Political Markaz - Killer of 8 yrs girl arrested

Killer of 8 yrs girl arrested

Killer of 8 yrs girl arrested

Jan 26,2018 Comments Download

One more national issue which has become the subject of media is related to the killer of the 8 yrs girl who was brutally murdered in Kasur. Her killer got arrested and it is found that he is a famous Naatkhaan (one who recite Eulogies in the name of Holy Prophet (s.a.w.s). He was the neighbor and as per the reports given now he has confessed that he has killed seven girls till now. The newspaper is reporting that he is a holy reciter who has done all this. First the political parties took benefit from this case and now the government wants to take political benefit out of this that they have caught the killer. In reality this is a warning bell that our nation, culture, lowliness and ethical downfall is all taking this community towards destruction. The corruption that has become common and lying in every pocket. Every youth, children, girls are all indulged into it. The filthy atmosphere of educational institutes in which the children are being bought up need to be annihilated but if we expect this from government would be foolishness. It could be only done with communal will and intention; and that will only happen when the community, masses have this much sense inside them. There should be awareness and our duty is to raise the awareness and sense of people and then the people should themselves take the steps to end the moral corruption in this country



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