Political Markaz - Minister formally begs to Saudi Ambassador for funds

Minister formally begs to Saudi Ambassador for funds

Minister formally begs to Saudi Ambassador for funds

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The National Minister Ali Mohammad Khan who was in some Ministry before as well has formally written a letter on his letter pad to Saudi Ambassador for help. He has written to the Saudi Ambassador to provide some funds to do certain development and maintenance work in his constituency. This letter became public and the current advisor of Intelligence, the lady who did not get elected hence could be the Minister of Intelligence has formally condemned the letter and Minister that he should not have written this letter seeking help.

The minister of Pakistan has a worth and to do begging with a foreign Embassy like this? One more thing which the PM has done is good, that one more minister of KPK has written a letter to appoint her sister as director of most sensitive organization of Pakistan, that is Anti-Terrorist Department. This sister was unqualified, and the PM immediately acted, and he did not allow her to even speak in the Cabinet meeting. That was something internal where everyone supports their relatives.

But on this letter the PM did not show sensitivity, but the Intelligence advisor Ms. Firdaus condemned, and it is evident that she has expressed government stance only. This means the government also did not like that a formal Minister is begging in front of Saudi. This letter is a proof which got opened and caught. Since this letter came out, they are condemning but if you search the Saudi Embassy you will find the letters of everyone from all past governments, all ministers and senators.

This is what we have been telling since long that this is the money of Saudi Arabia. They never help government of Pakistan, but they help people and their pawns. This letter got caught but many letters went through, and Saudi funded them. There is no organization also who can openly say as to how much who is getting. Pakistani will immediately make a noise that we are with Saudi Arabia the moment they see someone dressed like Saudi.

In Pakistan anything related to Saudi comes up we start to shout and show our favoring of Saudi. Why are you standing with Saudi? Because you are getting these grants and cheques. Saudi’s have purchased all these people. Why the journalists don’t speak about Yemen. Bin Salman brutally killed journalist in Turkey but here also these journalists did not speak anything. This lady condemned the Minister and asked him to take care of his position and not do such begging.  

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