Political Markaz - Muslims should not abandon Christmas

Muslims should not abandon Christmas

Muslims should not abandon Christmas

Dec 24,2021 Comments Download

By- Ustad Syed Jawad Naqvi

Christianity is the most popular religion in the world. There are many religious thoughts which came from Christianity which Muslims have adopted. Allama Iqbal has pointed out what Christianity has presented which Muslims adopted. He says this education system of West (kalisa) is a poison. IF the Christians would have been Muslims they would be like us only making sects and fighting. Since the Christians remained on their religion, then the Quran says if you Bani Israel are on the religion of Isa or Moosa then at least fulfil the demands of those religion’s teaching. Like in India a majority are Hindus, after which there are Muslims and then Christians. If you see the practical lives of all they are same, we can only differentiate by names not by their practical lives. This means all Muslims, Hindus, Christianity have left their religion and practically they have also become secular, liberal but when it comes to fighting they take the name of their religion as such they have forgotten. When they don’t fight they are same. They all drink alcohol. The Christians of Pakistan have presented a bill in parliament that alcohol should not be permitted in Pakistan and all Muslims representative of Parliament have objected to this bill as they can’t live without alcohol. Like in Hindu religion you cannot even kill an insect or any living being with any justification. If you see that Hindus have become blood hounded and how merciless they have become ignoring the teachings of their religion. What happened in Sialkot is outcome of leaving Islam. IF Christians are doing killing then it is because they have left Christianity even though their religious emphasis a lot on spirituality but if you see today in America , Europe despite of being Christians they have been big tyrants in history and doing oppression till date.

This event of Christmas is more than holiday and is the day of birth of a Prophet. Since Christians are celebrating it does not mean we should abandon it. Quran is instructing us to respect all Prophets.

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