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Muslim World in 2017

Muslim World in 2017

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We have entered 2018 so let us do an assessment of 2017 which has just passed. I will express later how 2017 passed in Pakistan and from where we will realize what downfall we have reached in 2017. From that we will analyze as to what has been done by us in 2017 for Pakistan , by our leaders, capitalists, traders, businessmen, politicians, bureaucracy parties and various organizations. We have to analyze all these.

First let us look at the territories around Pakistan, then Global and then we come to Pakistan.

Indian government’s aggression on Muslims in 2017

In the neighborhood of Pakistan is India. In 2017 various incidents took place in India specific to the Muslims. The current government of India which started on the basis of enmity of Muslims and Islam continued it further. The identity of current Prime Ministers itself is known as the killer of Muslims. When he was the Chief Minister of the Gujrat state, he did a mass genocide there on Muslims. The Muslims were burnt alive and it was all under his blessings. The Babri Masjid which was an icon of Muslims in India was destroyed and they now want to make a temple over there under the rule of this government.

One important thing that happened in India was that the violence and aggression of Indian government increased. In the past India was not counted as a violent, aggressive country but now it is whereby violence has become severe in the country. One target of this aggressive violence has been the Muslims. The hatred towards the Muslims has been enhanced and is being done with state support. The have sacrilege the sanctities of Muslims and have killed Muslims that too for strange reasons. If a Muslim has eaten beef they have killed them and several Muslims have been killed for the sake of cows. The Muslims are pressurized to either the leave the country or become Hindu. A movement has been started with the title of Ghar Wapsi (Return Home). They tell Muslims that you were Hindus before, and it was those Muslim invaders who came to India in the past who made you Muslims hence you should return back to your original religion of Hinduism. They make this drama also sometimes to show some Muslim converting to Hinduism. 

The severe pressure has been in Kashmir where severity and aggressive torture increased. Though there were some foreign elements involved as well which I will mention later. The latest weapons have been used on the Kashmiri Muslims, whereby Pellet guns which is used for hunting on animals has been used aggressively on Muslims and many lost their eyes in that. Then they started the disgraceful act of hair chopping of Muslim women. A movement also started against this violence by Kashmiri’s and it is ongoing.

There is a severe pressure on the Indian Muslims and under this pressure certain Muslim groups have done strange things. Like in some cases they have dramatized that some Muslims are leaving their religion and becoming Hindus but in certain cases there are Muslims who despite of remaining Muslims do strange things. Some of them are very famous scholars who have been visiting Pakistan also before. They have not converted to Hinduism but they attend the Hindu temples to participate in their acts of worship. They go to the Ganges River and take ritual bath over there. The Hindus go to Ganga River to take ritual bath for purification. The River Ganga is the most polluted river of India where the wastages of big population of Indian is passed into. These Muslim scholars go to Ganga, dive inside to take ritual bath in that water just to demonstrate their unity with Hindus. Some scholars have participated in their temple programs and worshipped the idols; by bowing in front of them and have recited the same hymns which the Hindus were reciting. They did all this to give this impression that we are with Hindu’s and are same as them. One stranger thing which the Muslims of India are doing under this pressure is that they have made eulogies (Nauha’s) of patriotism and do Matam (chest beating) on these eulogies. They do not recite the eulogies of Imam Hussain (a.s) in Azadari but instead recite the eulogy of patriotism and beat their chest. This kind of love of nation you would not have seen anywhere else where people do Matam (chest beating) in patriotism. They have bands of eulogies who recite these eulogies of patriotism and others beat their chest. Even the Hindu’s won’t be as patriotic as they are. They have become more catholic than the pope. All these things are being done due to pressure and to seek refuge from the Hindu extremism. The Muslims are witnessing this extremism there. There are one billion Hindus and there are two hundred millions but for the sake of security they do all this. They recite Naat’s in the name of Holy Prophet (s.a.w.s) and in the first sentence they recite the name of Holy Prophet (s.a.w.s) and then everything is in love of India. They have this pressure on them and in order to protect themselves from tyranny they are adopting these methods.

