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Kashmir will get freedom

Kashmir will get freedom

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Today’s generation needs more Imam Hussain (a.s). The tragedy to mankind is much more painful today. The situation of Muslims today can be seen. Our PM is a secular person; his past and background is known to everyone. He is a son of this nation who played cricket throughout his life and then his stars changed and became the Prime Minister. He issued a statement after the two FM of UAE and Saudi came. Why these people do not have any feelings in their heart.

These two have come to admonish our politicians, leaders, elites and get it accepted that you should not make the issue of Kashmir as a matter of Islamic Ummah. They have said this explicitly without any shame and with stubbornness. They should declare this as a issue between India and Pakistan, though they have said this before that this is an internal issue of India. They have said that if India decides whatever for their state what outsiders have to do with that. They have as leaders of Muslim Ummah to remind the Pakistan government to not make this Kashmir issue as issue of Muslim Ummah. Though the Pakistan government is not doing anything seriously on this issue. The new Emir of Jamaat e Islam, Siraj ul Haqq in a rally which he took out on the road, has told the Pakistan government and PM that you are fighting the entire war of Kashmir on Twitter and Facebook. What kind of crusade is this which is happening on social media? You are not travelling to other country and working on any foreign policies. There is not even a single country in the world who has friendly relationship with Pakistan due to foreign policies. Like we had friendship with China but that passion and mercy from China towards Pakistan has subsided now. It is an agreed fact that Pakistan government for Kashmir are issuing statements but they do this in front of people and political gatherings. Beyond this there is no step taken by them at global or regional level. Now the Arabs have come to tell them not to make this an issue of Ummah Muslim. Though Pakistan has practically not done anything. The biggest thing they have done is to come out at 12:00 for a silent protest. From this announcement we can see what pain they have for Kashmir.

The day of Friday is the best day for protest. If they knew the philosophy of Friday, then they would have changed Friday as the best day for protest. In Palestine every Friday the Palestinians come out and reach the Israeli border and return to their land rally is conducted. Every Friday few are martyred, bullets are fired and even aerial attacks are done but still they go there. You can do the same, that entire community should participate on Friday prayers, close the market, and from there come out on streets and start rallying for Kashmiri people. If you would have done at least this, a lot could have been done. But to protect the issue to not reach the level of being Islamic you have removed the pressure. This is what they have done even though there was no pressure created inside the nation. The politics which was adopted by Parvez Musharraf and what all happened with Kashmir that pressure was as such leaked out. The characters who were involved in Kashmir and were doing something have been declared as terrorist on the call of America and arrested inside prison. So now everyone knows that if you raise the voice for Kashmir this is what happens. As such there is no passion in the community and you can see that the expectations from Pakistan which was there but no big step was done. Jamaat e Islami who played a big role in created battalions and groups. They have done a lot of investment in terms of resources and finances, but today the same Jamaat e Islami only comes out with a rally and are not ready to do anything beyond that. This is all related to the policies which have been made for 15 years. Those who were giving their life for Kashmir are today upset. A community whose passions are being leaked, but with Friday might be the passions of people get aroused, they leak the pressure at 12:00.

What have the Arabs have come to stop? I am astonished on those fools. They are thinking from the statements on social media that Pakistan is going to do something. The Kashmiris also understand this, and every day some Kashmir leader say when you will do something. If you cannot support by militancy, economically then at least on ethical basis they should have done. They have should have called a conference at international level, if not the presidents of the state, or their deputies or at least the scholars. In the mecca conference which took place few months back, it was decided that Kashmir and Palestine both would be resolved, buy handing them to India and Israel. Now no Muslim country is against Israel and India. All Muslims are running to establish relationships with Israel and India. There was as such no step taken from Pakistan before and now these Arab came.

These Arabs have shown disgrace before. When India formally usurped Kashmir, the same day Modi was called by Bahrain and UAE to honor him with an award. This was a big insult to Kashmiris; they have done this intentionally on this occasion. The Arabs are formally involved in the sale of {Palestine and Kashmir). They have done this intentionally. When before the elections Modi created the drama in Pulwama, where he attacked the bus and created an atmosphere to gain benefit, and he won the elections with much bigger majority. He did something as 9/11. At the same time, when Modi was doing these activities. And was threatening Pakistan, then he attacked as well. And Pakistan got their two aircrafts down, they got one Pilot down and then handed over back on the next day respectfully. The other pilot we don’t where he went. At the same time UAE held the OIC conference. Pakistan did not participate in this organizations conference because the ex-Indian FM Sushma swaraj attended that. Instead of this organization defending Pakistan on Kashmir, they invited the FM of enemy country and made her to do the speech. These are friends of Pakistan. The reason is Pakistan is helpless in front of these Arabs. They do everything what Trump wants them to do. They are presenting their wealth’s to West. If the Arabs stop buying weapons from America they will get destroyed. They are just selling weapons and to use them he arouses them to fight against Yemen and Iran.

