Political Markaz - Mohammad bin Salman’s battle against Mahdaviat

Mohammad bin Salman’s battle against Mahdaviat

Mohammad bin Salman’s battle against Mahdaviat

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The recent statements of Mohammad bin Salman who is the base of this Fitnah needs to be assessed. He is a young corrupt, transgressing prince and those things which others from Ale Saud could not do he has committed that I will do that. The Satan’s wanted since long to create a big sedition amongst Muslims and wanted to create a last big encounter. They would put pressure on Ale Saud and they were doing this indirectly by investing in Pakistan and creating ISIS. But after failure in this way now they have made a Takfirist force of 39 countries which will fight for Takfirist Ideology according to which all others are infidels and specifically Shias. They have only target that is Shias. They want to confront Shias and finish them.

Mohammad bin Salman issued statement on Al Arabia TV and entire world published it whereby in front of everyone on TV said all this. When he was questioned whether are you ready to get into dialogues with Iran to resolve this. He said we can never get into dialogue with Iran and the reason is because Iran has a particular Ideology due to which we can never talk to Iran. That Ideology is of Mahdaviat and Iranians believe in reappearance of Imam Mahdi whereby he will dominate the world and a global system of Imamat will be established. Iranian also want to prepare the ground for the return of Imam Mahdi and what Iran is doing in the region is the same and this what Iran is doing is a big challenge is their preparation of Imam Mahdi who will come and rule the world. This is something we will not allow to happen and make Iran reach this purpose. He openly said that there will be a battle and it will not be in Saudi Arabia but in Iran. We will start this battle inside Iran. Now some others are trying to give various interpretations but He has openly given this statement that this is a battle. And as I said before in Yemen they were preparing for this encounter.

The 39 countries alliance force which they are preparing was also clarified for what purpose he is doing that. This force in which Pakistan is also involved and though we have no hopes from the current rulers and politicians that they will not become part of this sedition. This is because whatever they have received from Ale Saud is showing its effects but the Pakistani community should be aware about the stupidity done before by General Zia ul Haqq which has resulted into destruction from all aspects. Now they are starting to do another stupidity and this will be damaging for the entire Muslim Nation. Iran does not wants this battle to take place either in Saudi or in Iran.  Saudi wants to give this battle the color of Shia Sunni using the card of Haramain. Saudi is buying out forces from the across the world but this is a stupidity and insane acts. Mohammad bin Salman has started to coordinate with Western nations also and since the system in Iran is not tolerated by anyone they are willing to cooperate with Ale Saud. He has said this that we have made many attempts to displace Iran but all have been unsuccessful. They have made Saddam fight with Iran, sanctioned Iran, got the oil prices down but all have failed and till the time Iran has this vision of Mahdaviat Iran will keep on intervening in regional affairs. This fight has to happen inside Iran. Iran as a reply has written letters to United Nations. This is a deception of Satan and this drunken Prince does not know the system which he wants to demolish is the system of Allah; he does not know that the protector of this system are not Iranians but the essence of Allah. He did not know that if this system had to eradicate then it would have happened in Tabas. When with full preparation they came to Tabas and then a strong sand storm came which destroyed them. From there itself he should know that the protector of this system is not Iranians but Allah. This battle will not be with Iran but with Allah. If you could win this battle then Bani Umayyah, Bani Abbas could have destroyed this vision. Their problem was also with this vision only. This vision, Ideology which Shias know less but the enemies know more and today they have openly expressed it. Some enemies are clever that they do not come on TV and say that we are enemies of Mahdaviat. But this prince is a fool that he came on TV and expressed it that our enmity is with Mahdaviat and till the time this vision is present with Iran this region will not remain safe. He has this fear that if the reappearance of Imam Mahdi (a.t.f.s) happens, then it will be from Mecca and Ale Saud power will also be gone. Hence this fool in order to secure their power wants to stop the reappearance of Imam Mahdi (a.t.f.s).  It is there in all Muslims books and beliefs; for both Sunnis and Shias. The difference with Ahle Sunnah is that he will be born in the last era whereas Shias believe that he is born and under occultation. This is an established ideology for all Muslims except this Najdi group that Imam Mahdi will come and establish a global governance. In the past the followers of Imam had this belief that the return of Imam Mahdi (a.t.f.s) is near but it looks like now even the enemies are as well able to see the signs of reappearance. They have gathered 39 forces, rental armies to stop reappearance. The reappearance is of that person who is appointed by Allah who will remove evils from this land and establish the rule of Allah. Imam Khomeini (r.a) was a disciple of this Ideology and you have put all efforts but could not move back Imam Khomeini even by an inch from this stand. When you could not do anything to Imam Khomeini (r.a) and now you have come to fight against Imam Mahdi. The issue of reappearance of Imam Mahdi is not an Iranian matter, it is an Islamic issue and anyone confronting this is standing against Islam and this is where Pakistanis need to think a lot. Now when they have expressed their intentions then Pakistanis should think in which direction they want to take us. They have high hopes with Pakistani because they have seen this with the gravity of terrorism in Pakistan. They believe that the reappearance of Imam Mahdi can be stopped by Pakistani if we rent them.

Pakistani would be god willing from the army of Imam Mahdi and not in the army of enemies. This community will not become part of any such Fitnah. Those who have sold themselves will do but the Pakistani Muslims will never do this. The Ale Saud will take some initial stupid steps but they have not estimated the strength of the system which they are confronting. The same example of Tabas which I have given. When American forces landed and became victim of Sand storm. At that time Jimmy Carter was the President of America and had hatred towards Iran because all this happened in his tenure. When he got this news, he was sitting in control room and he cried; tears came out when he got news. While crying he said that looks like God is also with Khomeini. When enemy also witnesses that Allah is with Khomeini then everyone should understand that Allah has protected this system and revolution then today also Allah will protect this system from this Fitnah as well. This is a fitnah to make Muslims fight amongst each other. They have sold big weapons, trained them so that Muslims should become victims of each other. But we have seen this is last 40 yrs. that the leadership of this revolution has demonstrated the peak of insights aginst all crisis, whether internal or external.  The leadership of Revolution has made revolution victorious and this sedition will also fail with the vision and strategy of Supreme Leader and these enemies will suffer for what they are planning. The statement of Hamas is also from this perspective that the alliance which is going to happen in the region they want resistance organization like Hamas also to join them. They have announced that in June there will be an understanding agreement done between Arabs and Israel. They want to make this fitnah practical but they will not be successful. The way Supreme Leader replied to the Israeli President when he said now the Nuclear Agreement is done and we will remain in peace for 25 years; the leader replied that God willing Israel will not see twenty years. Israel will not survive for 25 years and will get annihilated. The insight with which the Supreme Leader has protected the Islamic nations from all forms of crisis here also his deep insight will come up and this accursed family will get destroyed in this sedition also an entire Muslim Ummah will get protected from the evils of this family.


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