Political Markaz - Khan’s visit to America will bring bad omen to Pakistan

Khan’s visit to America will bring bad omen to Pakistan

Khan’s visit to America will bring bad omen to Pakistan

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The most important topic of this week was our PM’s visit to America and our entire government is very happy and there is an atmosphere of celebrations. They said that he was given good protocol and everyone seems to have achieved something.

The PM himself was saying that I am feeling as I have not returned from a foreign country visit but like I have returned after winning the world cup. I have been welcomed in this manner. This excitement is being considered as a big success by government. There has been lot said about this visit. Today also the American Foreign ministry has sent a message to the PM just after returning that what all you have agreed there to do, please start to make it practical.

The agreements did there have not come out yet. This visit is very important for the Pakistan PM to visit there. There have been various types and forms of governments that have changed in Pakistan and everyone has bended towards America and there is a history of 72 yrs. of such visits. All the rulers of world visit America and give preference to establishing relationship with them and America also does this for them. But for Pakistan, the visits to America have never got any goodness for Pakistan. From the time the Donald Trump got established, we can see all the leaders of various countries who visited America and those countries where Trump visited.

The visit of Pakistani leaders to America has given what to America? Every leader of Pakistan has visited America and moment after elections and formation of government everyone is waiting and expectations are there on which country they will visit and when they will go to America. Whichever is the first country where the PM visits from there the policy becomes clear. Some governments visit Saudi Arabia immediately after becoming PM like our current PM did.

Some leaders who came did the first visit to China and some do visit to America. These are the three stops for the Pakistan leaders and after coming into power this clarifies their political direction. Since our current PM visited Saudi Arabia, the policies became clear as to what they want in government.

The entire nation was waiting for his visit to America and this got delayed due to some tension between America and Pakistan. This was because certain demands were kept on Pakistan by America which Pakistan was not able to fulfill due to some resentment. Trump came and made it hard by blocking aid funds to Pakistan. Then Trump started to enhance this pressure and he has made such hard statements which were insulting.

On 1st January 2018 he made insulting statement and from then he has been continuously insulting Pakistan. And all these visits have got bad omen for Pakistan and has been felt clearly. From Liaqat ali Khan to Imran Khan, every visit whether they have come here or our leaders have gone there, there is no goodness received from these visits. All the calamities, miseries and crisis of Pakistan are result of these visits.

Today Pakistan is victim of terrorism due to America and your ex-President Mr. Khawaja has openly said that we are suffering all this because of you and we have fought your battle. This is bad omen. What has America given us? Drugs, terrorism, murder, killing and what else. The visits prior to Zia ul Haqq and after that also has been bad. The result is that there is no match between the two. America does not respect and honor Pakistan at all. This came in media as well that Trump told our PM that you have etiquettes and you are good person as compared to your predecessors who were bad persons and were not listening to us.

Trump has got some signal due to which he appreciated and said you are such good person that we have hopes from you and also agreed to renew the aids. It is apparent that America is a Satan and when we enter into Satanic system there is no respect. Like when Shahid Khaqan Abbasi was the PM, he was also a simple person and would go in Pakistani dress for foreign visit. The current PM also has this good trait that he puts the national dress for foreign visits and the rulers should wear our modest Pakistani dress only.

The flight he took was a commercial aircraft, though he said that this was to save expenses. But as Trump said and also, he himself is a populist. Populist is that person who does things to draw attention of people towards him. To talk such things which people would appreciate, to wear such dress and do things which people praise. Since they want to be popular amongst people, they do such things which brings attention of people towards you. Trump also told to Khan that you are good populist leader.

Our PM acted like a dervish in travelling but there they were more Dervish. A ruler of country comes but no one goes to receive him and he had to sit in normal bus from aircraft to the airport. I am talking about the system, government, policies and establishment of America which are all Satanic. As Imam Khomeini (r.a) has said that they are Satan’s. In UN gathering, when Bush delivered a speech, after which Hugo Chavez came on the stage, put his hands on his nose and said that I am smelling the bad smell of Satan. There are many friends of America in Pakistan and they consider America as Satan and since they are Satan, we are their friends.

The current President of America is the advanced face of Satan. He started an anti-Islam campaign when he came to power. Everyday he does things against Islam and Muslims and there is no doubt on this Satanism. Any Pakistan ruler who has gone there or the visit of America over here, have always resulted into bad omen and destructive steps have been taken.

The economy crisis, terrorism, education lowliness, poverty, sectarianism, hatred, discord all are due to America and not just in Pakistan everywhere else also in the world. You can see all countries who are away from America are at peace but those who are close to America are in disgrace. Libya, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan are all disturbed due to America. In the entire world all political destructions are due to America. Now we have a political global need and we have to keep relationship with this Satan, but should be noted that in entire world no goodness has been received by anyone in friendship with America.

In this visit as well no agreement, steps for solving Pakistan problems has been taken and nothing has been done. In fact, they have asked us to help them in Afghanistan and today their Foreign Minister has mentioned that what you agreed there make it practical for Afghanistan. Our PM has said that I will go to Afghanistan, will call Taliban as well and will do negotiations. America is badly stuck in Afghanistan.

When they entered Afghanistan that time also it was done through support of Pakistan. They are asked for Pakistan bases, roads and everything was given to them free of cost. They handed over the borders and entire country and this was the service which Pakistan gave to America and now for America to get out of Pakistan also they have become dependent on Pakistan. Whey they entered Afghanistan they destroyed Pakistan and now when they are leaving then also, they want to destroy Pakistan. This American visit carries a lot inside it and if you open it there is a lot to speak.

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