Political Markaz - Mahathir advises Pakistan to not beg from IMF

Mahathir advises Pakistan to not beg from IMF

Mahathir advises Pakistan to not beg from IMF

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In national issues, the ongoing wave is continuing. They are ringing alarm bells that coming time will be bad for economy of community. The budget will come in June and in that budget you should be ready that the things which you get easily today, you will get it with difficulty in future. This is because till now the support which economy of Pakistan needed has not been provided. The economy is dependent on few things. National resources, development; we don’t have that much agriculture, nor industrializations, nor Tax system. In Pakistan, not even 5 % give tax and even if they give , then also the government cannot use it for welfare work, as there is corruption. The governments come, inflate issues and leave the support for Pakistan economy on debts. Since 70 yrs before the same trend was adopted. You do something for other countries and they become happy and give you something. Like these dancers when they please audience they get cash tips. The Pakistani government pleases sometime America, Arabs and our politicians have to dance on the tunes of other countries and then they throw some money, specifically from Arab countries. This is one support of economy. This is not worthy for Pakistani nation. If we realize our values; potential we are dignified community and we have to reach that positon. 

The introduction of Pakistan is not what is there today. Today the Pakistani community has an impression that they are beggars. Whether a politician, academician or anyone goes anywhere they are considered as beggars. Does Saudi looks at Pakistani Salafi with respect and honor? Though they are from same sect, but if you go as beggars then there is no respect. I am telling you my own experience. The Marajae are the assets of our religion, community but with what vision these elderly scholars look at Pakistani. If some Pakistani visits to just meet some elderly scholar, they are not ready to even meet as they think some beggar has come. We asked some scholars to meet them; they refused and said we don’t have time and money, but we never asked for money. They did not meet because they considered beggars are coming. When Trump visited Saudi Arabia; 18 diplomats from Pakistan went there. Our PM also went. He was made to sit in one corner where he was not seen at all. When a beggar goes, this is what happens. If you do not trust my word, just experience it. The other world looks at us with the view of beggar. The Pakistanis should wash this bad spot. To establish economy by begging is the most disliked economy. The second thing is to take debts from global organization.  

One respected personality from Malaysia, Mahathir Mohammed, who is the most aged PM came to Pakistan but we are busy in Cricket. He retired for 20 yrs but again came back into power. Anwar Ibrahim who is his opponent; he has been jailed and he won the elections from the jail. They have internal issues, but Mahathir Mohammad strengthened the economy of Malaysia. It was an ordinary country but he made it an economy power. He visited Pakistan and stayed for 2 days. He expressed his experiences when he returned. He praised the Pakistani forces a lot that they are very strong, and second thing he said here that they should get out from the curses of global finance organizations. And specifically from IMS as they destroy the nations whom they give debts. The support of Pakistan economy is from IMF only. Now also they have hopes that till June they have to give, but they have not yet agreed. The conditions which IMF has kept will completely paralyze the lives of Pakistan. They have asked Pakistan to make everthing expensive to people. They want the prices to go up, as you have to pay back installments, hence give assurance this way by increasing the prices. They have kept some more conditions. FATF is a global rowdy organization who takes extortion money from people. They don’t do anything for the people. FATF is this rowdy system. IMF said you have terrorism in your country and these terrorists are using your banks, and you should close all their routes and they have given list of terrorists also. But for Pakistan these people in the list are not terrorists. You listen to news that banned outfits are being restricted. They are not those suspended outfits who were fighting in Kashmir. Now India has given a list. Then they will give debts to Pakistan. There is disgrace in this. Majority are doing this work of begging, they are very rich people. Sometime back, someone took a flat in one expensive area. When that person came to sign the contract, it was found that he is a beggar. Some beggars are such that they accept disgrace and compromise with it. Taking loans is worse than beggars, and specifically interest loans, as your money will be multifold when you have to return. Everything will be destroyed.  

Mahathir Mohammad said this. He would have been a political hero if he would not have come back into power. Like Nelson Mandela when he reached the positon of getting authority, he separated from taking power. He got the community liberated, and became leader of the community but did not took power. He was a great person. Mandela was on the peak of authority, power but he distanced. One other person who was on the heavens of power; but then distanced from power was Pope Benedict. He was the leader for the entire Christianity. Billions were following him. When he went on the peak, he said I am aged now, I cannot deliver the rights of this, and I want to study. The authority of Pope Benedict was very high. He was a single supreme authority n Christians. He separated from the position and went into seclusion. Only great people do this, because people don’t leave power easily. The third was this Mahathir. He took the country up, strengthened it and then separated from power. But again came into power and now he in this position. But in any case he is an experienced, successful politician. He advised them certain good things. Mahathir had some prejudice in him also which is his weakness. Mandela was not having prejudice. He had no racism, though he was black and blacks suffered a lot from the hands of white but after freedom he did not take revenge, instead dealt without racism with the whites. But Mahathir has put high restrictions on Shias on doing any activities. All other religions are allowed to do whatever they want, but Shias are not. He is prejudiced. But he made his economy very well. He told Pakistanis that protect yourself from these loans. In this instable system of economy. For pleasing IMF they are banning outfits, so that IMF can give them loan. What will happen with that disgraceful money? This government has promised many things, so how will they fulfill it. This is the situation in the country and politics is also instable. The Peoples Party have done train march in Sindh and warned for next. One Maulana in Islamabad has threatened. It looks like government is becoming successful, as opposition is coming out now on streets. 

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