Political Markaz - Nine insane steps of Mohammad Bin Salman’s Spider politics

Nine insane steps of Mohammad Bin Salman’s Spider politics

Nine insane steps of Mohammad Bin Salman’s Spider politics

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Nine insane steps of Mohammad Bin Salman’s Spider politics

The top of the list topic globally is still Saudi Arabia. Whatever is happening in Saudi are all in a dramatic way since last two or three years. In fact from the time Salman became the King and his accursed son Mohammed bin Salman the crown prince Saudi has changed its policies dramatically. Saudi had already worsened their situation but these two; father and son have deviated from the conventional Saudi politics and adopted a new political way. Until now Saudi had family rule and it was always Ale Saud which as a family was ruling the country even though king was one person but they have divided the country amongst family members. The wealth, oil, politics and all affairs of the state was under family and they were not giving any authority to anyone outside the family unless it became a must. Everything was exclusive to this family and the family as such is also very big. The host of this family had twenty one wives so you can imagine how many children were there. It is a big family and even after dividing the entire country it was less. All the predecessor rulers who came they maintained the policies of Royal family. When King Faisal was there, which you won’t remember but two signs of his are present in Pakistan; one is the King Faisal mosque which he donated and the city of Faisalabad where he invested a lot and was renamed in his name. He was a very powerful ruler of Saudi Arabia but he maintained the family rulership by distributing the authorities. Then Khalid came, then Fahd and then Abdullah came. Abdullah also inherited the same family principles and ruled according to that involving the entire family in power and wealth. But the current ruler Salman is the most accursed in this family as such everyone in this family is accursed but Salman even when he was not in power; Salman was the most accursed. He was the one supporting the religious group and was the pioneer of Takfirism. When he was the governor of Riyadh from that time he had these thoughts to have zero tolerance aginst Shias. Abdullah was a politician and to a certain extent he was known as a liberal ruler in Ale Saud. He was not believing and acting on many religious thoughts. Hence during his rulership Iran and Saudi had friendly relationships. He came to Iran as well and Rafsanjani went to Saudi Arab during his tenure. This was because of his liberal thinking. Salman was against him even at that time.

The current ruler in a way is expired and retired. He has a sickness of Alzheimer which in Pakistani references we can say of Load shedding. In this sickness for some moment the mind of a person switches off for some moments. He forgets everything during that moment and then with medicines he recovers. Hence practically the ruler is his son and he is only a demonstration and for signing documents. His son, Mohammad bin Salman is a world seeker and highly immature, insane and foolish. If such a fool gets power, authority, wealth he turns out to be the most dangerous person. His weaknesses are known to others like America and Israel. They have selected him only and now this kingdom has come out of the family state into an individual rulership.

  1. 1.      Transformation from family to individual emperorship

Now Ale Saud are not the rulers it is Mohammed bin Salman; one member of this family who is the ruler and he has deprived everyone else from the family. He has taken power, wealth from them. He has arrested, punished some; some are killed, some are besieged some inside home, hotels and some of them who were outside the country are not returning and Mohammed bin Salman has seized all their assets. He has closed down their companies, bank accounts and taken everything under his control. The family is no more a part of the rulership.

This is not the outcome of his personal thoughts; these are being dictated to him by the American Satan’s. The emperorship is of different faces; one is family, second is delegated and third is individualistic. The worst emperorship is this individual one whereby even his family is not included in this. They are going towards that governance which was not experienced before. Neither the people are acquainted there and nor was the structure present there. In order to make this new structure they have to bring down the old structure and to some extent that is done but more has to happen. He will do more blood shedding and extremism on his family members now. The politics which he has adopted in the political science is known as Spider Politics.

In spider politics a web is made to trap others but the spider dies by getting trapped in the same web. Every spider gets trapped in its web which it makes to trap other insects. The spider web which he has made is that he has taken steps simultaneously outside the country and inside country as well he has started many foolish things.

  1. 2.      Economic reformation from rental state to western welfare state

One is in the name of reformatory actions he has transformed the rental state. Rental state is where the people are given one part of government share not as a compensation for doing something but instead they are given to remain unconcerned with the politics and government. They should just enjoy and not interfere in any state affairs. All Arab states where these Sheikhs are ruling like Kuwait, Saudi, Qatar, Oman and Emirates are rental states. The states sell the national wealth like oil and they distribute some part of earning amongst people as rights for remaining silent. You have to remain unconcerned from state affairs and monthly compensations are given with free electricity, oil, tickets for foreign travel and these people don’t do any work. This is the rental state and in these rental states the people only live on free income from state and they don’t do any work for the country. If you see in these countries you will see all Pakistani, Indian, Bangladeshi, Sri Lankan who do everything. The local Arabs only enjoy their lives and without any hardships they get earnings. 

