Political Markaz - Moqtada-al-Sadr alliance with Ale Saud

Moqtada-al-Sadr alliance with Ale Saud

Moqtada-al-Sadr alliance with Ale Saud

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One big announcement which Saudi has done before that we will fight aginst Shias and destroy them because they are followers of Imam Mahdi (a.t.f.s). They said that they want to move this fight inside Iran. They struck a blow to Iran with the attack on Iranian Parliament and Imam Khomeini (r.a) mausoleum with a terrorist attack. This was a big blow they did and proved their infiltration on the Iranian system. Now as per their imagination and what media is portraying they have given another big blow now. First they were giving this impression that Iran’s influence and infiltration has increased in Arab nations which they were not liking. Yemen, Syria, Iraq and Lebanon is where Iranian influence is much higher than anyone else. They have replied this to Iran by infiltrating a Shia leader in Iraq;

Moqtada Sadr who is a famous personality. Last week he visited Saudi Arabia and met the Saudi Crown Prince, Mohammad bin Salman; and discussed the issue of Arab nationalism. Saudi has given him the message that we have to strengthen the foundations of Arab nationalism; since Iraq, Saudi are all Arabs we should unite and confront Iran. The pictures of this meeting were released and this was more successful attack then the first one. They are imagining that they have infiltrated inside a big group in Iraq and after this Saudi newspapers published one more news that one bigger Shia group they are   breaking   out   from   Iranian alliance That group is of Ammar Hakeem, the nephew of Martyr Baqir Hakim who till now is leading the group of Iraq Supreme council. Ammar Hakeem has left the Supreme  council and made his own national party and he has come under the slogan of Arabism and seems to be inclined to align with Saudi. This is there in news though he has not yet done the visit. As per their news and imagination they have infiltrated in a big way by breaking these groups from being Iran alliance. But in reality Moqtada Sadr has added to his deprivation more and has stamped his senselessness and lack of insight.

There was a time when three Marajae out of four in Iraq who are not Iraqi nationals were asked to leave Iraq after the regime of Saddam toppled. Ayatullah Sistani and other two Marajae were asked to leave Iraq by Sadr because you are not Arabs. They had a group at the time of Saddam,  whereby his father was martyred by Saddam. His father for a long time compromised with Saddam which he said was for the security of Shias and then after some time went again in opposition to Saddam; then Saddam martyred him along with some of his sons. From that time a powerful group of Shias were known as Sadr group which is being led by Moqtada Sadr now. This group was very powerful, armed and took party in many internal tribal conflicts. They also confronted America for some time and keep on changing their tactics. Then he left and came to Iran and studied there for some time supporting Iranian views.

Sometimes he was saying I have kept myself out of politics. Hence such ups, downs and instability is there in him. But at present he is not capable of doing anything.

The plan which Imam Khomeini (r.a) presented in Iran which destroyed all conspiracies was construction of Baseej. Despite of government structure of armed forces present Imam (r.a) prepared a peoples force as Baseej. The Baseej are those ordinary people who are prepared to defend their nation. The Supreme leader did the same in Iraq after ISIS entered Iraq and created a people’s force by the name Hashad us Shabi. A peoples force was created and from the day it came into existence; Moqtada Sadr and many other Iraqi leaders were against it and did not wanted them. This force is under the Wali e Faqeeh and it was Hashad us Shabi who uprooted ISIS from Iraq. After Hashad these power hungry groups of the likes of Sadr got despaired and realize that we cannot do anything. This was a people’s force, with the Leader (Rahbar) ready to come out in every field. They were afraid for this day that Iraq will go out of their hands and come under Wali e Faqeeh. This was the reason they used to say before that ISIS is better than Iran’s infiltration in Iraq. ISIS would have been finished two years before but this thinking that if Hashad did this, then this means Iran and we prefer ISIS over Iran.

Such ruined persons like Sadr now come in limelight to do such alliances. You should be well versed that we also have many ruined ones; we have ruined leaders, devastated organizations, parties all over in every street of Pakistan who possess nothing and Saudi is buying out such ruined entities. The way in the Arab world Syed Nasrallah from Hezbollah is with Iran; they are thinking that they have a done a similar attack and got a person of the same status with them. This is a foolish thinking whereby you have made alliance with a ruined person and he will just waste your money. Saudi can create dissension but it is impossible the Sadr will do anything.

It is a shamefulness for Moqtada to do alliance with Mohammad bin Salman because Salman did not say I am just anti Iran, anti-Khamenei but instead he said Iran believes in the Zuhoor of Mahdaviat hence I want to destroy them. This is that family of Ale Saud who have made an army to destroy Karbala in the  past. They attacked Karbala and ploughed over there, they had ruined these shrines even beyond what they did in Baqee. Shia remember all this but these vultures of power who have desires to eat corpses become blind for power. In Pakistan also there are Shia Ulama who take stipends and salaries from Saudi Embassy. These vultures are there everywhere and by making them join  you, publishing pictures globally you are portraying that you have hunted a big prey. But this person is ruined and you will not get anything. Today Iraq has the base of Imamat and maximum of signs of Imams are present in Iraq. If Shiite comes towards Imamat then Ahle Sunna will also come towards Imamat. This is because Sunnis also have Imamat in their vision but not implemented in the right form. If you read the books of Maulana Maudoodi you will see that the political foundations of Sunnis is also on Imamat , an Imam of Justice but the place where they fit is somewhere wrong. If Shiite adopts the right path then Sunnis will also follow but till now the direction in Iraq has turned towards Imamat. They are ready to accept all systems except Imamat.

 Now there is referendum about to happen in Kurdistan which is the 1/3rd population of Iraq and they want to separate it from Iraq. Now also they have a separate Kurdish Iqlim governance. If in Iraq 1/3rd population of Kurd can establish their own governance then why can’t 65% Shias make their own system of Imamat. But Kurd has got a Kurdish visionary leader who has prepared them and they are doing a referendum to formally separate from Iraq. This is happening in Iraq, they have made Kurdistan and the Shias are not ready to take the name of Imamat. They say if we take the name of Imamat sectarianism will start as if nothing has happened till now. How much security has this democracy given to Iraq till now? This is tragedy of Iraq and it is possible that many such things can happen in Iraq till they revert towards Imamat. But there is hope from groups like Hashad al Shabi, which is awakened group of youths who have secured their nation from cruel terrorist group and we have hopes that they will further do the journey and one day Iraq will also get secured in the peaceful fortress of Imamat.

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