Political Markaz - New Zealand – Beginning of next phase of Islamophobia

New Zealand – Beginning of next phase of Islamophobia

New Zealand – Beginning of next phase of Islamophobia

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In New Zealand on last Friday there were attacks and 50 men and women were martyred brutally. The killer broadcasted live on the internet, with a helmet camera the entire operation. He has taken a film in which he is killing people inside the mosque, he changes the bullets magazine, then comes back for re shooting and he has shown all this online. He has written on the gun the reasons as to why he is doing this. On this he has written the enmity of 16th, 17th century crusade between Muslims and Christians. He has written the names of persons also who have killed Muslims. His statement also came, that I am very impressed with Trump and acted on the policy of trump. This has been a strange incident, where openly Muslims are killed, then that is propagated also. Though to compensate, the PM of New Zealand took on the outwardly good steps, put on black dress, issued stern statement but they are actors and should not be considered seriously from her part.  

What happened in New Zealand should be taken seriously. This is the outcome of what has happened before. The first stage was of Islamophobia. They presented a dreadful, terrorized, beastly phase of Muslims which they got success. In that phase, the entire planning was of America, West and the actors were Muslims. The same happened, that in this scenario like a film, the director was America, the producer were Arabs and actors were ignorant Muslims. They started this from Pakistan. These forces were made in Pakistan, and they started with the Takfir of Muslims. The Producer were Arabs who spent money, director was giving direction. This scenario which took place in last 30, 40 yrs, was one phase which started from Afghanistan. This was Islamophobia to scare the world from Muslims by presenting a distorted face of Muslims to the world. They presented the Quran, the Prophet all teachings as terrorism of Muslims to the world. The cartoons that were made of Prophet, had the same pictures of killings. Then there were forces made in the name of Jihad, and they did big killings in the country, they did Takfir of Muslims. Then the same started in other counties and they kept on growing where it reached its peak point in Syria as ISIS. The ISIS was not something separate, it was the same developed version of those small forces. The domain was enhanced and abundant money was spent by these Arab producers to create ISIS. They used big machinery, weapons, and wanted to establish an Islamic state in Syria, then they beheaded persons burnt people alive; they made children slaughter man, they abducted people, molested women, children, destroyed shrines. In all this they kept Shiite as the center. They also filmed everything with latest technology cameras. The films which ISIS made was using with high technology expertise. They filmed and broadcasted across the world, that this their religion. On one hand they were distorting Quran, Prophet and then with these films they were representing this face of Islam. This was the first phase of Islamophobia to scare the people from Islam. 

The second phase of this has started which is Islam Sateez (aggression on Islam). Bush has said that I am starting this crusade. We have this in mind that Zionist and Jews are the most dangerous community in the world. There is one Arabic Salafi and one Christian Salafis; one Zionists in Jews and one Zionism in Christians. All the plans of Satans are made by Christians. The Christian Zionism is the actual direction. The Jews are actors in Islamic animosity; they are not directors. The Christians are the directors and if you take the history and see in the effective world, their ideology. I mentioned this in Armageddon; that the battle that is going on in Syria; the Christians believe that Prophet Isa will come, and fight with an Arabic personality and then Christianity will prevail the world. This was the scenario which Bush presented. This is what Christianity is planning to do. See the statements of their Pope, you can find this. One simple point is that there were no Jewish empire which Muslims have destroyed. But the Christian emperorship was dominating the world was destroyed by Muslims. Rome was spread till Iran, Turkey border and it was Christian sultanate and Muslims uprooted it completely. When this enmity will go out form their hearts? These Islamic nations which we see now were all Rome before. Azerbaijan, Uzbek, turkey was also Roman empires and Byzantine emperorship. Who destroyed all this? The Muslims. This hatred is there inside the heart of Christians against Muslims. They fought the crusade but now they made Israel to come in front of Muslims. The Israeli vision is against Christians, as per them Jews have killed Christ. They have not accepted Jews also, they have two enemies Jews and Muslims. And they have put Jews in front of Muslims.  