In 2017 what India has done for their interests is that they created a dangerous atmosphere at global level and created big difficulties for Pakistan. America which did not like India before and gave preference to Pakistan because India was friend to Russia. But now America has ideal relation with India and one reason for that is also china. And more than America the nearness developed with Israel is of much bigger scale. The Indian Prime Minister is the first Prime Minister who visited Israel. It was always that the Indian government has supported Palestine but the current government has openly supported Israel. Now the Israeli president is visiting India and Israel’s experience has been taken by India to crush the uprising in Kashmir. This is because Israel claims that they are more experienced in crushing Muslims movements. This is not true; they are experts in crushing Arab movements and not crushing Muslim movements. They have seen the Muslim movement of Hezbollah in front of them and they could not do anything and themselves got into danger and trying various things to crush Hezbollah. But Israel claims they have the technology to crush Muslims and India is using that.

2017 has been the year of disputes between India and Pakistan which has always been there as such but in the last year it went to its peak and even at times it came near to the jaws of battle. The forces were ready and rehearsing for the battle. India also went into the state of war with China and both the forces reached the borders and they did stone pelting on borders. The two atomic powers have created this record for stone pelting wars in this century. The plans which China has made to become a superpower is disliked by India and hence India has strong, severe plans and conspiracies against China. They are both atomic powers and the cumulative population of both countries is near to half of world’s population. They both reached near too war though it did not happen but the situation remains tense.

China in 2017

Another neighbor of Pakistan is China which has progressed a lot in 2017. They started from 2014 and in 2017 it went further. Pakistan and China have historical friendship and they never had any conflicts. At times the cooperation has been good and sometimes normal. But recently china has taken a lot of serious interests in Pakistan and to fulfill the Chinese plans of modern world silk Route which is One Road, One belt and for that Pakistan is the route and hence has become strategic. China will gain a lot from Pakistan as the journey which China used to do for their goods in months would be traversed in hours. The distance of thousands of kms have reduced significantly. China will enter from the northern Pakistan province of Gilgit and then exit from south in Balochistan. China has made big plans to make new cities in Pakistan and to the extent that China has totally paralyzed the industrialization and production in Pakistan. This has happened to the extent that Pakistan has started to depend a lot on China and as the CPEC project completes Pakistan will become totally dependent on China.

An important step that China has taken in 2017 which as I said before in an earlier speech that 3rd step of their global visionary plan has been taken up by their current president. One president got them freedom, second President made them an economy power and this third President is now claiming that china will become the only superpower in the world. First they were economic power but now it will be a superpower in all aspects. They will do the production for entire world and distribute across the world. They are making routes all across, they are making roads, trains in Europe and around. They are acquiring sea ports at various countries specifically small countries on lease the way they have taken the Gwadar port. China is trying to establish their economic centers over there. There is a severe competition at present between China and America. In this competition two contradictory things are happening. America is losing their grip, control day by day over the world and China is gaining it more and more. This is happening on day to day basis and it can reach to a practical war. This is because the actual purpose of making Trump as the President was to control China. All the filthy things which Trump is doing was meant for China only and instead of directly attacking China he has created all this indirect atmosphere. It is possible that in the upcoming years there would be an encounter between America and China. And Since Pakistan is the friend of China it will also become a part of the war on both sides. This means whatever takes place against china it will happen against Pakistan as well and it has already started. The current policy which Trump has made for Pakistan the main reason is their relation with china.

All these topics need more elaboration and here I am only discuss a list.

Year of Disgrace for Arabs in Middle

The Middle East has been the most important region in 2017 and the ongoing incidents from before have seen dramatic changes in 2017 and there has been both positive and negative progress as well. The most important change has been that the terrorism conspiracy which was in Middle East has been failed by Iran, Hezbollah, Syria and Russia. The Middle East for entire world carries significance and it can get the entire world into a war. And till now the dangers are still there. In this region the greater Middle East plan which was there from America, Israel and European. First it was British who were leading and America deputing them but now America is leading it and Britain is their deputy. Now after more than half century of World War II they want to carry out a new restructuring of Middle East. They want to change political borders, they want to change systems, conspiracies.

