Political Markaz - Kashmir resists against removal of Article 35A

Kashmir resists against removal of Article 35A

Kashmir resists against removal of Article 35A

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In Kashmir the situation is tense and the destiny of Kashmir Muslims have reached a very sensitive stage. There was a law made in Kashmir before the independence and this was approved by the Indian government. This law was made in Indian constitution (Article 35A) and is still present that no Indian can buy a land or possessor Kashmir Identity, citizenship in Kashmir. They want to remove this law and want to make Kashmir as another Indian state. If this happens then capitalists will come from other states to buy land. Now Kashmir has Muslim majority and if this law ends, then non-Muslims will come there, buy their lands or grab it and the Muslims will turn into minority.


The same thing which happened in Palestine will happen to Kashmir. In Palestine what happened first was that Jews came and started to buy land from Palestinians. The Palestinians sold their lands and they became homeless now. They are now living in refugee camps. The same policy is being applied for Kashmir. The same policy is present for all those places where Shias are present. Where Shias are in majority they should be turned into minority and the best way is to buy their lands. They show attractions that we will make malls, plaza and Shias also get happy that we are developing. Like in Gilgit Baltistan all their lands will be taken and they will be happy that we are developing. The local population will become extinct this way. The local population has to be remove from the way as it is an obstacle for them. Palestinian progressed and it became Israel.


The same India wants to do with Kashmir if the Kashmir’s don’t show resistance. It is the first time entire people of Kashmir are united on this opinion that we will not allow this law to be terminated. Kashmir was divided before. Kashmir has three regions; Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh (Kargil). The independence movement was only in Srinagar and other regions were not part of the movement. But when the issue of land rights has come all are united and everyone has unitedly protested against this and it is only with resistance they can protect it. When this law is there from beginning, the Kashmiri’s have the rights on their land then they should give priority to this issue on everything else and give protection to their land. If they can protect it, then they can hope that their next generations will stay in those regions. Else these regions are so beautiful and have a lot of attractions in it. The more the world is getting acquainted with this region; they are getting more aspired by these places and they are getting astonished that on such a beautiful place why these people (Muslims) are living. The world’s most beautiful region in Pakistan as well as India is with Shias. It is a unique region with them and under the banner of development they will displace the locals. With Kashmir we have hopes that all the Kashmiri unitedly have started resistance but we don’t know what can happen later on.

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