Political Markaz - Khan’s Iran visit – Can it really establish Iran-Pak relationship

Khan’s Iran visit – Can it really establish Iran-Pak relationship

Khan’s Iran visit – Can it really establish Iran-Pak relationship

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Pakistan PM has visited Iran last week and has become very popular in the news. There has been no other trip of his or any of his cabinet minister which has received this much highlight and popularity. At least all the leaders of Pakistan who have visited Iran past did not get this much popularity which this PM has got. This visit was on the tongues before the start of visit and the atmosphere was created. This visit was essential as these are two border countries and there were many issues going on the borders.

Certain countries were flaming these border conflicts between these two countries like India wants the Iran and Pakistan border issue should aggrevates and more than this Saudi Arab is interested to make the borders insecure. Like the Gwadar port has been formally handed over to China but still Saudi has talked about making a refinery in Gwadar, though they will not make. On the other hand Iran has given the Chabahar port to India. The enemy of Iran that is Saudi has taken over the port of Pakistan and enemy of Pakistan that is India has taken over the port of Iran. And both these ports are very close with a distance of few kms. This way the border difficulties are increasing. In order to reduce these conflicts it was necessary for someone to make such a visit.

Iran and Pakistan both have a form of politics. Iranian politics is completely anti American and Pakistan politics is friendly with America and Saudi. Iran is under sanctions and hence they need Pakistan as well on the border. Due to sanctions all trade contracts between Pakistan and Iran had ended but now a new talk had started for an independent trade pact between the two countries. This was not acceptable by America and Saudi at any cost. One is the security perspective that some responsible person should visit there to reduce this clash.

The second objective was trade because there is no such trade happening between the two border countries. Recently they have only done 50,000 USD formal trade with Iran but as such there is a lot of smuggling happening on the border. Goods are being smuggled from Iran and coming to Pakistan and the markets of Pakistan are full with oil, construction goods etc. Hence second purpose was to make this independent trade deal with Iran.

But just one or two days before the visit of PM, the Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi issued a statement that the terrorist incident which took place recently in Balochistan had terrorists who came from Iran. There are terrorist camps in Iran and they have carried out this operation inside Pakistan. You should know that in this incident that took place it was of the same style which has taken place before in Northern areas of Pakistan whereby they get the passengers alighted from the buses, they check their ID cards, they check the backs to see any marks of Zanzeer Zani on it, then if found they shot them once confirmed that the person is Shia. 

The same was done on this coastal high, where they got down the Shias and shoot them. There were some of these Shias who were in government offices also. They got down 16 persons, out of which 14 were martyred and two escaped. For them it was told that they came from Iran and they have camps in Iran. This kind of statement from the FM at the time of Iran visit was not accidental but was meant to change the course of the visit that it could be negative as well. 

The PM who is under utmost difficulties of all forms is visiting a country who are themselves in big trouble in terms of economy, sanctions and under pressure of Arab countries, America and Europe. So both the guest and host are under the same economy situations. It is possible that two who are in same type of problems when they sit, they can come into agreement to help each other. And it is a fact that if these two unite all the problems of both theirs can be solved. If Iran and Pakistan can sit together they can solve all the economy problems of both the countries. They were both in problems and clashes on the border as well, so when they sit they might think something behind the scene to find a solution. Thus to issue such a statement before the visit, so that this kind of uncertainty remains before the visit. This was done tactfully that before the visit of PM the FM issues such thing. When Iran has heard this then the atmosphere and their mindset won’t remain that friendly.

The same happened when the Iranian President came to Pakistan few years back and just one day before the visit of Hassan Rouhani they announced that a spy coming from Iran has been arrested. Though this spy, Khulbhusan an Indian spy was in custody much before and there is an international tribune on that. Now when the Iranian PM came here, they issued this statement one day before and now when Pakistan PM is going there the FM Issued this statement. This means there are such elements present inside Pakistan who do not want to settle the relationship between Iran and Pakistan.

The reason for this is crystal clear. It is not that Pakistan desires to spoil the relationship because in Pakistan and Iran both no one has enmity against each other. They have extraordinary friendship history between Pakistan and Iran. The generations should know that when Pakistan was formed in 1947 the first country which formally accepted Pakistan as a new state was Iran. And when the Islamic revolution took place in Iran in 1979, the Shah regime ended and the Islamic government was established, Pakistan was the first country to accept Iran as an Islamic state. Such kind of friendly relationships, trade, cooperation all existed between the two countries but after the Afghan war when Zia ul Haqq lobby came the situations became bitter.

Iran due to revaluation went in enmity of America and due to Afghan war Pakistan went into friendship with America. This way the Arabic countries started to intervene more in Pakistan and due to Iran Iraq war the Arab nations became enemies of Iran. Due this it became a big issue for Pakistan on how to balance the situation to have friendship with Arabs and Iran both. This was very difficult and even for expert politicians it would be difficult. So how can the current government who do not have any experience and have just came to make the ground for someone else, how can they do this. 

The relationship between Pakistan and Iran has this challenge to establish a balance between Iran and Arab relationship. They should not sacrifice one friendship over other. If you think Pakistan from a prejudicial, self-interested Pakistan then also the relationship with Iran is in the benefit of Pakistan. This is because Iran has all those resources which Pakistan needs. Like Energy due to which entire economy and industries of Pakistan are destroyed is in abundance with Iran.