They want to remove old faces, new ones should come forward. For this they got changes in some regions and they were proceeding with that but in between a big difficulty, obstacle by the name of Shiite came in, specifically Wilayat. They did not consider this as an obstacle in their conspiracy and this is what happens when arrogant ones make the plan. When they make such plans they ignore certain thing out of arrogance by considering certain things as very small. It was just like in the advent of the Islamic Revolution; America and Iran Shah were sensitive on everything like Communists, Nationalist that they might topple the shah’s government but they were not considering the scholars into any account. They would say that what these scholars could do; the most they do is to leave their homes and go to mosques. But what happened is that the Shah’s government did not topple by communists or nationalists but it was the religious group that did it. The same has happened here also whereby they were not considering Shias as any power. They made a New Middle East plan and when they came they did not account for the power of Shiite and they got inflicted with a blow from there. Hence the most powerful stratagem which they had made for Middle East got failed in 2017. From this perspective 2017 has become historic year whereby America, European Union and all their allies have faced a complete defeat in 2017. This prestige went to the standard bearers of Islam that is Shiite.

They had made various terrorist groups in the Middle East like Al Nusra, Syrian Liberation front and many others whom they imposed inside Syria, Lebanon, other regions. The Arab states like Qatar, Saudi, Emirates, Bahrain, and Kuwait gave full support to these groups and Turkey provided logistics support and provided these terrorist the route to enter from Europe to Middle East. America gave all kind of ammunition, support to them so that they can make a Takfirist state in both Iraq and Syria. And this plan of their got failed in 2017 and both Iraq and Syria got liberation from the dominance of ISIS. Though they are present but without dominance and occupation; which they had before by capturing a big region in both of these countries. This is the beginning of their destruction in 2017 and hence 2017 has been a very important year.

In 2017, one more important thing that happened was the direction which Ale Saud took in 2017 was also a new face of Ale Saud which they all did on American instructions. King Salman became the king and his son became the crown prince and he started encounters inside as well outside. He arrested people inside the country, he caught princes and put them inside prisons. He killed some, he hanged some and made some to repent. He is making a modern, liberal Saudi; this is the beginning and Saudi will become the basis of more disturbance in the Muslims world which America wants them to do.

In Palestine, Trump announced that Jerusalem should be made the capital and he declared to move their Embassy to Jerusalem. There was reaction from the Muslim world but the best reaction was from Palestine itself, whereby they declared the third Intifada and the way ISIS was eradicated, god willing this evil of Israel will also get eliminated completely.

In Yemen war also a very important turn came despite of the fact the Saudi forces have tried to ruined Yemen completely but the Yemeni’s have demonstrated tremendous reactions. First the Saudi warplanes were targeting Yemen but now the Yemen missiles are targeting Saudi, Emirate’s they have made successful attacks on Riyadh several times with their scud and cruise missiles. The entire Saudi, Emirates is in their range. The missile they launched last month on Abu Dhabi was a warning signal and not an actual attack that we can do this if you don’t refrain. On more incident that happened in Yemen was their ruler, Ali Abdullah Saleh who was ruling since decades there. His government was ended and Abdo was made as the leader by Saudi. Saleh initially was confronting Saudi and supporting Houthis but in December last year he changed his loyalty and got killed by his own Yemen warriors. This way this sedition ended which was taking a dangerous course.

In 2017, the Arabs have shown a big disgrace. We can give various titles to the year 2017 and among these one title that can be given is the Year of disgrace of Arabs. They have been openly supporting Israel. They have invited trump to lead them in a conference of fifty nations and Trump gave a speech. They have been divided also. Qatar, Saudi, Turkey who were the three pillars of terrorism got divided. They developed discord amongst them. Turkey separated from them and joined the Russian block and supporting Iran. Qatar who also believes in Arab dominance and are themselves ambitious thinks they are more superior and wanted to lead the Arab world. Qatar has invested a lot in Middle East. They took some highly progressive steps like 2022 world cup they planned for Qatar. In sports and media they took big steps. They have a very effective media like Al Jazeera which has multiple channels for News, Sports, and Entertainment and is of a very high level media like BBC, CNN. Al Jazeera has become a very effective channel and one of the demands of Saudi to resolve the problem with Qatar was to dismantle Al Jazeera. Their airline is the best and leading airline in the world. Saudi wanted to put pressure on Qatar to make it step back by applying sanctions but it became the opposite. But in general if you see that Arabs have demonstrated a big disgrace. They have accepted the leadership of Trump, came forward for friendship with Israel and collectively they have opened a front against Iran. Every disgraceful act they have done for confronting Iran. They made a 34 countries alliance force but that has not been successful. They have a commander from Pakistan but other countries just come for conference, stay in good hotels, eat good food and then go back.

