Political Markaz - Netanyahu visit to India dangerous for Pakistan and Muslims

Netanyahu visit to India dangerous for Pakistan and Muslims

Netanyahu visit to India dangerous for Pakistan and Muslims

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The most important news and also significant for Pakistan is the six days visit of Israeli Prime Minister to India. Generally such diplomatic trips are not so long but he went for six days and has visited various cities. This news is very important for Pakistan but astonishingly we have not taken this seriously and not taken any notice. Neither our media, government, public have shown any importance; and neither do the political, religious groups as they are busy in their own protests work. They do not realize what is happening in their neighborhood and what sensitivity it has for them. The Israeli Prime Minister is visiting India with a delegation of 130 persons mostly traders of weapons companies and security equipment’s, and he is making contracts there. India and Israel are big trade partners. After America for Israel the biggest trade partner is India. As regards to weapons India is the biggest buyer from Israel. Israel makes the most dangerous weapons and India purchases from them first.

 But the most important reason for this visit is to use the Israeli experience of Palestine in Kashmir by India. But we have not seen any sensitivity towards this in Pakistan and even of ordinary nature. The community of Pakistan are as such blind followers and go after wherever media takes them. The community gets up on non-issue but on big issues they remain silent because media has not said anything. Israel coming on the border of Pakistan is very dangerous. Pakistan is the only atomic power in the Islamic world. And Israel is the biggest enemy of Muslims and they don’t tolerate Atomic power present in any Muslim country. Some countries that did Israel got them attacked and destroyed their atomic power bases like in Iraq; they destroyed the atomic plant in Libya, Syria and are attacking Sudan. They destroyed everywhere and only Pakistan is left. As per some past news Israel has made the plans several times to destroy the atomic plants of Pakistan. A news that came on Social media which I don’t know if that is authentic or not but kept on moving on social media for long time that they have got over a Pakistani pilot through whom they wanted to destroy the Pakistan’s atomic power. Israel knows that if any Muslim country has atomic weapon; even if that is not used anywhere else it will be fore sure used on Israel. Hence India and Israel are both staunch enemies of Pakistan and they are firming up their relationships.

The Indian Prime Minister Modi’s identity is of Muslim enmity and his enmity of Pakistan, Muslims Islam is not hidden from anyone. At present these both Anti-Islam state heads are sitting hand in hand and there is absolute silence in Pakistan on this. Israel is dangerous on several aspects in this region; the foremost being for Kashmir. From the time Modi has become Prime Minister of India the situation in Kashmir with Indian infiltration has seen big changes. The Indian forces have been carrying out operations, oppressions and interference in Kashmir since seventy years but in last two years there has been a big change and has become very much similar to what Israel is doing in Gaza and Palestinian areas. The same is being done by India in Kashmir. It is evident that daily several flights that run between India and Israel, whereby trading goods, merchants and others are moving in and out.

The way Pakistan has given many regions like Cholistan to Arabs and Gwadar to China. Similarly in India there is a specific big area has been given to Israel where only Israeli’s are going there and Indians are not allowed to go there. Israeli forces are the world’s most scared forces. They have twenty four hours fear that anytime an attack can happen and they will die. They have fear of Hezbollah, Iran and Palestine. The forces that feel such kind of pressure they get mentally distressed. Israel forces are the world’s most mentally disturbed forces. Hence they have taken a region in India where Israel forces go there for rest. They come here for holidays and feel peace in that region in India. They stay for long time and get relaxed.  Israeli forces are biggest victim of drugs. They are drug addicted force. They are tyrannical and sexually corrupt. Israel takes woman from across the world and supplies to the forces, so that they stay in the army and don’t run away. These licentious girls from different countries are supplied to the forces, so that they are busy and don’t run away. They are allowed to drink, do corruption with such women and this is a big business in Israel to supply such women in Israel. They always have the fear and tension of Palestinians. We cannot assess this because security is a big bounty. If you see Pakistan even we are much better collectively. Israelis cannot sleep, they have to take medicines. In order to keep their forces intact they have to do all this and India supports them a lot to preserve their forces. They have given their full region to them.

America has prepared India for encountering China. America is massaging India like a wrestler to get them out in the ring with China. Trump as such is the owner of the Wrestling Company in America and other are women trafficking. He has this experience of wrestling business as to how they make the body of a person like a bull and he is an actor. They just do acting and foolish people see and then feel that a very dangerous fight is going on. Trump is massaging India as per his wrestling principles to get into encounter with China. China has given a warning yesterday to India on some silly steps India took that be careful you foolish people, this will cost you a lot. China is not like before, they have become very aggressive and not like before that they will step back. They are ready for an encounter with America. China has prepared their warfare and invested a lot and developing a political influence in the region and wants its military warfare better then America and Russia.

 From the time Israel and Modi has allied, the tone of India against Pakistan has changed. You can read your Pakistani newspaper there is a firing going every day on Pakistan border. Everyday Pakistani soldiers get killed. They are also replying but India starts it. India provokes the Pakistan forces and want Pakistan to take such step as a result of which they can attack aggressively. India has taken the complete borders of Pakistan under their control due to the internal issues of Pakistan and our borders have become insecure. A long border is directly with India; the other border is with Afghanistan where India has reached. The third border is of Iran with whom India has made good relationship whereas Pakistan has spoiled that relationship. The only border that is left is of China. Now India has started to provoke Pakistan. And Pakistan has also hopes from China that they will save them.

The Israeli Prime Minister coming for six days in this context is for a long term plan to carry out military and business contracts, and provide services for crushing Muslims. All this is for Muslims only because one common point between India and Israel is enmity of Muslims. There is other common point also between India and Israel which will also bring them more closely is that both are against Christianity and enemies of Christians.  Hindus are very sensitive about Christians more than the sensitivity they have for Muslims. And the Jews also are equally sensitive about Christians. Hence Israel has found an alternative friend also because Europe is also Christians. In future if the European friends isolate Israel on the basis of religion then Israel has another firm friend who is partner to Israel in enmity against Christianity as well. Hence this friendship of Israel and India is dangerous for both Pakistan and Muslims.



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