Political Markaz - New Chief Justice makes intellectual statements

New Chief Justice makes intellectual statements

New Chief Justice makes intellectual statements

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One more thing in Pakistan on media and social media which is there is the retirement of Chief Justice and replacement with a new one. Today the new Chief justice has to take pledge. Your chief justice has become a historic personality because the Judiciary tenure which he spent; he never got any time towards Judiciary. As per the Judiciary reports, there are 1.9 Million cases pending in courts since years. Those cases are unheard which are related to rights of people, murders, property and daily issues between people.

Some cases are very sensitive and most of the cases are of poor people whose home, lands have been usurped or some family member killed. The cases of these poor people run for twenty years and 1.9 million cases are hanging in court, where dates are not given; the lawyers are not coming. Since last few weeks the lawyers are on strike and not coming to court. The doctors go on strike. This is a shameful thing whereby patients are dying on hospital beds and their doctor, nurses go on strike for their own demands. There is no humanity. What kind of way is this to get your demands accepted by putting people into trouble? The lawyers do not go to court for months and who is suffering? The people. Where there are no strikes, then judges are not coming, witnesses are not coming.

The ex-Chief Justices has done everything like water problems, birds migration and he himself took notice of everthing which was unrelated to him and completed his tenure; whereas the actual work in judiciary which was his prime role he did not look at them. The cases running are different from these on hold. And total judges in the court are around 30,000. This was your work to fix the judiciary system.

Today the sinless accused gets punished in your system and criminals get released. You should have reformed this and left this as a memory forever that there will not be injustice in the courts, false FIR, charge sheets will not be accepted anymore; decisions would not be done in favor of rich, bribes won’t be taken. This work should have been done by Chief justice but he never got the time to do all this and he played full politics and now he can get formally into politics and make dams.

The new chief justice has come and delivered an opening ceremony and has mentioned some beautiful things. It is known about him that he is highly intellectual person and not well known and more information will come later. The first speech was very good which he delivered and today he will take pledge.

One thing which he said; was that the terminologies which previous Chief Justice used he has given new meaning to those. After listening to him looks like this personality is something different and we have to see what he does and he only has one year and will retire in December. The previous Chief Justice put up a proposal for making Dam, he collected funds and kept on saying Dam. The new Chief justice also said I will also make a dam but not that dam which is the responsibility of government to make, and they will make that.

The Dams for power, water and agriculture has to be made by government but I will make other dam. He changed the definite of Dam and said that I will make a dam in front of injustice that is being done in this judiciary system. I will make a dam in front of bribe; I will put a dam in front of mistakes of judiciary system. From the words it looks good but we don’t know what happens next.

The second statement he said was also good; that I will pay off the debts as well but not the debts taken by government. This means the corrupt government takes debts and eats it and Judiciary should get that paid? I will pay off the debt of the rights of people which is there on judiciary and these rights are debts which have been unpaid till date. I will pay off the debts of oppressed.

From this statement, we can estimate that this person has some thinking in the mind. These are first day statements but we don’t know what will come later. Like our government who said big things and later they came out with the policy of U turn. And they said a politician who does not takes U turn is a fool. This is a new philosophy that has come forward from our government. Anyhow this new change has come in the judiciary and Judiciary has a big role in the country. Even though our system of judiciary is British but still if we try to solve the problems even through that system at least some issues of people might get solved.

Half of Pakistan is indulged in courts; they cry in courts every day, the lawyers, judge’s loot them and they don’t get also anything in the end. They will not get justice under democracy; this can only happen under the shadow of Imamat. These are essentials and it is divine government that established justice and not this fairy of democracy.

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