Political Markaz - New Western style bill for destroying family system in Pakistan

New Western style bill for destroying family system in Pakistan

New Western style bill for destroying family system in Pakistan

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By- Ustad Syed Jawad Naqvi (H.A)

Government has taken one more step which is not understandable. They have passed a bill for family extremism in assembly and has gone to senate. There is a lot of anxiety about this bill at people’s level. This is beyond understanding on what they have done. On one hand they promote Pakistani culture but on the other hand they follow the west and do whatever they delegate to them. Prior to this is the Waqf law which the people have rejected. They made the Shariah bill where they imposed the views of one sect on everyone. These are the things of government which government is imposing. The sects are not going to accept the beliefs of each other whatever you forcibly apply. The Government is trying to do this work. They have sectarianism in syllabus and under Seerat e Nabawi they have placed names of those who were not companions and Ahle Sunnat scholars have opposed. The answer given by them was that if we have to remove them then we have to remove many other companions as well like Shohada e Badr. This means if you remove some character of Banu Umayyah from Seerat e Nabawi then they say we have to remove some genuine companions as well. The Shias have signed this syllabus but the Ahle Sunnah have objected. They said we will have to remove Abuzar, Salman and Jafar e Tayyar as well. They say if we have to remove Banu Umayyah from syllabus then companions and Ahlulbayt (a.s) also need to be removed. This is what the government is doing in this syllabus because they are very powerful government. Though formally there is an Islamic visionary council which has to decide upon such bills with religious elements.

What is the current bill? That the law which is in West, that Parents cannot trouble the child in any sense and they cannot impose any hardship on children. Parents cannot refuse the child to give them money. The child can complain to police and parents can be arrested. Like if daughter does not want to do Hijab, she can complain about their parents forcing her. This law has been accepted in Assembly and Senate and now they are saying to send it to Islamic visionary council. Whatever is happening in West is happening now in Pakistan. If the child wants to bring girlfriend or girl wants to bring boyfriend, then parents cannot scold or stop her. If the husband warns the wife of divorce, the wife can call police and he can be arrested without bail. If the wife wants to leave home, the husband stops she can police. This law is a mockery and shameful. Whatever is happening in this claimed bill is enforcement by West.  This woman who is the head of Women rights in Pakistan is driving such bills. She is old but does not realize and has presented this Bill. There are NGO’s behind such bills.

Our PM is telling actors to not follow Indian actors but why can’t he the tell his Cabinet to not follow West. Pakistan has its own religion, culture and West is taking your religion and culture from you? For whom you are making points? This is because they want to get rid of debts. When you put on the shackle of disgrace in your necks this happens with community. The Family system which is a gift of Allah to you and you have all respect due to family system. In Corona you see the family system in Pakistan has taken care of people in family and have not dumped them like in Europe. They want the same to be done in Pakistan. This is not acceptable from any sense to sell your culture, religion and identity. These people are sitting who have been appointed by majority and they are selecting these laws for your women, sisters and mothers. Like India has done this that if you see your sister with his boyfriend, you cannot do anything. If you take any action then this is against human rights, means they are human and you are criminal. Such kind of people are sitting in government and court is also not taking notice that the judicial process has not been followed as well. Whatever is dictated from back is being made as law. These laws would not be enacted practically but will create sedition in every other house. The people are not concerned because they drowned in social media and mobile. On one hand they do women march, making laws for children, corruption in schools, drugs so we can see what games are being played in Pakistan and you should not allow this in Pakistan.

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