Political Markaz - Moqtada Sadr announces Anti Iran government in Iraq

Moqtada Sadr announces Anti Iran government in Iraq

Moqtada Sadr announces Anti Iran government in Iraq

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One more important event that has happened is the Iraqi elections and is result was opposite to the result in Lebanon. In Lebanon there were two axis of elections, one was under Hezbollah supporting Iran and other was the group supporting Saudi under Saad Hariri. In Lebanon majority is Christian and decisive votes are of Christians; and it is pre agreed there that the President would be christian, Prime Minister would be Sunni and Parliament spokesperson would be Shia and no one can change it. The Saudi’s invested a lot of money so that the Christians should ally with Sunni and win. But it was opposite where Christians allied with Hezbollah and they won.

In Iraq there were many groups participating in elections; supporters of America, Saudi and Iran contested. The outcome of this election that came out was the same expected as the preparation was being done before. The Iran supported groups as per media was that of Nouri Maliki but this was not true as Iran did not support Maliki. The other group was that of Aamri, the commander of Hashad us Shabi; the third group was Haider al Abadi who was supported by America, then the group of Moqtada Sadr and the group of Ammar al Hakim. These were all Shia groups and Shias have decisive vote. Amongst these groups of Shias, Moqtada Sadr has got more than 50% of votes in Iraqi parliament and has done alliance with Ammar Hakim who was at the third and fourth position. Moqtada Sadr before elections was doing an unreasonable politics and got introduced as an Anti-Iran party. He interfered in the Iraqi politics and in elections also he raised the slogans about foreign intervention. He did not say that we will stop American or other foreign intervention but said that our government’s main objective is to block Iranian intervention in Iraq. I have been mentioning about the Iraqi politicians before as well; that when ISIS captured Iraq then Hashad us Shabi was made as a force which defeated ISIS and they were about to be annihilated completely in few days then immediately the Iraqi leadership, parties and personalities came out and stopped that battle against ISIS. The threat was that since Iran was directly involved into that battle then after removing ISIS Iran will come out as a power in Iran. The group of Shia religious parties, personalities openly said that ISIS is better than Iran, that is Wilayat e Faqeeh coming up in Iraq. At that time they foiled the plans and it took a lot of time to get ISIS out. Then the pressure on Iran supported Hashad us Shabi increased that they should be ended, or turned into a political party, they should be unarmed and restrictions should be put on them. This was the desire of America, European Union and certain parties in Iraq desired to put complete control of Hashad us Shabi as it was considered as an Iranian product.

In elections also the campaigns and policy was that any party, group that is having some inclination towards Iran should not be supported. Three groups invested a lot in this front. The maximum investment was done by Saudi Arabia. Moqtada Sadr before the elections went to Saudi Arabia and met Bin Salman. Then America put pressure and some internal parties, groups gave this impression that under any condition votes should not be given to anyone supported by Iran. And now after winning the elections Moqtada Sadr has announced that I am going to make a government which will end the intervention of Iran inside Iraq. This is also a part of big scenario of which is ongoing in Middle East.

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