Political Markaz - Modernization of Saudi and Destruction of Bin Salman

Modernization of Saudi and Destruction of Bin Salman

Modernization of Saudi and Destruction of Bin Salman

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The act of utmost mockery is being done by Ale Saud. The plans which Mohammed Bin Salman has made to modernize Saudi Arab are very interesting. This is the reason that Westerners are looting the capital of this Islamic land and Muslim nation with open hands. There is a race amongst the western countries in looting this. Mohammed Bin Salman has made a plan of 500 billion dollars on the border of Saudi on the Egyptian side. He wants to build a city over there with this budget for entertainment. This is one plan which he wants to complete before 2030

He has made a fresh plan to build a mega entertainment city in the outskirts of Riyadh. This mega entertainment city is bigger than Las Vegas in America. He has approved 64 billion American dollars and whatever licentious things for entertainment are available in the West will be available here. There will be clubs, dance clubs, music clubs, theaters, circus and many things that are present in the western world for entertainment for youths, men and women. He is going to make this Las Vegas of Saudi which he wants to complete by 2022. These are the foundations of new Islam being placed in Saudi Arabia. As I said before that a new Islam was introduced hundred years before in Saudi which was extremist beheading Islam but now this new Islam is that of Trump which Mohammed Bin Salman is bringing.

This inexperienced youth Mohammed Bin Salman has taken step for his salvation which are very dangerous steps. When Allah destroyed Bani Umayyah he did it through one of the rulers of Bani Umayyah. The last ruler of Bani Umayyah was Marwan, who was famous as Marwan e Hemaar (Marwan – the donkey); due to his stupidity and foolishnesshis own followers gave him this name.This donkey Marwan was killed by his own people. When Abu Muslim Khorasani attacked the army of Marwan. Abu Muslim Khorasani was a Shia commander fighting for Bani Abbas and he was using the name of Imams, Shia, Karbala, Ahlulbayt (a.s) but was giving all benefits to Bani Abbas. Abu Muslim Khorasani who changed the course of history by bringing down the regime of Bani Umayyah and establishing Bani Abbas was a Shia leader. He was very far from Imamat and Imam Sadiq hated him so much that in one incident he wrote a letter to Imam Sadiq (a.s) and wanted to cheat imam also, that I am with you actually and only on outward I am with them; I will bring the government to you and you should support him. He wrote a letter and even without reading it burnt it. He did not even preferred to read the letter as he is a traitor who uses our name and Karbala but gives benefits to enemies

Abu Muslim Khorasanifought with Marwan and Marwan himself was leading as commander. When the war was at peak Marwan e Hemaar got urge for toilet, he got down from the horse and went for toilet. The soldiers of Abu Muslim Khorasani saw him that he is going for toilet and attacked him in the same state and he died in that state of toiler. From here a new proverb came out in literature ZahbatoDaulato be baulatin; mean the entire government was sacrificed for a toilet. The same history is going to repeat with Ale Saud and the effects are already seen.

At present in Pakistan behind the curtains there is a movement going on. Specifically in the Senate, a question was raised as to why Pakistan sent a new battalion to Saudi, when Saudi is attacking Yemen, joint hands with Israel a, planning to attack Iran then why should we send the force to Saudi. The army replied that we are not going to send our army to Yemen or anywhere else but the issue is something else. The reason is that Saudis are under shock due to whatMohammed Bin Salman did. He had dealt mercilessly with the royal family though they deserved that only. He caught big princes into prison, he made them sleep on floor and he hung billionaire prince upside down in hotel through Blackwater. Those who have been treated like this, they do all this but they developed hatred and the effects are coming out. Now the first step that is being done is to restrict the rights of Mohammed Bin Salman. When he came first he attacked Yemen, then got into encounter with Qatar and now he is threatening Kuwait and planning to attack Kuwait. They want to now take the rights of Mohammed Bin Salman in interfering in Arab states as he is only doing damage. He only listens to Trump and no one else. Whatever Trump says he acts on it blindly. There is a force in Saudi Arab which is special force for protecting the Royal family. Mohammed Bin Salman has maltreated the commanders of this force.  Hence they have a big internal threat that these Royal guards might attack on him hence for his own security he has called American Blackwater private security agency; who are giving security to his office, place, home and they have removed Saudi security. Still he is not getting peace and sleep hence he has asked support from Pakistan. They don’t have trust on Saudi force because there are religious elements in Saudi force, people loyal to royal family. It has been a 100 yrs system and there are elements of different persons support. He went aggressive in the beginning but now itsconsequencesare being seen and he is feeling the threat hence he has asked for Pakistani forces and from here we can see that his accursed rulership will end. We don’t say that Abu Muslim Khorasani will be born because he was a treacherous persons but the crimes which this family has done are tyrannical and very soon this accursed family tenure will end with their own foolishness.

There are other incidents also at global level which have taken place and at national level there are border conflicts and everyday the soldiers of Pakistani forces are getting martyred since there is heavy shelling and fights ongoing at the border with India and an atmosphere of war is getting created. Since India is also in good relationship with America and Israel and wants to keep Pakistan under pressure to the last extent. There are dangerous plans India has adopted for Pakistan and to make it practical they areincreasing pressure on Pakistan on daily basis in international orgs and wants to go far to the level of finishPakistan as atomic power. India wants to prove that there are no responsible persons and should notpossess atomic weapons. Hence whatever happened with Iran and other nations same should repeat here.



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