Political Markaz - Liberalism in Saudi will spread to other Muslim countries

Liberalism in Saudi will spread to other Muslim countries

Liberalism in Saudi will spread to other Muslim countries

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By- Ustad Syed Jawad Naqvi

One more topic is fast spreading liberalism in Saudi Arabic where there are making Haram as Halal and is being done by Crown prince Mohammad bin Salman who is the son of King Salman. The king has Alzheimer disease where his mind gets off for certain periods, where they cannot remember anything for those moments. Due to old age this sickness has increased and practically he is not ruling the country. In 2021 he has not shown any activity in any governmental activity. He is not fit for governance and Bin Salman has taken all rights of governance. The moment his son has got the rights , he has started rapidness in his plans. One of the plans is to make extremist Saudi nation as liberal which means no room for religion. He wants to make Saudi as Western style country; where if they want to wear dresses or go out naked it does not matter. He has invested heavily and has made a new city near Jeddah in which there will not be any Shariah laws. Economically he is competing with Dubai in UAE which has provided a center of corruption. Due to this legal corruption Dubai has economically grown. To overtake Dubai he has made a bigger plan and heavy investments. He has washed off the tribes in that area and there are reports that they were either killed or thrown in sea alive. On MBC TV channel interview he formally announced that Wahhabism is not the official religion of Saudis. This was started from West and now since they don’t like it, there is no need for us. He has removed the entire color from extremist Saudi nation.

In last few weeks this has gone up very fast and now even Ahle Sunnah muftis who were silent before are also speaking out that we are not accepting what is happening in Saudi. Our media does not give any report about Saudi, but on social media everything is coming up. Bin Salman instead of creating an atmosphere of liberalism, corruption gradually he wants to do it rapidly. He has kept a three days musical concert in which 700,000 Saudis have attended that dance show. In which a Pakistani singer has also gone who was not corrupt. But the Indian dancers, actresses have done nude dances. The Saudis have participated in these and this was broadcasted across the world. In any case the Saudi people have forgotten the crimes of Bin Salman and they are praising him to give them such liberty. The bars, pubs and casinos are made which was inaugurated by Imam e Kaaba.  The face of Saudi is changing rapidly. When it was a religious Saudi it caused a lot of trouble and losses to the world. This topic is not discussed by our journalists, media, scholars, intellectuals. They are afraid that our visas, interests with Saudi will end. But from inside they hate Saudi. First the Islamic world was affected by Saudi and now liberalism will cause much more damage to the world. This is because Bin Salman is not the person who will limit this corruption inside Saudi , he will spread it the way he has spread extremism outside to other nations. 

They gathered hundreds of thousands youths in ISIS who were beasts ready to slaughter human being. This was all prepared from before. When Saudi is becoming liberal then this will be digested only when the followers of Saudi also become liberal. They will take the color of liberalism across the board in these nations. Having naked dance in Saudi where there is Mecca, Medina will not be accepted by Muslims unless the Hajis themselves participate in such dances. Like you see many liberal woman visit for Hajj and do Hijab, as these business people have to do this. This means those who were promoting extremisms in Pakistan for Saudi now they will do the same in Pakistani, they will spread liberalism in Pakistan and will give fatwas as well. Later they will not feel ashamed to go for Hajj. But in sects, the Ahle Hadith who are very close to Saudi, there many balanced scholars are against Saudi. You have seen in rally the Ahle Hadith scholar has said we don’t accept what Saudi is doing. Mufti Taqi Usmani has said that we will no more support Saudi as to what is happening there. Now he has made his protest notified in Saudi embassy. This means across the world not all sects, schools are blindly following Saudi. But there is no aggression in protests, they are still praying for Bin Salman to get guidance.

I have mentioned this before when Bin Salman came to power that he is the last ruler Marwan of Banu Ummayya, who got killed while fighting with Banu Abbas while urinating. The same way Bin Salman will destroy the entire sultanate of Saudi. It does not mean if some courtyard muftis are silent that does not mean everyone is silent. There will be some reaction that will come. The big crime is the silence of Muslims, they don’t speak because everyone has to visit Saudi for Hajj, Umrah and they have quota. But this silence will not remain for long. Bil Salman will create global atmosphere and get other countries also in the same mode. He has started that now. He has placed restrictions on Tableegh Jamaat and has asked Friday Imams to give sermons against Tableegh Jamaat that they are terrorist. Bin Salman is a Sunni and has been an enemy of Shias and now this enmity will go towards Sunnis as well. When this family came in power they killed in big numbers Ahle Sunnah families. When 100 years before Ale Saud was taking over Saudi, they were killing Sunnis there in big numbers. Today the Tablighi Jamaat people are everywhere in the world. Maulana Tariq Jameel says that our jamaat has gone to every corner of the world to spread the message. Now they have restrictions in Saudi Arab. In Corona days India has made this atmosphere. This restriction was there before and now they have reactivated this by giving instructions to Friday Imam prayer to warn people hat they are terrorists and dangerous. What is the threat? The threat is that they are against nudity, alcohol, dance, music and not do sins. This Jamaat is against sins and Bin Salman wants to bring a system of sins. The local people have big support to Tablighi Jamaat who oppose them. There is also restriction on Jamaat e Islami and there is death penalty  if anyone is found with a book on Maulana Maudoodi. Similarly Muslim brotherhood have strict restrictions.

This liberal movement is on the basis of power of wealth. The wealth can bring down nations, muftis can submit, leaders can be purchased and Bin Salman has that power of wealth. When he demonstrates his wealth he does in billions and people are ready to get bought in few thousands. He has done this work and has started. You can see in Pakistan there is no voice against Bin Salman for these acts. There is total silence. Why? This is because of the horn of wealth which he has. At the end this silence will break and the same religious people will break the silence and through them he will get liberalism announced. He will give them funds and they will bring rallies that liberalism is the path of Islam , they will do this on the streets of Pakistan because they have wealth and they know how to use this wealth. This is a big turning point in this era. The reality is that whatever Bin Salman is doing is moving towards the end of Ale Saud. This will happen in your lives that the policies adopted by Bin Salman will itself destroy this family of Bin Salman.

But what will happen later when Bin Salman is taking the nation in the direction. Like what happened in Egypt, an Arab spring where a democratic system would come up. It can also happen that an extremist front gets created against him. The way Israel is arousing Saudi, they can push him in war with Iran and finish him like Saddam. He also became very powerful and was pushed din war with Iran and the same war became the basis of his end.

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