Since Pakistan is weak economically, second weakness is population is high, unemployment is high, and none of the gov in 72 yrs. have been faithful, loyal to Pakistan. They all looted Pakistan and did the game, and sold Pakistan to these Arabs. It is not that when Arabs visit Pakistan, they come on diplomat visit, they come as traders to the market of Pakistan. We can see the ex-President Parvez Musharraf is living in Dubai. The current PM Nawaz Sheriff is in jail not due to corruption being proven. He is in prison because he has a residence permit of UAE on his daughters’ company. The Arab nations for Pakistan are beyond paradise. The Pakistanis invest all their money in Dubai and Arab world which they have looted from Pakistan. The current PM sister has investment in Dubai. Our army has investments in Dubai. A country who has purchased your country, your ministers, your Generals how will they treat or come to you with respect.

They sat and gave award to Modi and this FM of Emirates came and asked them to not make this issue as a global Muslim issue and this is India’s internal matter. MBS has done so much oppression in Yemen and what destruction he has created in Yemen. The American congress and court have proven. Why will they raise voice for Kashmir who is killing innocents in Yemen. You are expecting that he will raise voice for Kashmiri? He has no conscience but we are helpless in front of these Arabs, they have given loans to us, given employment to us, given plots. These Arabs are desperate to have friendship with Israel for the sake of enmity of Iran. They say that Iran is our enemy and Israel is our friend which they have openly announced. They have now come to admonish us in Pakistan. Why no one replied to him when he said this? Why did we not kick him out of the country? Why did you allow him to insult Pakistan and Kashmir? They came with honor and left.

Our FM is a very eloquent speaker and looks so passionate that after the speech he will directly go and attack Kashmir. They could not convince any country to speak for Kashmir. Apart from Iran, the Supreme Leader no one spoke a single statement in the favor of Kashmir. This is the failure of Ministry of foreign affairs. They are totally focused in removing the opposition. They have reached the last limits of destruction. They could not do anything inside the country and neither have done anything for Kashmir. The path from which they want Kashmir to stop is the actual path that Kashmir should become a global Muslim issue. When Arabs have decided to not let this happen then in Pakistan there is no courage for anyone who can do this. even though the Islamic Ummah is not prepared that much, if not today then tomorrow such groups will be formed who will stand for Kashmir. The way it happened in Palestine there they made this as a Arab issue but Imam Khomeini (r.a) turned this into a global Muslim issue and by declaring Al Quds day, he did this. Then you have seen that from inside the resistant stated from inside Palestine and Hezbollah who is outside is a supporting group of Palestinian. If Israel is afraid then they are from Hezbollah. If they start the movement today, and this movement will not get suppressed because Kashmiris have sacrificed a lot for Kashmir and it is a Muslim land. We do not need a certificate from any disgraced person. Those who are saying that this should not be an issue of Islamic Ummah they themselves has nothing to do with Islamic ummah, they are puppets of imperialism.

The Kashmiri got the movement of freedom by depending on others, they did not do it independently. If they had self- reliance, and have sent ambassadors to all countries, then they would have not have faced this. The freedom of Kashmir movement will not get suppressed in the valley. The wounds they have suffered, it is impossible that Kashmir will compromise on that. They are not lifting the curfew since one month because they know the day, they lift Curfew they cannot survive there for a day. Hence they have completely sealed the valley of Kashmir. This spark of freedom will be there, but what Kashmiri’s have do to is to create a department of international relations and send the representative of Freedom for Kashmir to people and scholars, groups who have sympathy towards Kashmir and not to governments. There are supporters of Kashmir present across the world in every country, so that the Muslim Ummah can become prepared. This is a 70 yrs. old wound and god willing both Kashmir and Palestine will get freedom. They should leave the path of dependency on others as they will deceive and take the path of independence.

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