Political Markaz - Media flames Minar-e-Pakistan Tik toker woman incident to promote Feminism in Pakistan

Media flames Minar-e-Pakistan Tik toker woman incident to promote Feminism in Pakistan

Media flames Minar-e-Pakistan Tik toker woman incident to promote Feminism in Pakistan

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By- Ustad Syed Jawad Naqvi

In Pakistan, one news has become the headlines of media, and every journalist and group are issuing statements, it is about the incident of 14th August at Minar e Pakistan. It is a good place for people’s entertainment on daily basis. On Independence Day, one Tik Toker woman went there, who gathered people, which made people passionate and men started to touch her, and around 400 men molested her. After this, the video was made, which became viral on social media. Then the media raised this issue, the PM, Judiciary, President, IG, and police all took notice of this event. It’s two weeks and still, this issue is hot and on top in newspapers. This was the incident that took place where so much noise was made. Whereas in the same days on 17th August, a mother and daughter who were Hafiz e Quran sat in Rickshaws and the driver took them to his friends and molested both. All this is happening on regular basis. The media forgot everything and just went after this is incident of Minar e Pakistan.

What was inside this news which gathered this much importance? The incident on 17th August was just written in three lines. Recently a teacher of Rawalpindi Madrassah molested a child and got bail the next day. In Minar e Pakistan there was no rape done on the woman, she was teased and molested but the media went after this leaving every other issue aside.

The issue of Malala, a woman who got a noble award as well. This girl was shot by the Taliban which did not even touch her that too by the Taliban who are sharpshooters. This incident 12 years passed and to date, no one could say what did she do?

They want to implement Western culture in Pakistan and for this, they have to remove all obstacles in its way. The two major obstacles are the Eastern culture and religion in Pakistan. The Pakistani government has no sensitivity towards Western culture but the people themselves do not easily accept the western culture and are not willing to accept it the way they want. One reason for non-acceptability is the community culture which is present specifically the family which is all connected people. Religion has kept rights in the family system and made it firmer. In western culture there is no room for family, they consider family as an obstacle in the path of growth. This lady Malala gave this statement a few weeks back that Pakistani women should come out of the traditions and should come out in the modern world and remove this shackle of Nikah. As with Nikah, she says all women’s rights end, and she becomes a captive. Everyone including scholars, Maulanas, journalists remained silent, and only film actresses from Lahore issued a reply that you have done a crime by talking about such an indecent thing. The film actress has stampeded the religion and they only become Muslim either in Rabi ul Awwal and Moharram but even they disliked this statement that Muslim women should not do Nikah. There is a complete school behind this which is Feminism (Zann Salar) which means the power of women, leadership of women. One interpretation is that women should completely become free from men and no men should have any rights on women (either father, brother, or son). The woman should have control of all her affairs and be unrelated to any rights from men. The restrictions that religion has put about Wilayat of father, a husband is not acceptable and is oppression on women. Ritual marriage (Nikah) is bondage for women. Malala says women should make friendship with men daily. She can spend time with some man and then with someone else. The Sikhs, Hindus, and Muslims all have a family sanctity. In feminism, the women have to get out of these family bonds. To implement this vision in Pakistan such issues of Minar e Pakistan and Malala are blown up. I said two incidents, wherein one woman and her daughter were raped, who were Hafiz e Quran but no voice was raised. In the 14th August incident, all senior police officers of Lahore were suspended.

Who were those police officers? They were those who were awarded for establishing peace during Moharram. They did an excellent job in Moharram but for Minar Pakistan, they were accused of a crime. All those who were present in Minar Pakistan who did this molestation, around two hundred were arrested. They arrested them by tracing their mobile numbers present in that area irrespective of whether they were present there or not.