Accursed Presidency of Trump in 2017

In 2017 the most accursed thing that has happened is that Trump has become the President of America, and he is the most accursed and foolish President. This accursed presented enmity with Islam in his election campaign. The moment he came into power, became President, he blocked entry of Seven Muslim nations to enter America. He adopted severity against Iran. He kept on taking such steps and eventually turned towards Pakistan and addressed Pakistan in a disgraceful manner.

Trump has put entire world in danger apart from Middle East, Pakistan which are as such disturbed on daily basis. As an example one bomb blast that took place at 1.5 kms from our seminary near Arafa tower in Lahore but people were living normal life. Because now the people are used to this but outsiders are very concerned when they hear such news and they stop their travel to Pakistan if they get news. But here people do not realize.

The entire world is disturbed, habituated but the European world is at rest. They are making entire world disturbed by spreading sedition but their places remained safe. But in 2017 Europe suffered with many incidents of terrorism done by the same terrorists whom they themselves made. In Belgium, Spain, Britain and France big terrorist attacks took place and was done by the same terrorists whom they had made. France has sent 400 terrorist fighters to ISIS and then every country had their part for which they had to suffer last year.  But despite of this Europeans are not afraid of terrorist that much but more afraid of Trump because it is unpredictable what this foolish person can do, might be he triggers a war and European Union will get involved in it. Their views which they present to each other are very interesting as to what they say about trump and what trump talks about them. They view a bigger destruction in Trump more than a world war.

The other big thing that happened in Europe was the separation of Britain from Europe. The European Union had become a big power and all the European countries had become like one country. In many things they had made one system; like one currency, immigration system and even they wanted to have one common military. But Britain came out of it which gave a big blow to European Union. The actual thing that is going to happen after a long time is the spark that was under the dust has now again came out and that is the communism of Europeans. This communism which has inflicted big damages on the world has again started. In German new Nazism is coming up, in Italy some community, in Scottish the same feeling of their community, Spain they are dividing, British is raising their voice of communism and likewise all the communities of Europe have started to talk for themselves.

No mercy Rohingya Muslims in 2017

In 2017, one bitter incident that took place was the Rohingya Muslims suffering which became more severe. Thousands of Muslims were killed, homes were burnt; they thrown into sea, burnt alive, children’s killed and with highest difficulty around 600,000 Rohingya left Myanmar and came to Bangladesh and there was no help, support to them and in fact criticism. During the same period Pope visited Myanmar and he also did not say a single sentence to them instead he met that women in power and certified their acts. The crisis of Rohingya is going on, there were some dialogues only at media level amongst some Muslim rulers for some time and then again it all became silent.

Sufferings of African Muslims in 2017

In 2017 two bitter incidents that took place were in Somalia where terrorist attacks took place and at a vast scale people died in a brutal manner and mostly Muslims. Similarly in Nigeria terrorism has increased and the Shias were besieged from before after the attack on Sheikh Zakzaky; whereby he was arrested, tortured and that is still going on. Few days back as well the Shias were attacked and at intervals this goes on. 

Similarly we can say that most brutal, bloody incident of this decade was a very dreadful attack that took place was in Egypt. The terrorist attacked a mosque in the form of an army on Friday few days back and martyred all praying Muslims. There have been many incidents in Egypt in 2017 and the Egyptian government which is the most useless, unreasonable government for the sake of power do not refrain from any oppression.

Hezbollah in Lebanon strengthens in 2017

In Lebanon in 2017, various incidents took place specifically due to being neighbor of Syria. Many incidents took place in Lebanon but with all the incidents the power of Hezbollah further enhanced. The more Saudi, Israel tried to finish Hezbollah and exerted a lot of efforts to extinguish this fire but one that is protected by Allah no one can touch them. Hezbollah has become more powerful now in Lebanon and the way Israel is afraid of Hezbollah now they were not that much before.  In the 33 days of war Hezbollah a decade before they taught a good lesson to Israel but this year after battle of Syria, they have almost crushed Israel; they developed more expertise of war and the power of Hezbollah has enhanced a lot.

