Political Markaz - New Pakistan government unable to resolve Economy crisis

New Pakistan government unable to resolve Economy crisis

New Pakistan government unable to resolve Economy crisis

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The other issue of current government is the weakness, failure of the government in the economy crisis and this is creating all forms of crisis as well. The economy crisis does not stops at economy it becomes effective on other things as well. As I have said that the Pakistan economy depends on foreign aids and loads. All internal sources are failed due to corruption and for every government they have been taking loans and aids. America has stopped this aid due to China friendship. They have stopped military aids and other aids in various contexts. They have stopped international organizations as well to stop funding hence big pressure has come. In the past the pressure was not felt as loans were coming. Now with no loans the pressure has increased and we can feel this crisis in this current government.

The second problem is that the temperament of this government is not to effective run the state. They have been given the power of government but we cannot see the skills, talent inside the government to run the nation. They are much ahead in revenge politics, they issue big statements but they are not able to control economy. First they mentioned the potential of Pakistan, it is an agricultural state, industrial states, tourist’s state and they gave all the figures on how they will earn from these entities. They said we will bring back the looted wealth. Those who have looted are big players and you kids cannot take it back from them. Those who have looted this wealth have done with big expertise and you should not hope to get it back from them. The ministers every day count that we will get this much money looted from Dubai, America. I don’t know what they are eating that their drowsiness does not ends. They issued all these dialogues; then they said we will not go towards international organizations for funds, better we will do suicide. Then they referred to friendly nations. They went there and they came here. They made a historic commitment that we will support Saudi in all tyranny. But still Saudi did not support and all claims of agreement were rejected by Saudi Arabia. The Saudi does not give anything without any returns. They are not helping Pakistan out of sympathy, they are also in trouble in their economy. If Saudi Arabia gives something they will take something in return. Due to Saudi Arabia they did not go to international organizations, but when Saudi Arabia rejected they again went back to IMF and said that we will need 15 bil $ from you. The IMF delegation came to Pakistan and then they went to Indonesia and yesterday they came back and said that we might not go towards IMF but again refer to our friendly nations like Saudi Arabia. They are again going to Saudi Arabia to get funding from there. They keep on making policies, and do not keep anything in secret and just mention to the people as there is anxiety. The Rupee is falling down, the taxes are being increased and inflation is increasing. They are deducting money from various projects, they are stopping development. The new announcement that came recently is that they are stopping METRO buses in Lahore. They will take such strange steps which will create a bigger crisis.

Our economy like a football is being kicked between friendly nations and international organizations. What will happen during this time is that rupee will fall, inflation will increase. People will come under panic, things will become expensive and people will come under high pressure. Such a person who is indebted and there are high expenses, then his mind does not work. He wanders around and loses their sense and nation gets paralyzed. They decide something at night and cancel in morning. This way a global identity and trust for a country ends. No one helps and supports in this state.

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