Political Markaz - New wave of Pushtoon Fitnah in Pakistan

New wave of Pushtoon Fitnah in Pakistan

New wave of Pushtoon Fitnah in Pakistan

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In the current affairs there are various topics; national as well as international. In the national issues there are many grievous events. There have been martyrdom of believers last week in Quetta. In Quetta as well there were attacks on FC officers and even these youths also got killed. Since Quetta and entireBalochistan is the focal point for international powers and they consider this as a weak point for Pakistan. Specifically India and America are more attentive towards Balochistan and they have made it a weak point for Pakistan. Balochistanbecoming a weak point for Pakistan is due to the foolishness, self-love, stupidity of many of our rulers and specifically the fugitive General. This General Musharraf has inflicted the biggest blows on Pakistan. He has taken such steps in Balochistan whereby he easily opened the doors of Balochistan for enemies.

This is not specific to Balochistan only but in other parts of the country also it is the same. Specifically in Khyber Pakhtoon Khan what started in Balochistan before and has gone much forwards, the same has started in these border areas and is the outcome of the same foolishness. Since long those who have inside information they are mentioningabout this threat in their columns and articles, related to Pushtoon. The maximum Pushtoon as per survey from news agency are not in Khyber Pakhtoon Khan but instead in Karachi. Apart from this in the entire country there are people across the country who speak Pushto.

In the Pushto speaking one group got formed at the time of Afghanistan war. They first transformed them as Taliban and then in different other dangerous forms. In the Pushtoon there are communal elements. It is well known about the Pushtoon leader Gaffar Khan, known as Bacha khan, he was not in agreement with the thinking of Pakistan. They were communal people who did not even accept Pakistan. Bacha Khan was so much frustrated with Pakistan that when he died his will was to get buried in Afghanistan. They are communist, away from religion and enemy of religion, they first sacrificed the religious group in Pushtoon on the instructions of America and Arab wealth. Now a new wave has started in Pushtoon that is the communal minded persons who are not religious and are very strong. When the religioussegment stood up from Pushtoon the Pakistan government was helpless as that group was underArabs, America and agencies. Hence the Pakistan government had to only provideservices for them and later they became big Lashkar and resulted into destruction of Pakistan. They were the religious group before but now the same thing is being done by the Pushtoon communal; but not religious, instead against religion, they will be communal, nationalists and will do the same what the religious Pushtoon did. This is the new scenario being created across the country

The Pushtoon are across the country, in Karachi, Lahore and everywhere. They are taking advantage of the Pushtoon communal sense which is the due the foolishness of our rulers. First they took benefit from religious segment and now the non-religious segment. They are so strong that the entire Pakistan government is not able to do anything about them and just pleading with them.

When the religious segment got developed, there was a crisis of Afghanistan in front of them and that was the excuse that these Mujahideen are made for them by Zial ul Haqq and his army. But now there is not even an excuse as to why they are making such a force? The Indian Prime Minister has announced that we will break Pakistan from inside and on outside we will create international isolation for Pakistan. America and their alliance are behind all this and since long the American President is using an abusive, insulting language for Pakistan.

The plan and the announcement of Afghan policy which the American President did has turnedeverthing towards Pakistan and said that the destructive situation inAfghanistan is from Pakistan and we have to punish them. First he said we were giving money which we will not do for Pakistan but instead punish them. He has openly said that so many billions we have given to Pakistan which they have eaten and now we will not pay them but instead punish them.

Inside the country there is an economic crisis, political instability and at the level of people there is no sensitivity. Since the politicians are corrupt from all perspective and hence they are ineffective, and due to internalweakness they have started the same seditions here also in Khyber Pakhtoon Khan just like Balochistan. The way their thinking is for Balochistan they have the same mindset for other areas as well. The areas where they want to do such things are Balochistan, Khyber Pakhtoon Khan and Gilgit, Baltistan. They have prepared a scenario also for Gilgit Baltistan because the foolishness of rulers is present there as well. The enemies take full advantage of their foolishness

Like today there is a big number of persons missing and all our enemies are taking full benefits from this. There is a judiciary system in Pakistan and such persons should be bought to court. But here the system is that the agencies pick up persons, make them missing and even their families also don’t know. This is a big weakness and foolishness which creates anxiety in people and others outside get opportunity to interfere in our affairs. The rulers should not do this mistake. Whatever laws are present in Pakistan for terrorist, criminals, anti-national elements they should take actions as per the laws, they should do open operations in front of everyone and bring them to justice. It is possible that the ones who are picked up and go missing are really big criminals. This criminal has given two blows to Pakistan, first he was giving direct blows to security of Pakistan with his crimes and now after being missing he has become a big weapon in the hands of enemies of Pakistan. First these criminals had weapons in their hands and now this criminal has become weapon in the hands of enemies. These rulers give this weapon in the hands of enemies because of their incorrect ways. The enemies through their agents, infiltrators then carry out operations.

At present Trump is red hot on Pakistan and this is because in enmity of Chain he is determined to punish Pakistan as Pakistan has become good friend of China. This foolish President of America is thinking of plans for Pakistan. The rulers here won’t get any sense as that is proven since 70 yrs and we have seen it is impossible that any of our ruler would develop sense but at least the people should think. These are important issues as they have made a political wrestling ring; they are doing insane programs, gatherings, processions and these parties, groups are keeping the people busy day and night and we are thinking that all this is for the sake of proving the capabilities and non-capabilities of political parties. But all this is a drama and these are the Fitnah’s which are being cooked at the back. The people need to be attentive since the Fitnah start from people, they take support from people only and by getting the people together they make the country insecure. This kind of thing has been done in the past as well, that is when the religious passionate groups were formed they took the benefit from people only whereby they took the children of people, youths from education institutes and were used in the name of Jihad and religion.

The same will happen now and specifically in these three areas. Karachi is also like this but already Karachi is in a much distressed state. These three areas of Balochistan,Khyber Pakhtoon Khan and Gilgit Baltistan are sensitive and people should develop sense, awareness and it should not happen that the bitterness which they have against the rulers, the hatred which the people of these areas have against all the rulers historically then it should not happen that the enemy should not turn that hatred towards Pakistan. People should be aware about this and do not become part of this Fitnah. As Ameerul Momineen (a.s) says that during such Fitnah’s you should neither milk the Fitnah nor become a ride for it.

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