Political Markaz - Monster of Inflation on Pakistanis

Monster of Inflation on Pakistanis

Monster of Inflation on Pakistanis

Apr 05,2019 Comments Download

In national issues, the way with planning Pakistan is being kept in the state of instability and they are dragging it forward in the same stage. They are taking every possible step for instability of country, insecurity and no one is reluctant about it, and government is forefront in this mission of instability. The inflation has gone up severely. This monster of inflation is stampeding the Pakistanis. On one side the economy has gone bankrupt, which is affecting people and on other hand this monster of inflation has been left on people. This back breaking inflation is making normal life also difficult.

The actual Inflation takes place at the beginning of the new financial year. The government is challenging the people that we are increasing the costs of every commodity and the minister of treasure has said that inflation will go so high that screams will come out. The prices of oil has gone up but still the Pakistanis are not screaming and crying. At times tears also get dried; some orators challenge that we can make stones cry. Some people in long majlis keep on crying in every session and then the tears dry out.  There are foreign consultants who have been hired and they are also saying that the actual inflation has not yet come that will come after June when we bring the budget. Then you will see what inflation is actually.

The ministers say that since inflation was less in the past government, it was their mistake, it was treachery done by them that they did not allow the currency to fall. We are right people who are inflating pricing of every public commodity and is gradually becoming unaffordable. They will drop the currency much lower, as the international organizations have pressurized them, which means the commodities cost will go up.

The countries whose currencies have fallen like Iran, where they carry a bag of notes and bring one pouch of vegetable. The same is going to happen with Pakistan without any reason. Those countries have sanctions, but here there is no such problem. Here is all out of desires of those who wanted to rule. They don’t know how to run the country and are just fulfilling their desires to run the country. Those who do not know how to do, when you handover the country to them, it turns out to be costly. 

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