One incident that took place was related to Saad Hariri, the Prime Minister of Lebanon. Saudi got him to Riyadh and made him to resign in order to give a blow to Iran. Trump makes the design and Mohammad bin Salman acts on it foolishly but both do not get ashamed. They get defeated every day and then again make a new design. The failures which Mohammad bin Salman got, whatever design he made he got failed every day. The biggest disgrace he got was in Lebanon. The Prime minister was their guy and he was pro Saudi. He came in track suite on TV studio in Saudi and gave the resignation that I am resigning due to disturbance by Iran inside Lebanon. Mohammad bin Salman was thinking due to this resignation the supporters of Saad Hariri will come out on street in protests; as a result of this a front will open against Hezbollah for battle and then Iran will come for support of Hezbollah and with the help of America we will take revenge of Syria from Iran in Lebanon. But all this failed; the French President came and took him out to France and then when Saad Hariri returned he said that I don’t want to resign and said that what happened in Saudi will remain a secret. This was a big disgrace for Saudi.

In Palestine the third Intifada started and due to Trump’s announcement this front once again opened. But the Palestinian organizations which are fighting for liberation of Palestine; like Al Fath, whose leader is Mahmoud Abbas have done a lot of treachery. But since Intifada has started this is something good which is about to happen.

Afghanistan turning into terrorist hub for America in 2017

America has presented a new plan of action for Afghanistan in 2017. As part of this all issues of Afghanistan like security, poverty and even cold weather (taunting) is due to Pakistan. Trump has made Pakistan responsible for all issues inside Afghanistan. There are big issues coming up in Afghanistan and in last few weeks big attacks are being done and even on Shias centers; the last one being Tebyan institute. Yesterday also three blasts took place. In 2017, one more act that has started is that the defeated ISIS terrorists are being moved to Afghanistan. All the terrorist forces which America has made in the world they are moving them to Afghanistan so that they can control both Pakistan and Iran and reach the objectives specifically against Iran which they could not do the same way in Middle East. Hence the issue of Afghanistan is very important.

The two important issues for this discussion were the issues of Pakistan and Iran.

Trump’s Happy New Year greeting to Pakistan

On the first day of 2018; Trump the accursed got up from his sleep; first thing he did was sat on his computer and issued the first message for Pakistan. That message was that Pakistan is a liar, they have cheated us, we have given 33 billion dollars to Pakistan to end terrorism but they have not done anything. This was the message on the first day of New Year which he has given. Since the first day of the year is a day of celebration for the Westerners. They give gifts, send greetings to each other but Trump did not start the year with greetings but instead threatened Pakistan that they are cheaters and have taken 33 billion dollars in 15 yrs and have not done anything. Yesterday he has given an ultimatum to Pakistan for 48 hours to start some operation else Trump will start his actions on them. This is an abnormal thing for Pakistan that those whom Pakistan has trusted behave in this manner.

The accursed step for Pakistan was when the delegation from Pakistan went to America around 1954 to start their friendship with them. From that day the destruction of Pakistan started which has reached here. The current Foreign Minister of Pakistan has issued this statement that on the instructions of America we have filled the prisons of America that is Guantanamo with Pakistanis. It is the worst prison in history which has been filled with Pakistanis and our Foreign Minister has expressed our services. We have handed over our airports, lands, depots and you started a war in Afghanistan and we handed over our country at your disposal. You made terrorists and put them on our back and now you are telling that we are not able to control them. This is the formal statement of Pakistani Foreign Minister as to what foolishness the Pakistan rulers have done on the instructions of America. Trump has said we have given you 33 billion dollars in last 15 years but what has been given 45 yrs before has been also much more. It is evident that people like Zia ul Haqq and Musharraf come into power; then they associate their illegitimate power with America and start to take funds from them. They rent out the entire nation to America with various excuses. Now Trump is asking accounts from them that we have paid you 33 billion dollars to end terrorism then why you are not doing it. The Pakistani community should also ask their rulers why you took this money and to take this money is a crime as you have sold the nation to them. They are all criminals who sold their country to a Satan for 33 billion dollars. This statement of Trump has increased threats for Pakistan.

