Political Markaz - Khan appreciates Trump’s Peace Vision

Khan appreciates Trump’s Peace Vision

Khan appreciates Trump’s Peace Vision

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One more issue that is ongoing in the country whereby PM in one gathering has appreciated the Peace Vision of Trump and our PM has used this same term of Peace vision. The peace plan which Trump has said for Afghanistan, Palestine, Middle East was liked by our PM and he appreciated that and said we agree to the Peace vision of Trump and will support him; and in a formal gathering he praised this vision of Trump and accepted that vision. What is the peace vision Trump is having is all been seen by the world and in the remaining days of his tenure people will see more as to what he is up to?

The relationship between Saudi Arabia and Pakistan has become very warm and hot now. As such it was hot always but some mild period would come in between. But now this is very hot and there are strong signals, orientations and activities going on from Saudi side. The Saudi governmental department people keep on visiting every other day to Pakistan. The Saudi Ambassadors are visiting various government organizations and media and TV Channel owners, anchors. They are going to their offices and inviting them to embassies and all this is going on in front and coming in news. What is going on in background is much beyond this but I don’t know precisely. In the front we can see the news printed with pictures. In the same way after the visit to Trump, the PM has called Mohammad Bin Salman for thanking him for his cooperation and support in the current economic and political situation of Pakistan. It was noted that relationship between America and Pakistan had become cold and as per media reporters this icebreaking was done by Mohammad bin Salman. The diplomatic relationship that took place between America and Pakistan, and where Trump has appreciated our PM that past rulers were not good as they were not listening to everything from us but you are very good. It is coming in news that MBS has played an active role in reestablishing this relationship and looks like both Trump and MBS are happy with the current regime in Pakistan. From here also the announcement has been done that we like this Peace vision. The peace vision of Trump is open and he does not hide. He said that we want to establish peace in Afghanistan and we need cooperation from Pakistan. Trump has sat with Pakistan PM and has said either one day he can establish peace in Afghanistan in front of media but for this 15 million people would have to be killed, which would Afghanis as well as Pakistanis. This is his peace vision and actual plan. He said I don’t want to make this plan active but desire that Pakistan should cooperate on this to establish peace.

One is this and second is the issue of Taliban in Afghanistan whereby negotiations are going on with Taliban. In Afghanistan there is a total mess up, there is Taliban, previous Mujahid, there are Pushtoon, Tajik, Hazara, Uzbek, secular and they are all like fire and water to each other. It is impossible to establish peace with foreign intervention. There is only one way they can establish peace that is to leave them on their own, then only either by fighting or by negotiations they will resolve their internal issues and might be divide Afghanistan amongst themselves to establish peace. Through Trump peace will not get established in Afghanistan instead Afghanistan will be used as a depot to create insecurity in Pakistan, China, Iran and other places. This is the reason America has pulled out all their ISIS forces from Syria and Iraq, they have moved MKO, the rebellion force against Iran have been moved to Afghanistan. This vision of Trump is not for peace but for creating insecurity and violence across other countries. He only wants Pakistan as a mediator for Taliban for him. If Trump really wants peace, then only in one place which is Israel where he wants peace. Trump never wants to see Pakistan, Arab nations or Iran as peaceful. He has not come for peace and there no peace cells inside his mind and he has come to spread insecurity globally and he is doing that from the first day. He is not allowing to establish peace in Yemen. American congress has put restrictions on American arms factories to not supply weapons to Saudi but Trump did Veto on that. This is the practical plan of Trump which is operational  now.

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