Political Markaz - Khan condemns Islamophobia but himself promoting in Pakistan

Khan condemns Islamophobia but himself promoting in Pakistan

Khan condemns Islamophobia but himself promoting in Pakistan

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Islamophobia is a big process in West, and they have achieved a lot with this process what they could not achieve through wars. First when they got the opportunity in Afghan war, they used the passion of Muslims against Russia and it started from there. When they got success in that field, then using the same force they started to confront Islam. As per one communist politician of that time, he said that first Islam was fighting against infidelity and now Islam is fighting against Islam.

The same Mujahideen became extremist, fought against themselves and then started to kill Muslims in Pakistan, Iran and other places. These dreadful, beastly forces were not made on their own but were made by America. These forces were moved after the Afghan war were placed in Waziristan. They were warriors and for them to sit idle was difficult as they had tasted blood.

It was decided that Waziristan state would be for Jihadis and was decided by America, Arab nations and Pakistan services. They were killers, warriors and continued the war amongst themselves, people and Shias. This killing crossed all limits and reached the red line. Killing Shias was not red line and that was fine for everyone as no one condemned them, no punishments were given to them by any court, police, government, minister or even journalists. 

You can see the history of Pakistan that no one expressed even little sympathy with Shias. They considered this as part of training. They extended and reached to this level and started to attack those who made them. Then they realized that they should be controlled. One method of controlling was to send them in other countries like Iraq and Syria. Then they started activities against Muslim countries, started to behead people whose films were made and published across the world. Their thoughts were presented in dreadful manner. 

Now the next phase of that has started, that all Muslims are terrorists and are danger to world, so we should put restrictions on them. This is the era of restrictions, sanctions on Muslims and this is the same Islamophobia. They have said all Palestinians, Hezbollah, Muslim brotherhood, Sepah are all terrorists. All groups in Pakistan are terrorists and this Islamophobia is going ahead. They will go forward and not stop and if our authorities are not attentive, they have made this scenario.

The way Indian puts all accusations on Pakistan for everything that is happening. They have infiltrated up to Mecca conference. India’s biggest enemy is Pakistan army and at the end they will declare Pakistan army as supporter of terrorism and apply sanctions on them. When they get access to Pakistan atomic power and want to take this from Pakistan.

At present nuclear weapons are with Pakistan army and the day they will get access to these weapons they will apply sanctions on Pakistan army as well. They will impose restrictions and then through international organizations they will issue verdicts that all those who are under sanctions should be attacked and finished. This process will end there, and the revenge of Crusade war would be taken. What our PM has said in Mecca conference was good but remember that the effect of same Islamophobia is in Pakistan as well. 

All that is considered as the strength of Muslims will become victimized of Islamophobia and declared as terrorism, impose sanctions and close them. Mr. Prime Minister they are getting this done through your hands in closing Madrassah. The PM has identified correctly that this is the worst act which West has started against Muslims.

But we should not become part of that, instead we should stop them that this is wrong. If you bring the religious category under these restrictions, stop their funding, close them down then this is the same Islamophobia which is dominating it. You are yourself saying that 100 Madrassahs are involved in terrorism, then you close them, or take them under your custody or give them under other Madrassahs.

You want to bring all Madrassahs under government custody is destruction as you have seen what the government has done with schools, universities, railways, PIA, WAPDA and all departments have been destroyed by them; then what will they do with the Madrassahs. This is all happening under Islamophobia only. The speech of PM should be taken seriously by all in Pakistan that we should not become part of this Islamophobia.  

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