Political Markaz - Mufti Azizur Rahman should be hanged on door of Madrassa

Mufti Azizur Rahman should be hanged on door of Madrassa

Mufti Azizur Rahman should be hanged on door of Madrassa

Jun 18,2021 Comments Download

In one religious’ madrassah of Lahore, one very old teacher of around 80 years video got viral where he is molesting the students of Madrassa. Mufti Azizur Rahman who is teaching since 25 years, he is the Deputy Amir of Fazlur Rahman party as well. This is very shameful and after this he clarified by placing hands on Quran that this video is 2.5 years old and I was given intoxication in tea. This is happening in Pakistan everywhere where children are being molested. The culture of lust where women arouse lust and men do such lustful acts is now very common. This is happening in colleges, universities and school. There are many cases related to teachers. The news of school, colleges is not given any importance. This culture of homosexuality gets curtained by liberals that this is the rights of men, but such thing happening in a Madrassah is just too shameful.

Some have defended that this is individual act of someone and organization should not be defamed for this. The student who was molested said that this teacher was doing this with me for three years and is threatening me, he complained to the madrassa as well. There are many videos present from Madrassa though they have not come on social media so people do not consider them as bad people. The management of Madrassa should show sensitivity on this subject. Why management of madrassah is closing eyes on them? See the punishment which has been given that they removed him from Madrassa and organization has suspended his membership temporarily till the time issue does not gets cleared. You talk about death punishment for others, but when some maulana does this only suspension that this is individual act? Since this has become basis of defamation of religion, madrassa, Islam, scholars this person should be hanged on the door of some madrassa and his body should be eaten by vultures, so others can take lesson and no one else should do this in future. The FIR has been made but arrest has not been done.

In Sharia the punishment for homosexuality is death penalty, there is no possibility of escape and punishment is more severe than adultery. This person at the age of 80 is doing this, this means he was habituated since youth age. Ask his old students because they don’t mention about this for dignity. Check his companions, colleagues because one person is not doing this, other teachers would also be in this. Concealing such persons and veiling them will sacrilege the madrassas. What use are these homosexuals for you if you want to protect them? The Madrassah should protect the dignity of institutes and madrassa should take action themselves. You leave such criminals and this itself is a crime and there should be a lesson punishment for them so that the children are secure from this.

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