We should pay attention to this fact that there was a slogan which Shia community taught to everyone but they themselves have forgotten it. That slogan was “One who befriends America, is a Traitor of Islam”. This is the outcome of that treachery. The natural result of friendship with a Satan like America is this only. The actual traitor is not Trump in fact they are those who have handed over the country to America but our community remains silent. They express a little in a fearful manner against Trump but those traitors of our country who have given all this to America they don’t do anything about them. This is not the first time America has insulted Pakistan and this has a big history on how much insult they have done and every time they have said anything about Pakistan it has been an insult only but they have not heard a reply single time from Pakistan; neither from community nor from the government or politicians.

No one replied because they are all lovers of America. All your rulers have dual nationality of America; their children stay there, they have bank account there, they have investments in America. They reach America on the second day of retirement. If some media, researcher can do this work to find out how many Pakistan rulers, Generals and patriots are in American after their retirement. Army Generals, court Judge, bureaucrats, Minister, President all after retirement go to America. Every children of this community are desperate to go to America. Those who are raising slogan of Anti America they are the first ones ready to go to America. We have accepted disgrace and Trump takes advantage of this disgracefulness of ours. He knows that he is addressing a nation who will not give any reply to any insults. And we have not given any reply. He has issued a statement on 1st January and today is 5th January. What have the Pakistanis done in these 5 days? The government has called a Cabinet meeting and decided that we will not rush. This is a disgrace. The same day they should have got the American Ambassador out from here and the Pakistani Ambassador should have been called back. The American Embassy should have been closed and all contracts, agreements should have terminated. America said that we will not give any aid from now on to Pakistan. It is natural that those who are fed on aid cannot do anything. You can see where all these aids go. One aid comes for government rulers, one comes for special defense forces and one comes for people as US AID. You can see the banners of US Aid on Shia homes as well. He is also eating the bread from US Aid, he is taking sugar, sheep from US Aid. When the belly of every Pakistani has US Aid; inside Minister, forces and scholars then Trump has the rights to insult. But a zealot, self-respected community does not feed themselves with such aids. We should throw this inside gutter and do not allow these aids to reach your localities so that they don’t do this disgrace to us.

The biggest tragedy of Pakistan is that there is no comprehensive policy for the country. We work on daily wages system and just think about today; we eat and then sleep and then get up next day to decide what we have to do. China, America makes policies for us. The financial institutions makes polices for us whether we should give birth to children or not. A community which is not having this much sense and for whom IMF tells whether you should grow your population or not then what rights do they have. When there is a policy, a goal, a system and then under that if we do the defense of our system. There are millions of unemployed youths who have no jobs, education systems, no plans or policies for using them somewhere and not even for national interests. They are left on their own state and private institutions are teaching them. The government has taken 33 billion dollars, so if you have taken this then at least you should have used this accursed money for some constructive work in the country. Two funding’s have become the basis of destruction for Pakistan; one is the wealth of Ale Saud and second is the funding of Trump.

The selfhood and self-respect of Pakistan nation and community can only get us out of this disgrace and not the politicians. The politicians are desperately hungry for the bones of power. They are hungry to this extent that they don’t realize what they are doing, what they should do for the sake of power. Look at the religious people what they are doing for the sake of power. They have become blind for power and they cannot give salvation to the community as they lack selfhood. This selfhood should get developed in the youths of this nation. These youths should develop this self-respect that we should not be disgraced. The rulers, politician eat the Mooney and we suffer disgrace. Pakistan is trying to reply on this; they will go to Saudi and ask them to plead to America and make them talk; then they will go to Britain to seek help or they will accept all the demands to catch so and so network and do what they do. But this is not the solution.

The Supreme Leader used to tell that if you listen to one demand of America they will force you to accept hundred more hence do not accept even the first demand from them. But the Iranian government also did not listen to the leader and accepted their demand on atomic negotiation and now they are demanding from them too stop missiles, stop supporting Hezbollah and now they even say that religious clerics should come out from government and end the system of Wilayat e Faqeeh. Do not arrest anyone on the instructions of America. If you want to break any organization do it on your own and not on the ordinances of America. You restrict some terrorist entity because they are threat to Pakistan and not for the sake of America.