You can imagine when this woman went there in a crowd of 40,000 men. There were women was also present there where people visit with family as it is an entertainment park. In that entire park where thousands of women are present, then why this crowd of four hundred men did not attack others. The actual issue is that she is a Tik Toker which is the height of indecency and filth. It is from China but used across the world. You can make a video from your mobile and put it on the Tik Tok App, and people will see those videos, then like and you will become popular. Most indecencies are done by women on Tik Tok, though men are also present there they follow women. I have mentioned this before as well why do you put on makeup before leaving home? For whom? You want to become attractive for Na Mahram men. And women become attractive for men in all forms, whether rich, poor, well dressed, black, white, and even dirty dresses women are touched and stared upon. This is a weakness of man that he has lust and woman arouses the lust of such men. When the lust is aroused for a man they will go after women. If you invite a hungry person to the food they will jump. Men are hungry for the body of a woman and she is a victim in every form. You visit the market where there are poles, rickshaws, horses and there is one woman. Man will ignore everything and look at women. This weakness of man is mentioned in Quran as well as asking women to conceal themselves.

Tik Tok is such a filthy App that Trump stopped it. Many countries have banned Tik Tok. There are restrictions put by the High court on Tik Tok that no mobile provider can allow Tik Tok. This Tik Tok celebrity visits Minar e Pakistan to make a video in such a manner that it breaks all records. When such a big crowd goes after one woman then such a record can be made. The media is giving an impression that Tik Tok is sacred, chaste women went and she was abused. This woman went there and sent flying kisses to the man. She did this act and men present there saw that this is an invitation. In Lahore, most women come out on street. Does every woman return home in this state? Who suffers like this? The PM said if you were naked dresses then men are not robots. The PM was pressured to take back this statement. In this case, they removed the police officers out. Which power applied this much pressure. Those supporters of western education and sitting in bureaucracy. Why media is not giving coverage to others? The law which they have made for extremism in the family. This is a feminist law that they have made. You can see the infiltration they have done in the media. Preventing strictness in the family means the father cannot stop the daughter from wearing any dress, they cannot stop boys and girls to have friendships with the opposite gender. If parents say return home early this would be considered extremism. They have declared all religious values as extremism on children and the feminists want to end them. They have dropped the human being to a level of a beast as they have done in West.

One was that lady (Malala) in which the woman was giving the noble prize and she is saying that Nikah should not be done and live life like this. And here the law is made in Pakistan for family extremism, where there is no control on women in the family. Why do you have so much sympathy for this tik-toker? Why not on other cases? This is because those women were part of a family system. If you are defending them then you are defending religion, women, and their rights. When you are raising your voice for Tik Toker ten you are becoming part of that culture. One woman who has invited people to tease her, they teased her and no rape was done She was a tik toker that is why all this issue has started. If she would have been a family woman then no one would have voiced. To show this much reaction. How many officers are there who are ready to protect such things? Then disgraceful people sit on media and talk about women’s liberation. Your culture is the protector of women. The culture of Pakistan itself defends women. You can visit Punjab and see if stranger men are allowed to enter homes in front of women? Is there a house where guests sit with women and dine? They make women and men sit separately for dinner. This is a respect for women. This culture protects women but when you stampede women and this culture. Sometimes you do women march and promote them.

Those who have suspended the police officers, have themselves not given the freedom to their own women. They do not permit their own family women to make naked videos on tik Tok. There are videos of other women, whom they invite to do such indecencies. They conceal their own women and expose other women. They are traders and brokers of disgrace. There are rowdy youths in Lahore as well but not everyone likes this. Bilawal Bhutto has stated that men should be prohibited from entering parks, first you do not allow them.

If someone stands up and says throw color on me, then no one will stop when he is doing this. When you stand at Minar e Pakistan and invite everyone then they will do this. This is immodesty. The first crime of this woman is that when the court has banned tik Tok then how this is running. First, ask this woman and others like her when Tik Tok is a crime why you are using it. This is the issue of feminism behind this incident. They want to free women from men. In the West, there are no family relationships.

One of our friends called an Engineer from the UK and placed them in a hotel. At the reception, this British person was asked at reception to provide the Fathers name. He did not like why you are asking me father’s name, as in Europe it is insignificant to know who is your father. You can imagine the plan of destroying the family structure in Pakistan.

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