Political Markaz - Kashmiris should hold Orwatul Wuthqa

Kashmiris should hold Orwatul Wuthqa

Kashmiris should hold Orwatul Wuthqa

Dec 21,2018 Comments Download

In last week the most grievous situation has been in Kashmir in which ordinary Kashmiri were martyred daily. In one day 7 to 8 Kashmiris were martyred and then daily few martyrdom were taking place. Their leaders have been imprisoned and tortured. There are curfews and firing taking place everywhere. Small children are tortured; there was a picture published for a six months infant who was shot with pellet guns on his eye and he died. The sad thing is that there is no voice raised for Kashmir and not even from Pakistan. In the past at least there was a strong voice raised from Pakistan for Kashmir but now due to internal pressure and continuous pressure from India and due to dangers which India has created for Pakistan that voice is also suppressed. Our media, Politicians do not at all give even a statement. How can they give statements, when opposition itself is under trouble, they are imprisoned and the government is applying all pressure on opposition then nothing would happen. Though some journalist has mentioned that world should raise voice for Kashmir. If there is strong support at the back of journalists then something can happen.

The global institutes also did not raise voice for Kashmir and did not show any reaction on atrocities in Kashmir. At present it is winter and the Kashmiri people are the victim of ultimate degree of oppression. May Allah give salvation to these oppressed from these tyrants. The people of Kashmir were always resisting and have shown patience and struggled though they have not acquired their objective. If the Kashmir’s can fix their direction and instead of taking support from left and right, which are unstable means of support  they should take hold of firm support. As Allah says in Quran the stable support is Orwatul Wuthqa. The Quran has presented the formula that hold firm support against Taghoot. The firm support is based on two pillars which Kashmiri’s should adopt; one is denial of Taghoot and second is clinching the essence of Allah. If they can get hold of this support then certainly they will see success and the sacrifices which they have given will bear fruits. We pray to Allah to count these martyrs with martyrs of Islam and may Allah grant patience to their families and May Allah grant perseverance to the youths and people of Kashmir.

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