Political Markaz - New wave of attacks in Balochistan

New wave of attacks in Balochistan

New wave of attacks in Balochistan

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New wave of attacks in Balochistan

Amongst the national issues there are some events that have taken place in the last few days in Balochistan whereby ordinary people, policemen, officers have been killed. After a break once again a wave of killings have started in Balochistan. Pakistan has been surrounded by difficulties since forty years and these problems are those which are created by Pakistan itself. The useless rulers, establishment has jumped themselves and entire country into this fire. Our rulers have gambled and they lost everything in that gamble. They started a gamble in Afghanistan, by getting deceived by the Satan’s and for their personal gains and they lost everything in that gamble. The effects of that loss is coming out one after another. Sometimes terrorism, sectarianism, political instability, economic crisis and what is happening today in Balochistan is part of the same story.

The tragedy of Balochistan is related to the new story which Pakistan has started by tying up with China and America does not like this. China and Pakistan are enemies of India as wellbeing their neighbors. India might not care much about Pakistan but for China they are concerned. China is a global power and also is becoming a super power and is trying to become dominant over other powers. They have the ability and the way their direction is they can reach there. As I said before in one lecture that the current Chinese President has started the third plan which is presented by him. First vision was by Mao who got freedom on China, then Ping came and made it an economic power and the current President has given a vision, political wisdom which has become a part of their constitution whereby he wants to make China a global superpower. It is confirmed for China that in the next decade China will be an absolute power. First china was not intervening into politics but now they are also becoming political.

America which was a superpower is becoming weak day by day and its downfall journey has started; its pillars are coming down. It will take some time for the rise of China and fall of America. It will take some time for this to happen but as it happens many countries will come under direct influence and Pakistan has already come under this now. This is because Pakistan is one of the part of the Chinese policy. In the China policy one of them is CPEC which is not acceptable to India and America. For this they have made a comprehensive policy which as per reports from News agency India has allocated 55 billion Indian rupees as budget to counter CPEC. They have the budget of 46 billion in Pakistan and theirs is 55 billion. In order to counter the Chinese move they are doing all this and the visit of Trump recently in the region was also for this purpose only. The countries in which China is having a strategy and plan, America has also a plan for the same countries and both are now in auction. Every country will not assess, calculate which plan is profitable from them. The plans that are made by China is difficult for America to counter in this region as these Asian countries will mostly move towards China only.

Japan and China are longtime enemies like India and Pakistan. This is because China was under control of Japan for a long time and Japanese consider Chinese as disgraced, lowly community. They have a communal difference amongst them hence Japan in this region will remain as American representative. Even though they have one culture, religion but due to this enmity they will not come near. The extremism between China and Japan is very high; as the difference is ideological, cultural and hence they will not come close easily. Thus Japan will favor America only but other countries will most probably incline towards China.

Pakistan has come under the influence of Chinese strategy and the elements of unforeseen incidents are being gathered inside Pakistan mainly in two areas; one Gilgit and second Balochistan. For these two areas India by the alliance of Israel, America wants to destabilize these two regions. One region is the beginning of CPEC where it starts from Gilgit and it ends in Balochistan. India has started to create tensions, pressure in both these regions. When both the starting and ending point becomes insecure then the importance of central region of Punjab, Sindh where CPEC will pass has no signifance. They are trying to create a plan of disturbance in such a manner that this CPEC plan of China turns out to be expensive for China and both Pakistan.

China has kept this condition before only that if there is security, peace in Pakistan then only CPEC will start. This plan is conditional to peace in Pakistan. The establishment has given them commitment that there will be peace, security on this CPEC route. From there they have plans to make these two start and end points instable. Balochistan was already prepared from beginning whereby armed tribes were present since long, much before the creation of Pakistan. They were battling tribes not under any government who were following their tribal heads. This area has a history of armed tribal combats. Gilgit Baltistan was not like that and the tribal system here was not like Balochistan. But they are trying to create insecurity even in Gilgit Baltistan to the extent possible. They want to start insecurity on religious grounds in Gilgit Baltistan because the religious element is stronger in Gilgit Baltistan then tribalism. They have started a new wave in Balochistan and a message is being given that there is no stability in Balochistan. From here attempts are made to keep Balochistan peaceful but it’s not happening and this story will proceed further. India has clearly said this in international organization and given complaints that this is a disputable zone and CPEC should not pass from here. It is possible that India might with some influence even get some opinion in their favor from global organizations. They are not able to get a resolution passed because China also has a decisive position in global political organizations. Hence they are preparing for a brutal conflict in this region by America and India against china. Hence these killings in Balochistan is part of this plan of America and India.

Second reason behind this is the election in 2018 in Pakistan. Though no one is sure whether elections will happen or not but Pakistanis are not concerned if it happens or not; they are concerned about preparations. A lot of preparation for elections has started and media creates this anxiety more.

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