Political Markaz - Machiavelli politics in Pakistan - Sold Senators

Machiavelli politics in Pakistan - Sold Senators

Machiavelli politics in Pakistan - Sold Senators

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One more incident that took place yesterday for which a scenario was created since long. They have made the atmosphere that they are removing the Chairman of Senate, Mr. Sanjani and yesterday it came to its result. The politics of Pakistan is very interesting and you should know what kind of politicians are there and what kind of beauty you have in electing these people. This Chairman came into Senate by purchased votes. There was PML-N government and to remove the chairman of Senate the PTI and PP to take away the Chairman of Senate at that time, Raza Rabbani who belongs to ruling party. He was not allowed to complete his tenure. PTI and PP purchased the votes of Senators by paying hefty amounts. You should know who these senators are, who get sold. The votes were purchased at that time and they defeated the PML-N and with purchased votes they made this Chairman. Now after election, the PTI came into power and now the opposition of PML-N and PP joined hands and now they decided to remove the Chairman of Senate who became with purchased votes. Yesterday when re election was done in Senate, even 14 members of PTI voted for him. You can see how much senators earned in this entire process of two times. They made money first by selling their votes and now to save him they again took money. These are your politicians, senates, organizations and you can see how lowly, abased people are sitting in these high positions. See how the community are becoming excited about this, that senator is saved and who are the hypocrites. This is the argument going on media. This proves what is the actual system that is operational in Pakistan? This is something we should know. This is democracy? You can ascertain that there is not even D of democracy present in Pakistan.

There is a global political theory. One big Italian political scientist has written the book on rules of politics. This book has been translated by the name Prince in English. His name is Machiavelli who has written principles of successful politicians. He has taught two principles to politicians and everything other these two like ethics, values are meaningless in politics. One who talks about justice, fairness, equality, values will fail in politics. He has taught the politicians about the two principles in politics; one is cunningness and other is tyranny. There are various incidents that come; in some places become cunning and deceive people, and in certain places become tyrant. Allama Iqbal for this person by taking his name presented these teachings of this person. These principles are dominating the world and in Pakistan. Any government that comes in Pakistan does the same; they will deceive if someone is strong in front of them and they will be tyrant if someone is weak in front of them. They will beat people on street, put cases on them, hijack the weak people. If someone strong comes in front of them, they deceive. He says that the best politician is one who at the same time is fox as well as wolf. You cannot find such an animal even in forest which is a fox and wolf at the same time, but you will find both the faces in assemblies and parliaments. They have fox and wolf hidden behind the same face, whereby they do tyranny as well as deception.

Machiavelli has written this book but this principle is been present since centuries and he has also derived this principle from somewhere else. The most successful politician on this model amongst all politicians, and they say also and take the name of that politician adapting his principles is Muawiya ibn Abu Sufyan. Certain politicians have announced that we will establish the governance of Muawiya style. Bani Umayyah ruled for 100 years, they ended Khilafat as Imamat was also ousted before immediately after the demise of Holy Prophet (s.a.w.s). Why the system of Khilafat did not proceed further after four Caliphs? This is because the political methodology changed and till date the same methodology is prevailing. If morality comes in politicians, then like Amirul Momineen (a.s) has moral politics and politics of values and principles. They present Imam Ali (A.s) politics as a lesson that it failed. Mugaira ibn Sheba who is a known political expert said at the time of Imam Ali (a.s) governance) that this government cannot run because it is based on morals and values. This government will face problems and no difficulties came from outside, as everything came from inside. The people did not allow that governance to run like this. Imam Hussain (a.s) started uprising against Yazid but then why people did not support him? They would say that Imam Hussain (a.s) is a principalist politicians. His father Imam Ali (a.s) was not ready to consume public treasure for even burning a lamp. He will not give any grant, contract, position to us so why should we support Imam Hussain (a.s). In opposition Yazid is a worldly political who will give money, jobs and everything. These people are not ready for principalist politics which they do not like. This is the system in your country and such incidents should make you attentive.

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