Political Markaz - Mass genocide of Muslims would lead to violence between every sect in India - A warning to Modi

Mass genocide of Muslims would lead to violence between every sect in India - A warning to Modi

Mass genocide of Muslims would lead to violence between every sect in India - A warning to Modi

Dec 24,2021 Comments Download

By- Ustad Syed Jawad Naqvi

In India the assassination of Muslims have become a vision and there are bands, groups made for this. To assassinate the Muslims the passions of people are being aroused and country is being prepared. What happened in Sialkot the same is going to happen with Muslims in India. On both sides of border the same extremism is being seen. We should see the extremism on both sides. If I talk from my heart, when Muslim assassination did not start in India, when this beast Modi who killed in Gujrat several Muslims had not come in power , I have mentioned in my lectures in Pakistan and Qom. When there was suicide bombing and terrorism going on in Pakistan I reminded our community that whatever you are doing, you are teaching people. You are teaching extremism, riots to people.  Some Ahle Sunnah came to my gathering and they asked questions. At that time there was nothing related to unity , neither the Shias were considering all sects as Muslims and neither the Sunnis and everyone had prejudicial views about others. Shias was responding in revenge and Ahle Sunnah used to blame Shias for defaming their sanctity. Zia ul Haqq made the extremists from the Deobandi sect, which now have divided into Tablighi Deobandi, political Deobandi and extremist, Takfiris section has separated. But at that time no difference was seen. I mentioned to these Ahle Sunnah youths to tell your scholars that this terrorism is done by few persons but it would get associated with entire school of yours. I am not appealing you to have mercy on Shias but a least have mercy on your own self. How will you be introduced in future? People will not say he is Deobandi, they will say they are terrorist. Do not allow this title to be connected with you so much. I mentioned to these youths that whatever is happening others will learn. Today you see in Bareli sect a wave of terrorism has started. Who started the first class? From where Hindus learnt this? It was never before like this.

Today what Hindus are doing will be learnt by all; Christians, Sikhs, Buddhist will learn and same would happen with Hindus what they are doing now with Muslims. These customs if established will acquire global form. In India the current wave is becoming more aggressive. They have made Muslim assassination as an ideology, they have made gangs and last week in one conclave there was a gathering by their priests, where they aroused the Hindus to arm themselves and do not have any mercy on Muslims. They did these speeches, broadcasted on social media without any reluctance. Against this there has been anger found in India. Is this anger enough without any practical steps? They should file cases on them but till date not a single case has been filed on them. They should express their anger and stop this as well.

If you make groups to assassinate Muslims then others will also do that. People learn violence from video games. Children kill their friends and even parents from video games. When you make practically such groups to save your power, then this will become culture and no one will be able to save Indians and India. Today you think this is one sided and very soon it will become double sided and four sided. There is no religion of terrorism , it can be acquired by any group , individuals which we have seen in New Zealand, Australia, France and anywhere it can happen. Today Muslims are being targeted in India but later others would be. Make a note of this that after twenty years in every lane of India , Muslim, Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhist will kill each other and then it would be very difficult for India to get salvation. In Pakistan the army is very powerful hence they controlled terrorism.. The Indian army is the weakest army of world, though they have big numbers but they are not powerful. They very easily killed their army chief so easily, who did tyranny in Kashmir. They killed Bipin Rawat themselves by bringing down his helicopter. The Indian army is weak and they cannot do this. The treatment for this to control the groups behind this, and the reigns of community  should be taken away from their hands. The lava which is cooking up will not stop at Muslims. The Hindus will make more enemies with this. This is happening openly in India and UN, OIC , Turkey Arab nations listen to these clips and they do not even talk about this. They don’t even speak as to what is happening for Muslim killings by state sponsored terrorism.

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