Political Markaz - MI6 Infiltration within Shias and Arbaeen congregation

MI6 Infiltration within Shias and Arbaeen congregation

MI6 Infiltration within Shias and Arbaeen congregation

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One group that has become a big concern and obstacle for this pilgrimage as well in many other instances for Shiite at different levels and countries is this MI6 group. The Shiite that has been made, nurtured, supervised by MI6 is present in every country and in every category. MI6 is the most ancient and cunning, Satanic Intelligence agency of the world and even CIA is a child of MI6. Though CIA has a bigger network but the aggression, difficulties which MI6 has done across the world for Muslims are grievous.

In the current era the target of MI6 is Shiite and that too after Islamic Revolution when Shiite came out as a power. Shiite was forsaken, in hiding, not political and was not known to anyone. Shias were only seeking visas for pilgrimage, permits for Muharram processions and Shia did not believe to demand anything more than that. Today Shia is a claimant that the actual political system presented by Islam is with us and we are going to introduce that system to the world which is meant for salvation of humanity and is present with us. This is the claim of Shias and a big revolution in itself whereby the same Shias who were sitting underground, in cellars have come and risen above ground. The Shiite which was only indulged in basic customary things is now expressing global issues. This is an unordinary and highly esteemed revolution. I remember an elderly person who visited the sacred city of Qom for pilgrimage and he met some Pakistani students. He told us that I am astonished where these students are now and I remember those days when we used to sit with traditional scholars and type of topics they were discussing but now I am witnessing the intellectual levels from the topics these students talk and discuss. This is the growth in Shiite and they are claimant that they have an Ideology and presented their global system to the world. It is the Shias who have the one world order. Satan has presented their own world order whereas Mahdaviat is the world order of Shiite. The one global system in all domains may it be political, economic, industrial, education and everything presented by the Quran will be inherited by Shias and these global systems will be run by the Imams of Shia.

On the other hand we can see the last century that has passed in which an accursed lineage came into existence which casted its evil shadows on every Muslim and that is Ale Saud. In 1932 their government was formally established in Hejaz. In 1906 the MI6 British agency started the conspiracy to establish this accursed family over entire Arab world. Lawrence of Arabia; a British spy lived in this region for years and made a plan for Middle East. He was the nominee of the British Queen and worked as a spy in this region. He is well known personality and many stories, films are made on him. Every student of Islam should be aware and know what Lawrence of Arabia did. This was his design which he made for the Middle East and was made by this organization of MI6.

And today also MI6 is not negligent from this big gathering of Shias and they have made full arrangements for the Shias. They have prepared persons at all levels even to the level of Marjaiyat to destroy Shiite. Imam Khomeini (r.a) delivered a message by the title “Manshoor e Roohaniyat” (Manifesto of Scholars) and in that he pointed out amongst the conspiracies which imperialists and enemies of Islam have done for Shias one of them is that they have prepared persons up to the level of Marjaiyat. They are doing this in full-fledged way and such persons, personalities are presenting the version of Shiite designed by MI6. It is evident that every scene of Shiite power is in their vision and they have devised a plan for it.

It is impossible to think that they have not made any arrangement for Arbaeen. They have made good and expensive arrangement for this Arbaeen gathering and might be the hosts of this gathering have spent less for this gathering as compared to what MI6 has spent. They are nurturing persons of these levels in various countries and taking complete control of a big family like Shirazi and making global networks for them and persons who are ready to sell themselves have been bought up for this gathering. They are also aware about strength of this gathering and whichever direction this gathering turns Shiite will also move in the same direction. If this gathering moves under the shadow of Wilayat then globally Shiite will also move in that direction but if this gathering moves in the direction of MI6 Shiite and then God forbid the direction of global Shiite will also be in that direction. The eyes of MI6 are very sharp and deep on this gathering hence they have made big plans for this gathering so that they can turn the direction of Shiite towards themselves. And they want to use all this against the system of Wilayat.

There are many evidences, proofs available for this but there is not much time here. In some other opportunity I will speak in more details as to what work MI6 has done in various centers. The Supreme Leader has been making everyone alert and attentive since long towards this infiltration. This infiltration is the biggest element of their conspiracy where they infiltrate and implant their trained persons within Shia organizations, parties, centers and around personalities. Then through them change the track of Shiite from the direction in which it has turned due to the Islamic Revolution of Imam Khomeini (r.a)

Arbaeen as per the Supreme Leader is a great bounty of Allah which has been given to us in this era when big plans are made by the enemies and hence awareness is required towards this. The participants who are attending this gathering should do it with awareness that this group (of MI6) Shiite is also present in this. I will just present a simple example for this because these are not illusions and imagination. It is foolishness and simple mindedness to consider these facts as illusions. There are proper evidences of this available in your country itself as to where to turn the direction of this gathering they want to take. There is one audio clip which has been recorded by some believers about what is happening with the pilgrims of Arbaeen and then they broadcasted as to what is being said there.