Now when you change the structure of this system and bring them to a state where the people have to work, drive cars, do labor and then they are given salary and from that salary as well tax is deducted. In welfare states the government does not give anything to the people, they give opportunity to people for working and then they pay salary to people and from that they remove tax and run the nation. In an economic reformation without any study and preparation of ground he is trying to change the rental state to welfare state by an order. How is it possible that those who were eating free come to work in a day, take salary and from that salary pay forty percent as tax as well to government? This is the economic politics which he has started to create a western style state which has no possibility there.

  1. 3.      Commanding a dream force of thirty four Muslim nations

On the other hand he has taken this step of creating a force of thirty four nation’s alliance and he will command that force. This is also among those foolish acts. He issued a command, neither did he visit those countries; but just written their names that this is the force. He will give monthly Rials and some accepted that like this Pakistan General who left his country and became a slave of this filthy prince. What could be more disgrace which Allah could give someone? He was the number one of Pakistani force and now he is a slave of this filthy prince. America made a NATO which has become difficult to maintain and has broken. Turkey has come out of this and EU has made their own NATO; they have got the law of European defense force and America and Canada will not be part of it.  America was not able to manage NATO and this crazy prince will manage this force by just issuing commands.

  1. 4.      Aggression on Yemen

The moment he came into power he started aggression on Yemen to demonstrate his power. He purchased new weapons and in the history of weapons sale Saudi has purchased the maximum and whatever Europe and America made they have purchased all. Now they attacked Yemen and that too with the help of Rials. He attacked Yemen tribe who don’t even have proper dress to cover their body and no footwear. Yemen was a poor nation and they attacked it but still he could not win the battle since three years with these tribal people; that too with such big weapons. Now it has reversed when Yemen has launched Scud missile on Riyadh Airport. This has changed the game. When a missile is hitting Riyadh airport this means none of the Saudi points are secure. They replied that Iran has hit this and Trump also said I have seen that Iran has done this.

  1. 5.      Conflict with Qatar

He was in need of global support to resolve Yemen crisis but instead he went into opposition with Qatar. He got few countries with him and he made his own arm of Qatar as his enemy. This was one more step of this spider politics.

  1. 6.      Interference in Politics of Lebanon – Saad Hariri’s forced resignation

Now the most laughing step he has taken is interference in Lebanon politics. He called the Lebanese Prime Minister, arrested him and made him resign in Riyadh. Saad Hariri was invited and he told him to resign and he also did that under pressure. This is a unique incident in the world that the Prime Minister of one country is giving resignation sitting in another country. He should have resigned inside Lebanon but he has done this in Saudi Arabia and now he is not ready even to return to Lebanon. They are trying to play this gamble in Lebanon as well. By using his childish mind he has done this planning. In Syria; America, Europe, Saudi, Turkey all got brutally bashed by Iran. They got bashed by that country whose borders are also not touching Syria. They got bashed in a disgraceful manner. In Syria, Iraq the bashing which Iran has done to these nations which in village example is when a donkey passes into the field of a farmer, the way that donkey is bashed with batons, sticks to the extent that the donkey is made to run beaten to its owners house. Iran has done the same thing with their donkey in Syria, Iraq and made it bleed running to the doors of the owner and the owner realized that it’s not their donkey but it they themselves who have been badly bashed. Now both Trump and Mohammed bin Salman want to take revenge from Iran and they are getting crazy about this. They have put this much capital in Syria, Iraq and made ISIS force but they have beaten us so badly and why can’t they control Iran. Trump is trying to put more sanctions to control Iran and this Spiderman Mohammed bin Salman has been sent out to tackle Iran. He has been beaten by Iran in Syria and in Lebanon he wants to beat Iran.

You should know about Lebanon that it is a unique country in the world in context of its political structure, strategic importance and many other aspects. There are three big populations, communities residing in Lebanon. They are Christians, Sunnis and Shias; there is a fourth small community of Druze as well whose leader is Walid Jumblatt but since they are small they affiliate with any of these three. Due to this distribution the situation of Lebanon has been disturbed since long and has been unstable. As per the censuses done in 1932 the Christians were majority, then Sunnis and then Shias. It was at that time but there is a difference in this distribution hence current precise figures are not there. The effect of this distribution was on the politics and the power positions have been distributed based on this. The President has to be Christian, the Prime Minister Sunni and the head of Parliament will be Shia. It is like this only now whereby Michel Aoun is the Christian President. He was head of Christian militia during the 80’s and they had heavy battles with Hezbollah and Michelle Aoun was defeated and for a long time he escaped to France then returned back. At that time they were staunch enemies to Hezbollah. But now Michelle Aoun is the President, Saad Hariri the son of Rafiq Hariri who was assassinated in car bomb blast is the Prime Minister. Nabih Berry is the commander of Amal movement and is now the head of Parliament. They were all armed battle groups. Lebanon is divided in these three populations and even geographically they live separately inside Lebanon.

