Political Markaz - Khan’s Hard talk and India’s hold on Mecca Conference

Khan’s Hard talk and India’s hold on Mecca Conference

Khan’s Hard talk and India’s hold on Mecca Conference

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The other hot issue was the Mecca Conference which took place last week. There were three conferences done; one was the conference of Gulf leaders Summit, other was of Arab leaders and third was of OIC that is Islamic countries. Since they all came on ticket, so they did all the three conferences together which might be part of Bin Salman’s saving scheme could be as they are all Arabs, Gulf and Muslims also.

This was a conspiracy to get one agreement signed under three names. These conferences took place in Mecca in the last week of Ramadan and all countries attended expect Iran and Turkey who did not attend with high level political delegation and just attended for name sake. There were many issues that came up.  

One good thing was that our PM of Pakistan said good things. Whenever he goes with preparation, he talks good but when he goes without any preparation, he does not realize whether he is in protest or in a conference. He presented very important points in this conference which no one else spoke and he highlighted that. In the final statements of the conference there was nothing mentioned which went in favor of what our PM said.

One journalist wrote an article on this that statements which came out from Mecca conference all small issues came up like Rohingya, Sudan but the only issue which was not discussed was Kashmir. They also discussed about Palestine, but Kashmir was not discussed. Last time the same OIC conference took place in Abu Dhabi, it was the time when Modi announced for war with Pakistan. In that conference the FM of India, who is not the FM of Muslim country attended.

The FM of Pakistan objected to this and he did not attend. The lady FM, Sushma Swaraj of India gave a speech in that conference and at the end statements issued were against Pakistan. In Mecca conference also India was dominating. How did India infiltrate Mecca? Why the issue of Kashmir did not come up? 57 countries were sitting, and our PM delivered a powerful speech and people remembered Erdogan style of speech. He mentioned about Kashmir but at the end in the final notes in all the three conferences there was no mention of Kashmir at all.  

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