Political Markaz - Netanyahu and MBS will meet soon to confront Iran

Netanyahu and MBS will meet soon to confront Iran

Netanyahu and MBS will meet soon to confront Iran

Apr 19,2019 Comments Download

Israeli had election and this tyrant Netanyahu won with a small margin, and immediately after his re-election he spoke to Bin Salman and one of them would visit either Tel Aviv or Riyadh, so that they can create a front against Iran in the region and control the effectiveness of Iran in the region. They believe that after the terrorism ruling on IRGC, Iran will become weak. The economic situation of Saudi is becoming weak. They are removing expats from their country, they are stopping development work and more projects of liberal policy is being funded.

There was an opening ceremony of the biggest cinema hall in Saudi. It is a place of corruption very filthy films are played. The crowd which goes there, that is a special category. In Saudi there were restrictions to make cinema and now they have broken record to make the most glamorous, expensive cinema hall in the world for the sake of corruption. This the state of that country, when their ambassador comes, and we always say one line repeatedly that Pakistan will sacrifice itself for Saudi, and this is what is happening there in that country; where there was extremist religious environment and now these steps are being taken there. 

All this is because this prince Mohammad bin Salman who as per trump wants to become Hero and he is taking all these steps of Film industry. He is not a film actor, but he is amongst those who watch movies and he has grown amongst films. Al the plans he has in his mind he takes from the film world. The killing of Jamal Khashoggi also which he did came from movies only.  

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