In Quetta there is a Shia organization whose head is a Shia Scholar and his son is Jawad Rafiee who is the deputy president of this organization. He has become the representative for all pilgrims and whomsoever he issues the permission letter only they are allowed to cross the Taftan border. The pilgrims from Punjab, Sindh, Gilgit and other areas when they reach Quetta in their office to get the Bus to reach border and government has made this arrangement. This person takes confession and pledges from pilgrims. At present also there is a big number of pilgrims sitting at the border who were not allowed to go for Arbaeen pilgrimage. Arbaeen has come and passed and these pilgrims are sitting at the border like captives. They are pleading, calling for help and certain times they have called us to see if we can do something. There are around 25,000 pilgrims in this state at Quetta who are not allowed to go forward. When these pilgrims visit their office this person Jawad Rafie is tak ing pledge from the pilgrims which you can listen to it.

The Audio clip being played “they visit the shrine of Imam Khomeini there; you pledge us in writing that when you visit Iran you will not visit the shrine of Imam Khomeini; I told them from when has he become our Imam, is our Imam not alive, you promise that you will not participate in Quds rally anytime.”. There are two voices; in one of them he is saying that when you visit Iran you will not go to the shrine of Imam Khomeini and give this in writing. This person Rafie is taking a pledge from pilgrims that you should not visit the shrine of Imam Khomeini (r.a). Second he is saying that you will never participate in Quds rally. He continues to talk and later he says that what you should do in the Arbaeen rally. The caravan leader is made to write all this and this person is a Shia and son of a scholar. You can see the planning of MI6 as to what plans and to what level they have planned for Arbaeen. They have stopped 25,000 pilgrims so as to reduce as much possible the numbers. And those who are going they are taking pledge that you should not visit the shrine of Imam Khomeini (r.a), not participate in Quds rally and then he says on Arbaeen which places, groups you should visit and which you should not. He is making the travel agent understand all this and taking pledge from him. This is what is happening in Pakistan and also similar in many other countries. Even in Iran during Arbaeen the Shirazi network has prepared groups to be sent to Iraq. The Shirazi network is the most dangerous and devilish MI6 group within Shias. They are very vast and they have a network in Arab nations, in Pakistan also their old time representatives are present who introduce them and are now also preparing for them.

This dimension is also present in Arbaeen on which we have to be attentive and specifically the Pakistan nation who become very quickly a captive of Fitnah. They should be made aware about this. In many other places the Azadari is besieged by MI6. It is not that they will declare Azadari as forbidden but instead change its form so that it does not leads into the right direction so that it is damaging for Shiite and turn the face towards sectarianism. This is the MI6 plan to confront the system of Wilayat. In this esteemed congregation of Arbaeen where the promise of Allah is getting fulfilled and at times it takes generations for the promise of Allah to get fulfilled. Ashab-e-Kahaf was one generation and it took three hundred years for the promise of Allah to get fulfilled. If the nation would have been prepared this would have happened in three days.

You should be attentive that since a century the devilish tree of Ale Saud which has burnt the Ummah and created the fire of discord. The oppression done by Banu Umayyah would be less then what Ale Saud has done. They have sowed the seed of discord, hatred amongst Muslims. This is also the conspiracy of Ale Saud and you can see in the face of Ale Saud what MI6 does. When they targeted Arabs they divided them and got such accursed families into power which you can see now. If they have targeted Shiite now the same thing they will do here as well as what they did on Arab lands.

Ale Saud for a century after spreading hatred, malice and Shia Killing now they have announced that we are going to modernize Saudi Arabia. In 1979 we had a need to go towards extremism but now we want to revert back towards moderation. The ruler of Saudi Arabia has given an interview few weeks back in which he said we are reverting back to the state of Saudi Arabia to that before 1979. This was the official statement. On one side you can see Arbaeen and then on other hand you can see Ale Saud. They went on their peak and now today with their own hands they are going towards downfall. They have started the disgraceful journey of downfall. Whereas the Shiite whom they are targeted is heading towards it peak. This Arbaeen is a symbol of the power of Shiite gradually going upwards. This was the promise of Allah that those communities who were humiliated before we will make then honored whereas those who were honored before will become disgraced. This act has started now whereby Arbaeen is seen as a sign of rise of a school, Ideology and on other hand a devilish lineage has started towards a downfall.

If you remember I said in last Friday sermon that very soon big changes will come in Saudi Arabia. On the very next day on Saturday this act started and more than five hundred corrupt prince from this corrupt family were arrested. The method they adopted that King Salman made a committee of Anti- Corruption and made his son as the head of this committee. Within two hours Mohammed bin Salman declared that these are all corrupt people who have usurped the national treasury and ten trillion dollars are present with them. He arrested these family princes in a seven star hotel where Trump also visited. This is the downfall of Saudi because at present for their survival and lust of power they are doing all this. If you want to target corruption then this entire lineage is corrupt; you should even dig graves and bring the corrupt ones out and disgrace them. This is because all your basis is on corruption. You have looted the capital of people and the wealth of oil, gas which you got you deprived your own people. You are all tyrants who fed public money to USA and west.

