Political Markaz - Khan orders Urdu language in PM Office

Khan orders Urdu language in PM Office

Khan orders Urdu language in PM Office

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One good news our PM has ordered cabinet that all the programs of PM would be done in Urdu. The speeches, communication all would be done in Urdu. One specialty in the past was that he wore the national dress but was not speaking national language. He would only use Urdu for abusing Nawaz Sheriff rest all he would do in English. He has done a great job that all his office activities he made that compulsory in Urdu. In the constitution of Pakistan Urdu is our national language and to implement national language is duty of government. In the past one Supreme Court Judge who came for few months and while he was leaving, he issued an court ordinance written in English that Pakistan should implement Urdu in all government institutions and anyone who does not comply to this within certain period they would be punished.

The PM has done a good job but if it remains to his personal level then this goes in a different direction if everything else like Education etc. are not in Urdu. This then goes towards populism, since he is a celebrity, it is his weakness that they need fame. The PM has the authority and opportunity that he can do a lot. This is the strongest civil government backed by establishment. The opposition, media and no one could do anything against them. If they have this opportunity then at least for Urdu they should practically do something and get Urdu out of oppression. It is shameful for us that Urdu is our national language, our identity and PM has this much power that he can force government, parliament, offices and education system should also be in Urdu. They are making syllabus for schools but not using Urdu. He should enforce everything in Urdu. How this feeling came to PM.

Recently the President of Tajikistan, Imam Ali Rahmonov who is the President there for 35 years. In the meeting our PM expressed that our birthdate is same. Rahmonov came with a woman translator. Though he knew English but did not speak English instead spoke Tajiki Persian. I think from here the PM felt that when other countries take so much care of their native language then why we should not do. When diplomats visit other countries, they present their national identity. When Modi speaks to Trump, he speaks Hindi. They used to ask questions in English and Modi would reply in Hindi. A PM has got an opportunity to speak to the journalists in White house he is speaking Hindi as his own national identity. When you visit outside you should go in your national dress. Like Gandhi would always wear a Dhoti and many Indian leaders would visit in that dress. Our leaders should also come out of inferiority complex and do the same. When you speak English in front of other nations you look small and not big. If this feeling has come then our PM should also take some strong step for Urdu and implement this as a law. The Supreme Court and State both should issue ordinance and punish all those government employees who do not implement Urdu. They should issue notice and do this but they are not doing this because the Supreme court judge also cannot speak Urdu. The lawyers use the word My Lord, and they should be pursued to use Urdu word. These people are criminals who do not implement Urdu. Someone should file a case on everyone and remove them from government jobs if they are not implementing Urdu. The PM can do this. The way he has a desire to plant trees he should do the same for Urdu.

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