Political Markaz - Modi gets honor in UNGA and Biden not even speaking to Pakistan

Modi gets honor in UNGA and Biden not even speaking to Pakistan

Modi gets honor in UNGA and Biden not even speaking to Pakistan

Oct 01,2021 Comments Download

By- Ustad Syed Jawad Naqvi

Modi is on visit to America for UNGA meeting. Two years back our PM also visited and the effect of this meeting is being suffered till date. He went there in the flight of Mohammad bin Salman. Bin Salman is a tyrant who brutally killed journalist Khashoggi. He went along with him to save money on flight cost. This is a weak thinking that a leader of country should go on rented flight of someone. If a leader of nation does these acts of populism then outcome is disgrace. He went there and saw that Erdogan and Mahathir are giving fiery speeches. Our PM also got excited and said that we are making a new Islamic forum and do such and such things. After this speech, the flight took him to Canada and a call came to return the aircraft back, and then he returned on an ordinary Saudi Arab flight. This time he did not visit was good because at this time the relationship of Pakistan and America is getting worse and to visit there means no respect, honor would be given to him. They would have just insulted him hence not going there was a good thinking.

Modi went there and got high respect, importance. He met Joe Biden as well and shown a genealogy to prove that you and me are relatives. In front of media he proved that an Irish colonel went to India and got married there in India, and this woman was Modi’s cousin so they have become relatives. Modi is an actor, tactful person and politics is the name of actor. He is expert actor and did negotiations for India with America and got contracts done. The UNGA is a festival for all leaders of world where people buys goodies. The Iranian president also visits as this is the only opportunity they get to speak on international forum. This time they also did not visit but Erdogan visited and he takes full advantage of all such events and connections. He did a speech discussing all the countries Muslims affairs as a Hero. He has many contracts with Israel , India but takes the name of Palestine and Kashmir in this.

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