Iran is topmost producer of oil and gas in the world which are the fundamental needs of Pakistan. Pakistan can take oil and gas from Iran and sell to other countries as well. This was told by Parvez Musharraf in press conference that we will buy Gas from Iran and sell to India, China and Afghanistan. When you are getting a border country who can fulfill many needs of yours then similarly many needs of Iran can be fulfilled by Pakistan and this way the issues of both can be solved. 

But this needs an intention and Iran has this intention. Even if we doubt their intention but we can look at the needs they have, they need countries to support them and they are ready to tolerate such countries behaviors also. Like with India, Iran is tolerating all their crooked behavior because they want to sell oil to India. China and Korea also buys oil from Iran and hence Iran tolerates them. And the same can happen with Pakistan as well. Though Iran and Pakistan relationship is separate discussion but right at the time of visit of PM issuing such a statement by the FM was something planned. They could have raised this issue in the visit with them face to face. This was all predicted from before as to what discussions would be done there. Everyone knew no trade pact would be done and no pact was done between them, no agreements signed. 

The PM met the President and to the level of Supreme Leader, visited the shrine of Imam Raza (a.s) as well and then returned. But the disgrace which the PM is suffering after the visit has never been faced by any government officer, authority in entire history for visiting another country.

The current PM spoke certain things in Iran which we can say three things he mentioned and on all those three things, he was mocked, condemned and faced a lot of criticism. It is possible for our PM to talk such things; might be as he is busy he cannot write the speech so he speaks out of his own. He has become famous to speak abruptly. The current Iranian President is a professional orator but even when he visits foreign countries he has written speech. Even expert speaking Presidents when they visit foreign countries they write the speeches as this is a diplomatic ground and you have to speak in measured manner as that is effective on media and everywhere globally.  

One thing which became a joke whereby he said that Iran and Pakistan should start border trade. To express this he gave an example that the way between Japan and Germany there were bloody wars. He said there were millions killed by each other in World War II and after they compromised; and then PM said that after this compromise both the countries have put factories, industries on their borders and these countries have developed after that. This example he gave for Iran, Pakistan friendship that we should put industries. He mentioned a very good thing but the example he gave was out of the way, we don’t know what kind of mood he was in.

First of all he mentioned Germany and Japan as countries with common border. Germany is in Europe whereas Japan is in Asia and they are separated by 8000 kms and there are two continents in between. One is on one end of Asia and other on other continent’s end. Then he said that there was war between them and millions were killed on both side. Might be he was tired, we don’t know what happened. To speak out so many things, and now they are saying it was slip of tongue. In slip of tongue a person might end up doing one mistake and does not destroys the entire geography and history. He has been saying like this many things before, as he said before that there is no history of Prophet Jesus found in history whereas the Christian calendar year starts from the birth and death of Prophet Jesus. This should not have been like this because when a PM of a country is going, he is representing a full country and leaves an effect on others. Now this issue has been taken over by media and opposition in assembly. 

One more thing which he said where he received severe reaction was that in the past people from Pakistan has been entering Iran borders to carry out terrorism activities. This has been severely criticized that why he confessed that terrorists from Pakistan are going to Iran to carry out operations. He is second PM who has done this confession. Prior to him Nawaz Sheriff has confessed that why terrorists from Pakistan go to India, Mumbai on which he was condemned and accounted for as a security risk. Now the same thing is happening on the PM that why he said this. If the PM has said something then he has said it. The atmosphere which was made prior to the visit and what is being made after the visit; now for these reasons they are imposing articles of traitor on him, they want to dismiss him and a strange atmosphere is being made in media and assembly. The PM has said that this was happening before and now this won’t happen in my government.  

It is clear that neither the PM has confessed and no one should confess also, that the operations which have been carried inside Iran borders through certain terrorist groups like Riggi, Jundallah were highly supported by Arab nations like Saudi , Emirates who have formed such groups in the Sunni populated areas of Iran and they have invested heavily in this. The PM has not said and should not been said also that the Pakistan government has been doing this. He has not said that the government has done this. They are terrorists who carry out operations inside the country and across the border.

The way we have started anti-terrorism operation now in Pakistan we will not allow them to do terrorism across the borders also. The way the statement of the PM has been taken in such a way as to why he has said this. For some this statement has struck them like lightening, they consider themselves to be exposed and ashamed. Why there is so much panic when the PM has said this, and it is very clear that he has not said that Pakistan government or forces are involved in this. They have cooperated with Iran to catch the terrorists and if the Iranian abducts have been released then it has been with the cooperation of Pakistan forces. To criticize him to this extent whereby it looks like they want to end the government of the PM for this crime. This was one statement and other than this he has given other statements also. He has spoken about trade but no agreements were made.

But what has happened before and after the visit it looks like they will not allow the Iran Pakistan relationship to improve. Though the current government wants to do this and if they take any step this would become a risk for government. It is clear that there are Arab nations behind this. The PM has given one more statement there which one segment over here has taken it very seriously and has shown reactions. The PM said that the forces which America is making against Iran; Pakistan will not be part of that. Certain groups over here disliked this as to why he said this in Iran that Pakistan will not be part of any anti alliance. 

One more statement which the PM gave there, one group here is demanding apology from the PM. This shows the sensitivity inside Pakistan, whereby such elements have entered politics, media and have reached up to government positions to this level. The disliked so much that why PM has visited Iran and then his statement. .Someone is seeking apology, some wants to suspend. This anger is not on PM but these are the lobbies made by American and Arab money which has been created inside Pakistan and against Iran. 

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