Political Markaz - Message of Pakistan- Good but not enough for ending terrorism

Message of Pakistan- Good but not enough for ending terrorism

Message of Pakistan- Good but not enough for ending terrorism

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An incident that took place last week in Pakistan for which they have prepared the grounds since long.  Last week a statement was presented by the President in the President house. It was statement presented and given the title of “Message of Pakistan” (Paigham-e-Pakistan). This message was signed by 1839 scholars of various sects; Deobandi, Barelvi, Ahle Hadith, Shias and all other sects. This is a common statement of 1839 scholars which government has prepared against terrorism and suicide bombing which has besieged Pakistan since thirty years. Now they have prepared this statement from scholars and the President has declared this as a formal state statement and has got the status of constitution. In this statement after thirty years they have declared suicide bombing, terrorism and killing people in the name of Islam as forbidden (Haraam). In this Jihad has been declared as the rights of the government and no one else can declare Jihad. This statement has been issued after thirty years and they have got it signed by scholars and presented to the world as a state level statement.

This is a good step though the names of the scholars are not mentioned yet. If there are 1839 scholars who have signed against terrorism then if you want to get the signatures of those who favor terrorism then there would be 18,390 scholars who will sign in favor considering the situation of Pakistan. If you see from where terrorism has sprouted in Pakistan then those in favor are much more. There would be some who will sign on both in favor and against terrorism. It has been mentioned in this statement that one who does Jihad without state permission will be considered as rebellion. The government is expressing this step in a big way as if it was the last nail in the coffin of Terrorism and now terrorism will completely end. This is false imagination but at a collective level this is a good step but to think that terrorism will end with this is simplicity. In Pakistan terrorism is deeply rooted and Terrorism has its own roots and causes. Terrorism did not started with one statement so how can it end with one statement. Statement is something good and we testify the step taken by the government and scholars is correct even though it is late after thirty years. This is simplicity and raw thinking that with this statement terrorism will end in Pakistan.

Terrorism in Pakistan is quite matured and it has acquired the status of a school of thought in Pakistan. This means it has become a firm vision and there are supporters of this vision. There are many governmental and non-governmental elements involved in this. They have taken a lot of efforts to nurture and establish terrorism and that is not something normal. The literates, media, Army generals, education institutes, scholars, people, Madrassah’s, businessman have played a dreadful, scary role in terrorism. They have made Pakistan as a school for terrorism, a method has been established and from here they have spread Terrorism across the world and amongst the Arabs. They came from there only but used this land, the people, parties, means and this is how they penetrated terrorism in Pakistan. There has nothing else that has penetrated so deeply in Pakistan other than terrorism. After this keeping this expectation that terrorism will end with a statement is simplicity. We can consider the statement as a first step amongst the reasonable steps but after this the next steps are to be taken.

I have already mentioned this always that any battle which is started against any Fitnah or terrorism; if that is against its effects and consequences will be failed battle. This is an intellectual and philosophical principle that any battle that is fought against effects, results and outcomes will be unsuccessful. Like malaria is spread through mosquitoes and if you start a battle against malaria and not mosquitoes this will never be successful. If Malaria is spread with mosquitoes then you have to fight against Mosquitoes. In philosophy there are terminologies “Illat” and “Malool”. “Illat” means the cause and “Malool” are the effects, results of that cause. Like Malaria is caused by mosquitoes, or by drinking adulterated water Hepatitis disease spreads. We don’t remove the adulteration of water but instead start an encounter against Hepatitis. This is an unsuccessful battle. The way this is a failure in diseases, weather, atmosphere similarly in community affairs and even in economy this is a failed battle to fight with effects and results rather than cause. This is a common intellectual, philosophical principle that wherever there is a cause for any crisis and if you target the effect and don’t touch the cause then be assured that you will fail. You have to start a battle with the cause.

There has been a fight against terrorism in Pakistan but now an intention has been made. This intention has been made late and that too with non-intellectual reasons. It is not due to sympathy with community and nation. It is for some commercial benefits because some countries like China who are investing money in Pakistan have put up his condition that we will not invest in Pakistan unless terrorism ends in Pakistan. Hence you have now made this intention that we have to end terrorism. But you have made this intention after thirty years that terrorism should end. For thirty years either you have enhanced it or supported it or remained indifferent to it which has given big losses. Now when you have made this intention then it is necessary to start the encounter against the causes of terrorism. The causes are multiple if we express in details. But what I have already mentioned before that there are three major root causes.