Now Christianity has started the clash of civilization. In this battle, first they adulterated the culture of Islam. That this is a terrorist and barbaric religion and ISIS proved this. The Arabs are the producers, west is director and all these ignorant are actors. Their duty was to only defame Islam. This incident in New Zealand is not just for New Zealand, this was just a spark, the actual thing has to happen and preparations are there. Three countries are completely ready for aggression on Islam; one will do like in New Zealand, one is the way Israel has planned, and one is the American way. Why America has eyed on Pakistan nuclear. They want to attack Iran, they want to break the back of Pakistan. The government, rulers should be careful, and not get sold off. They should block the borders for these people, they have this plan in their minds. Three countries are only ready for killing Muslims; America, Israel and India. They are completely ready. 

Since in India the Muslims are totally insecure. In Pakistan there is one thinking that all this is happening till elections. This is foolishness because the lava cooked inside India is not for elections but it is for killing Muslims. The BJP whose religious supporting party (RSS); their leader has recently said that in 2025 Pakistan will be part of India. He has not given big time and has told India to prepare to go there. The Indian Muslims need to prepare. This person in New Zealand who carried out the attack was actually running an online class, he was a trainer, and he has shown this path to all the Anti Muslims in the world. This is the style he has shown, to go inside their mosques and do this. There have been celebrations in India on the same day. The extremists in India did celebrations on this. What Israel did in Palestine the same India is doing in Kashmir as they have learnt from Israel. 

On one side, there are Muslims of India, Pakistan, Kashmir, Bangladesh which is a big belt. For this there is one scenario. The second belt is Iran, Iraq, Syria and Lebanon, for this there is another type of preparation. Israel and Arab are prepared for Iran and Syria. Here the extremist Hindus are being prepared for this belt. And America is behind all this. This was a training film which they made. They claim that New Zealand is very advanced, their police is strong. For 30 mins this person is killing and showing online but the New Zealand police, agencies and state did not react. What the New Zealand government is doing now is mopping and nothing else. The Muslims should not get deceived with this simplicity. The face of Muslim which America has presented is the same which the ignorant Maulana’s have presented of Shias that they are a dreadful people. In Pakistan remote areas, when some Shia’s would visit, they would be afraid to see a Shia and do not consider them even as human, they consider as some monster with big ears. One Maulana who visited yesterday, narrated a statement of one another Maulana, that first Shias should prove themselves as humans and then Muslims. This is the hateful, spiteful picture of Shia’s these illegitimate Maulana’s have presented. 

The same scenario has been repeated in West. When the West said Muslims are terrorist, they have shown proofs of beheading with flag of La Ilaha Ilallah. Its first phase was covered, and now they should take benefit from this hatred. Immediately after this incident in New Zealand, 4 mosques were attacked in UK.  Today is Friday, we don’t know what will happen; may Allah have mercy in Europe mosques. They attacked four mosques and this was the model to show how to do this. Till date there are only statements that have come. The PM of New Zealand has given statement, though she delivered a good step but we cannot trust her.  The most powerful statement came from Turkish President. He said that if New Zealand government does not takes revenge, we will take revenge. Though he only issues such statement, but does not do anything. He criticizes Israel but has the embassy of Israel inside turkey and has a big trade agreement with Israel. Hence this is also just a statement. The OIC is still thinking on what today. The OIC arranged a conference recently in Emirates and called Indian FM Sushma Swaraj to insult Pakistan. This is the state of Muslims, which is a scary scene that is coming up. There is a big lava cooked against Muslims in India and there is no one to raise their voice for supporting Muslims across the word. There was only one front which was Iran that stood against the enemies of Islam; but that they have put them also into big internal problems and paralyzed them. The leader has said, that we will remain hungry, thirsty but we will keep on defending Islam and country. Pakistan should learn from this leader and we should also be prepared to die with hunger abut not compromise with our values. The nation can sustain, they are strong, they are sustaining no electricity since 15 yrs, they charge their mobiles with solar, and they do not need electricity more than this. So they can tolerate all hardships. They are increasing inflation and they are ready for it. They will still buy one Okra finger even it becomes 100 Rupees and then celebrate also. When Pakistan can bear, tolerate then why don’t we use this quality for the security of the country. We pray for the safety of all Muslims across the world. 

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