The entire affairs of Lebanon are under control of three countries. France is effective and influential on the Christian population of Lebanon. The second is Saudi Arabia which is effective on Sunni and Iran on Shias. These three countries are effective, influential on their communities inside Lebanon. The battles that took place inside Lebanon historically were first between Christians and Shias; then Sunni, Shias and then even within Shias where Nabih Berry Amal militia were fighting with Hezbollah. Then Shia, Sunni fought with Christians. We can also say that there is a fifth community in big numbers present inside Lebanon; they are the Palestinian refugees in camps which are like colonies but known as camps and they are under Abbas Mahmoud control.

As an outcome of these battles that weakest population which was Shias before these battles; the Christians were the most powerful, then Sunnis but during these battles even though the Shias were beaten badly but they became very powerful. At this moment there is only one decisive power in Lebanon and that is Shias and that too Hezbollah. There are two political groups of Shias; one is Amal party and Hezbollah. Hezbollah is a force and very powerful in Lebanon. This is the reason that all groups remain coordinated with Hezbollah. Hezbollah is the arm of Iran hence in other words the decision position in Lebanon is Iran. The war in Syria was also for this reason to cut the route of Iran to support Hezbollah. They wanted to cut this supply line and make a Takfirist route but that donkey got beaten. Now they want to clash with Iran in Lebanon. Iran is very far geographically from Lebanon and there is Iraq and Syria in between.

In Lebanon they created panic; the Sunni Prime Minister was called, arrested, asked to resign so that the government in Lebanon collapses. The reason for the resignation announced was that a plot to assassinate Saad Hariri was made by Iran and Hezbollah. They wanted to make this issue a global issue and take this issue to global organizations. During Rafiq Hariri’s time Syria had high influence in Lebanon and Syrian army was formally present in Lebanon and they had control over entire Lebanon. To get this control of Syrian forces out they had made this plot to assassinate Rafiq Hariri and put the blame on Syria. Then an investigation was done by UN and they proved that Syria and Hezbollah did this. It was not Syria who did this but they put the blame on Syria. Saudi got a resolution passed out in UN that Syria should come out of Lebanon and if they do not come out then all nations under American leadership should attack Syria. Syria was forced to remove their forces out from Lebanon and when Syria got the forces back to Syria and then they created a rebellion inside Syria. This first experiment of theirs was successful whereby they first got Rafiq Hariri the father of Saad Hariri assassinated, then put the blame on Syria, threatened Syrian government and got Lebanon empty. Now when Syria was out they were certain that Lebanon will come under their control. But this did not happen, Hezbollah became more powerful despite of Syria out from there. Hezbollah was not participating in Lebanese Politics and they were only an armed force. But when Syria went out they started to participate in the politics to have a strong grip.

Hezbollah came into power to confront Israel when Israel had totally controlled Beirut and it was Hezbollah who got them out from there. The actual target of Hezbollah is Israel and they are not concerned about internal affairs of Lebanon. If they leave Hezbollah on their own and not fiddle with them Hezbollah will not participate in elections. Hezbollah decided to participate into elections when they made this plan to finish Hezbollah. They wanted to pressurize Hezbollah, declare them as terrorist and finish them completely. Then Hezbollah started this act of getting into state politics at that time so that the government should not stab them from behind. As a consequence of this, they have made a similar plan to get Iran out from Lebanon. They got Saad Hariri to resign and declare that he has threat from Iran and Hezbollah. Then after this they will arouse the Christian and Sunni communities inside Lebanon due to which protests will start against Iran and Hezbollah inside Lebanon. The people of Lebanon will come out on street to defend their Prime Minister. Then after that UN will step inside to threaten Iran to come out of Lebanon, stop Hezbollah and if they don’t do then all nations should unitedly attack Iran; the way did for Syria before.

