everyone is responsible for this but generally they put the blame on establishment that they have made this system. At present these media anchors which someone told me last night; that a famous TV anchor came on TV and cursed himself as to why I supported them. This is the situation that they are cursing themselves. One has done this and many others have to curse themselves because all are responsible. It is not that you give vote and then say it is none of our business. Are the people not responsible for this situation?

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