Political Markaz - Khan says country not governed by laws but by force

Khan says country not governed by laws but by force

Khan says country not governed by laws but by force

Aug 13,2021 Comments Download

By- Ustad Syed Jawad Naqvi

A very important statement was issued by PM Khan which became headline of all news channels. He said in our country the rulership is not of laws but of force. This is a big statement which by itself is a reality but was not expressed by anyone publicly even by non-administration personalities by the PM has said this openly. This is a reality that the nation is not governed by laws instead the rulership is of power which could be power of mafias, capitalists, groups or power of illegitimate relationships. This is established fact that Pakistan is completely controlled by Mafias and they are those groups who take support of power and deprive others of their rights and fills their own pocket looting the public treasuries. The PM has repeatedly mentioned this that Mafias are controlling Pakistan. There are Mafias of politics, capitalists and with weapons. There is one powerful Mafia of media and then of religious people who take whatever decisions they want to without consulting people. No one can object this mafia and if someone does they punish them severely to the extent of taking life. The PM has made the community aware about something so now should fix this and get the laws ruling again. You are the executer of government and yourself you are saying that execution is done by power. When the governor himself says that law is not governing then who is responsible for this? These elections of democracy is just a drama when Mafias are controlling the nation and people should be told about these Mafias so they approach them.

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