This thirty three years old crown prince Mohammad bin Salman wants to make history and lead Saudi for fifty years. He has arrested big personalities from this accursed family and this way the Royal family is heading towards destruction. As I said that Saudi Arabia will become victim of these incidents but this happened much faster than expected. He has started to use force to besiege them but reaction will come from them also. The religious category has not gone into opposition; for now their Mufti has spoken in favor of these acts. But with the level of extremism present there in religious category anything can happen. And if something major happens then it will affect others also outside and Pakistan is the country that gets affected very fast. They might need to call forces from Pakistan. Prince Salman will call his force from Pakistan, his opposition will call theirs and the religious category will call theirs as all the three groups have their forces present in Pakistan.


The act that has started in Saudi is in a way very strange way. He has made Saad Hariri as hostage. This has also happened first time in the world that the Prime minister of a country visits another nation is arrested and they ask him to give resignation. Now there is tension started in Lebanon. Saad Hariri was given a task to be done in Lebanon which he could not do, though he is their person only. And now Saudi Arabia and Emirates together are planning for some other Fitnah in Lebanon. Since they have been defeated in Syria, Iraq, Iran so now they want to start sedition in Lebanon. For this they have arrested Saad Hariri and also called his family there. This internal war is about to start in Lebanon for which there is global anxiety. Hezbollah and Iran have announced that we are attentive towards this Fitnah and God willing like before they will dissolve this sedition as well.


Saudi Arabia is doing one more planning since a most corrupt person Trump is with them. At present Trump is on a visit to China, South Korea and Japan to start a movement against North Korea. He wants to create a front against North Korea. To create a front against Iran he visited Saudi Arabia and gathered the Arab nations against Iran. He threatened them that Iran is very dangerous and we can protect you from the danger of Iran. They accepted the words of Trump and ready for steps against Iran.

For Ale Saud there are two options; one is to come out in the field and give salvation to America from the threat of Iran. The second option is get away from power in a dreadful manner. During the era of Obama they have reached to this point. This foolish crown prince has adopted this path that I have to become a Hero and make Saudi at the global here. He wants to make entire Middle East as one nation under Saudi and all other existing nations will be its colonies and destroy Iran completely. Trump is doing operations against Iran and they are doing on their way.


Few days back Yemeni militia has targeted Riyadh Airport with a long range missile and it hit the target. Mohammad bin Salman says that this is announcement of battle from Iran. As I said before that Ale Saud has to fight a direct battle with Iran and for that Trump made Saudi Arabia as the depot of weapons. This Prince Salman made an alliance force of 40 countries on rent, then got the Pakistan General as its head. They are training their forces in Yemen and all this is being done for this day and with the alliance forces they are trying for a direct attack with Iran. Iran has always tried for this direct battle to not take place because there will be a big damage if this war happens. But on the other side this foolish prince has no other way left and he on the promise of Trump will start this battle that America will help him. On one hand he has made an Islamic NATO and on other hand he is sitting on the promise of Trump to get help and both will meet their objectives. This fool does not know that this would be an act of stupidity as this war will becomes the basis of destruction for entire region. The attack on Iran will not be like attack on Yemen. Iran is a power which has its own military machinery, weapons, an experienced force and people power. The forces of Iran have defeated them in Syria, Iraq, and Yemen and hence they know better how to fight on their own land. The leader has said in his speech addressing Saudi Arabia that you are doing mistakes; one is that you are considering us as your enemy and America as your friend and second you do not realize our power. This is correct that this insane person is not having the correct estimate of the power of Iran as to what all can happen. He is going to fight his war with rented forces and rented forces are like rented orators. They only fight for compensations and not fight for death. They also do not realize that in the past Iran had only one shoulder as Hezbollah but now they have another shoulder as Hashad us Shabi. In terms of number Hashad us Shabi is ten times bigger than Hezbollah. They are second Hezbollah in Iraq which has demolished ISIS then against them what you will do sitting in AC rooms. There is no benefit other than destruction of Muslim Ummah. Iran has tried all possible efforts to avoid direct confrontation but this foolish prince wants to move towards this fast. He has said that this scud missile attack is a direct interference of Iran in the war with Yemen and we will reply to this. They will not reply in Yemen but in Tehran. They might do some stupidity which will result into big losses but eventually this devilish tree will get destroyed. He will get destroyed due to the foolish steps he has taken into Saudi Arabia. What he has done inside Saudi was his act but now reactions will come out. Saudi Arabia was a police state in which no information comes out and there is no preparation for anything. In such places it takes some time for reaction. The royal family members, the religious category are under state of shock but eventually they will come out of this and show their reactions. Then the reply will be to either kill some of these or in order to control internal rifts Saudi might attack Iran as well which is also a possibility. The activity which he has done in Saudi Arabia where he has arrested a very powerful group and on the basis of Trumps support he is moving towards liberalism by which he is upsetting the religious category as well. There is one way to stop the internal rifts which is to start external war. For this they might attack Lebanon and on this Iran and Hezbollah will come out. This kind of foolishness Mohammed Salman wants to do on the devilish guidance of Trump. God willing before he creates more damages Allah would wipe this person and this accursed family completely.


















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