One is the Takfirist thinking which gives the vision that anyone who does not thinks like us is an infidel and obligator to kill. Everyone knows who has this thinking, which school has this vision and where are their centers. Even now also those centers have the same thinking. 1839 scholars have issued the statement that terrorism is Haraam, shedding blood is forbidden, suicide bombing is Haraam but they have not written that to declare Muslims as infidel is also Haraam and to declare Muslims as obligatory to kill also as Haraam. They have not written anything about the school which possesses this vision. Thus I said that in this statement there are many who have supported terrorism and now they are doing hypocrisy by aligning with the government to declare this as Haraam. Are they not the same persons who openly supported terrorism? Have you forgotten their conferences on media? They were the faces who said that the Pakistani soldiers who get killed in fighting with Taliban are not martyrs and Taliban are martyred. They declared terrorists as martyred and they are ones who have signed on both sides. If these 1839 are like this then we should bid farewell on this. If they are those who are not ready to even given the title of Martyrs to those crusading soldiers of Army, police, FC who gave their lives in fighting terrorists. This statement would become ineffective if such kind of faces are present.

In Pakistan this statement deserves to say that shedding blood of any human being is a crime and rebellion with state and should be considered as betrayal by law and law should punish them. Then the terrorism can end in Pakistan. But these centers were not touched, all their setups are in place. The places which are mother of terrorism and from where the verdicts of Shia Kafir (infidels) are issued are still in palace. Have you nullified all those past verdicts? First nullify all the verdicts (Fatwa’s) that were related to Shias declaring them as infidels (Kafir). Get those Muftis in front of media and ask them to do repentance and ask for forgiveness for the verdicts they have issued. They should seek forgiveness from the entire community and state, then the state can forgive them. Then this will be become the fight against the causes of terrorism.

The second cause for terrorism is state sponsorship. Few months ago the country’s state agency has given the name of 77 persons of Parliament, MNA as supporters of terrorism. This is not what I am saying or media is saying; the list has been issued by the secret agency of Pakistan in which the current Pakistan government member’s names are also there. These members protested also that how their names are issued. When a government parliament has 77 persons from 250 member Parliament then what can we say. In Jhang elections the son of a big terrorist contested for elections and neither the government, election council, Supreme Court nor anyone else stopped him and he won with big majority. Those who confess that we are terrorists and we will do this but no one stopped them and they went into parliament. This means you accept that terrorism is sponsored by state, they are supported by the state for the sake of votes and other interests. This is a big cause which should be ended. Till date in Pakistan not a single case has been filed on a government officer for supporting terrorism. First bring their names out, punish them, and seize all their wealth, property. If you want to end terrorism then control this group which is supporting, sponsoring and promoting terrorism.

Then the foreign countries; there are two types of supporters of terrorism; one are the friend nations and others are enemies. The friendly nations have given more damages to Pakistan then the enemies. The enemy nations are India and Israel who have supported terrorism in Pakistan. But the friend country has done bigger destruction then enemies. In this specifically the Arab nations. Who does not know what the Arabs have done with their filthy accursed money in Pakistan and how they financed terrorism in Pakistan Is any Arab nation given warning till date? Is any Arab embassy been stopped? Is any Arab money stopped from coming here? Every day there is a government and non-government statement that if something happens with Ale Saud we will support. Every day they call you and you go there. They send money and take from here any person they want to. Then how can terrorism end in Pakistan. If you want to end terrorism then control the roots and if we assume that it can end with statements then this is false imagination. As I said this intention is present there in Pakistan to end terrorism, but this you have to come all out, the state should use all powers and the biggest power of the state is the community. The people’s power should be used to stop terrorism. People should be awakened and they can do this. But they need terrorist groups. The terrorist groups do programs in the name of Defense of Pakistan, everyone in the world knows they are terrorists then how can we end terrorism.

There are other causes like senselessness of people, Western affiliation, poverty, unemployment, lack of education, useless rulers, failure of educational institutes are big causes. First it was Madrassahs but now terrorism has moved into universities. Since past two years no terrorist has been caught from Madrassah and all have been arrested from universities. From big known private and government universities. Those who carried out big terrorist operations were university graduates. The last incident of terrorism that took place in Pakistan was done by PHD doctor; professor of Karachi University did the terrorist attack.  So can terrorism can end with this steps of statement. It is true that establishment has an intention to end terrorism but this intention should become a communal intention. The people of Pakistan are unconcerned, despaired and they have a very strange state that they do not participate in anything. They just wait for their turn of death as to when it comes. The step which they have to take they are not prepared for that. The state, scholars and educational institutes should awaken the people so that for the sake of nation, community and for their own survival this people’s awakening can end terrorism from Pakistan.

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