At present Iran and Pakistan both are under the similar crisis. America wants to punish Pakistan for the sake of friendship with China. What should Pakistan do now? They should give reply to this insult and reply should be the same which Imam Khomeini (r.a) and his followers gave to America. Shaheed Beheshti gave a historic statement when America was perplexed and the American President at that time also was issuing such crazy statements. He said; O America become more and more annoyed with us to the extent that you die out of this annoyance. This was the same reply which the Supreme Leader again gave to America few weeks back when Trump tried to insult.

At present for both Pakistan and Iran the best reply which they can give to America both against their insults and conspiracies is in Afghanistan. At present America is under captivity in Afghanistan. The crisis which are there in Afghanistan then under that crisis they should give them a blow. If America can be beaten up somewhere brutally then that is Afghanistan. This is the reason Afghanistan is very important. America has already got all the Takfirist waste from Iraq, Syria to Afghanistan using Arab wealth. This 48 hrs. ultimatum which they have given to Pakistan and he has left it dotted as to what they can do. The will do Drone attacks, they will send commandos to Lahore and will take anyone out they want and Pakistanis will remain observing. Both Iran and Pakistan are undergoing similar issues from Trump. Trump is targeting both Pakistan and Iran but remember that his actual target is China. In order to reach China the countries that are on route he wants to first manage them; and they are North Korea, Iran and Pakistan. The interests of Iran and Pakistan are very close specifically as regards to Trump policy they are one; he wants to finish both; he is giving deadlines, warnings to both.

Today Trump has called for United Nations meeting related to the protests in Iran. At present Pakistan and Iran should have the same strategy as their enemy has the same strategy for them. They should adopt this action plan and Afghanistan is that place where America can be disgraced like Vietnam and even Afghanis can also get relieved from the terrorism. What kind of logic is this that you get all the terrorist from the world in one place? America has done this to go after Iran and Pakistan. The same way they gathered terrorists in Syria and Iran, Russia, Hezbollah disgraced them over there and now it is the turn of Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan. They can take help from China, Russia and give this accursed a lessonful defeat in Afghanistan so that they get destroyed there.

Ale Saud did one more thing that they called Pakistan rulers to Saudi on one phone call. They are always ready to come on one call. One day Mohammad bin Salman will also say that they have taken 33 billion from us but not done anything. Trump has said this already and similarly Mohammad bin Salman will also have to say this one day that Pakistan has not done anything for us. For the Pakistan rulers if you are taking Rials from Saudi, then take but don’t put Pakistan on the same direction as they want. Mohammad bin Salman wants rented people, labor, forces, and terrorists from Pakistan. He knows that entire Pakistan is on rent. This intellect should be there in Pakistan that they should not go on rent and don’t do whatever they want to do.

End of Fitnah in Iran

As regards to Iran; last week has been a distressful week in Iran. The people there on the basis of price inflation of commodities, which is said due to economic sanctions applied by USA; some of them protested with anti-government slogans and also slogans against sanctities. But day before yesterday on Wednesday; the same way like in 2009 the entire Iranian community came out on street for demonstrations to end the Fitnah; the same was done again now to end this Fitnah. I have been discussing about this subject since a long time; that the Iranian people will be bought under pressure and aroused against government. This weakness is there in Iran that the people get influenced with difficulties. They need more welfare and if there is shortfall they object. The sanctions are that tool which America understood late. By applying sanctions, restrictions they foiled the atomic plan of Iran. The Iranian community has proved that they get highly disturbed with sanctions and America also knows that it is with sanctions that they can inflict blow on Iran. If Iranians get affected by sanctions then America knows that this is the tool they should use. With sanctions, international cash flow stops, relations with other nations are cut off; the basic necessities don’t reach people and they face difficulties then rise against the government. Then whatever Trump and America wants the people start to do. This is the policy of America to keep people under economic pressure and then arouse them to stand against the government. This weakness is found in Iran that on one hand there are those who are not afraid of bullets, martyrdom, missiles and fighting in Iraq and Syria. Then there is another group of people who are afraid of scarcity of bread and they are the ones who make more noise and give more damage. But with all praises to God, just like before they got ashamed. On Wednesday the entire nation came out in support of Leader and the system; this way this entire Fitnah got eliminated. Ale Saud did a big investment for these riots in Iran. They wanted to move the battle inside Iran and wanted to teach Iran a lesson inside. The Arab media has raised these protests and riots a lot. There would be few people in protests, riots but media showed in big way. But Allah has defeated them again.




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