This was one other step of his spider politics but he got disgraced. That disgrace happened as he got the Prime Minister of Lebanon to resign, made him issue a statement but the Sunnis and Christian of Lebanon cursed Saudi Arabia that you have insulted us by arresting our Prime Minister and telling that he has threat. There is no threat to him and if he has to resign he should first come back. Michel Aoun has also said and Sunnis as well have expressed hatred towards Saudi Arabia. The pictures of Mohammed bin Salman which were present in Sunni areas of Lebanon were burnt and they blamed Saudi Arabia was sparking off war with Lebanon. Saudi will try to bomb Lebanon for supporting Sunnis and make the state of Lebanon same as Yemen.

He has prepared Israel to attack Hezbollah. Then Iran will step in there to help Hezbollah and then from here these Arabs, America, West will all siege Iran in Lebanon and beat Iran there. But this spider got caught in its own web and the Lebanese people have expressed their hatred towards Ale Saud. They made this policy that Hezbollah will become passionate. The government will come down, cabinet will dissolve and there will be panic in Lebanon. Hezbollah did the opposite; they ensured government remains as it is, they expressed sympathy towards Saad Hariri. They said he is our Prime Minster and he should be released. Michelle Aoun has said that if within two days Saad Hariri is not released I will put up a case against Saudi Arabia in United Nations. Whatever they decide became opposite. Now what they should do so they found a middle way that Saad Hariri will leave Saudi but not return to Lebanon instead he will go to France. They have released this news and it is possible that he will go to France and then they will somehow try to confuse this matter.

  1. 7.      Establishment of alliance with Israel

One more Spider politics they have done in Saudi Arabia is that the Saudi Foreign Minister Adel Al Jubair has written a formal letter to King Salman on behalf of Foreign Ministry that under the current situation we have only one way that is to establish formal relationship with Israel. The country that can give us salvation is the government of Israel and no one else can come to our help. His intention was that from Iran no one can give us salvation other than Israel. Yesterday the commander in chief of Israeli forces has given an interview to newspaper that since Saudi and Israel have common interests hence the time has come that both nations should join hands and make united force to confront Iran. Israel has become the most wild and fearful beast after the defeat of ISIS in Syria. I have said this before as well that the war in Syria is decisive. The one who win this battle that party will become decisive and effective in Middle East. That decision has been almost done, ISIS has been defeated in both Syria and Iraq. The battle has been won by Syria, Iraq, Hezbollah and Russia. The way the world war took place it was won by opposition of Germany that is France, Britain and their allies. They divided Germany later and many restrictions were imposed on Germany. Germany cannot make their force, they cannot make atomic powers though some of them Germany has resolved. The role which Germany has to play in UN they should get. In the region the decisive politics is of one who wins.

  1. 8.      Attempts to diplomatically besiege Iran

Mohammed bin Salman is raising the issue of Yemen a lot that Iran is interfering in Yemen and the missile attacks done from Yemen is done by Iran. This missile has created a big fear on Saudi Arabia. They have seen this and experienced in Syria that they beat very brutally. Hence neither Israel nor Saudi Arabia will try to fight the same way again but one atmosphere they are creating is to unite global countries, pass resolutions to control Iran from interfering in Arab countries. The noise that is going on is this and Mohammed bin Salman is trying his tactics now. At the same time he has taken foolish steps inside the country, he has done rebellion inside the family, he is changing the state of government, he is attacking Yemen, getting in confrontation with Iran and now this Spiderman has been told that you will be the record breaking emperor in Saudi history. In Saudi the emperorship comes at the age of 80 and then the king dies at 85 years. The time for rulership is only limited. He has been told that he is the first prince who will become ruler in young age and then he will rule for more than 60 years and will be the world record of longest emperorship. At present the record of longest rulership is of Queen Elizabeth who is in power since sixty years and his son has reached the age of seventy years but she is not dying. They are now saying that she will give up the position but she is fit. Mohammed bin Salman wants to break this record.

  1. 9.      Reversal from Orthodox Islamic laws to Liberalism

One more step he has taken is a reversal of many laws. Like he has declared the holiday for Eid Milad Nabi which was considered as prohibited to celebrate in Saudi Arabia. They considered celebrating the birth anniversary of personalities as a big sin but he has announced that on 12th Rabi ul Awwal will be nation holiday. He has announced that this country will be Liberal. He has given permission for women to visit sports stadium. There will be teams of women.

On one side he is transforming family rulership to himself and on other hand he is making the government as liberal so that Western support remains with him. He is doing everthing with a foolishness. He has arrested effective persons from inside the country into prison. He is breaking all the orthodox customs in the country. He is fueling fire against Iran. He has created this kind of atmosphere getting Middle East into a state of uncertainty. It is evident that when such foolish steps are taken these are signs that the time for eradication of this accursed family has come. Allah will give salvation to the entire Muslim Ummah from this accursed family soon.


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