Political Markaz - Kashmir overtakes Palestine in 2018

Kashmir overtakes Palestine in 2018

Kashmir overtakes Palestine in 2018

Jan 04,2019 Comments Download

Latest Political Analysis 2018 in Kashmir was very bitter. This was the first time that the number of martyrs in Kashmir were more than Palestine.

In Palestine also after the movement of return to land started the martyrdom are happening on every Friday and Israel has attacked several times with aerial attacks. But as per the statistics the number of martyrdom in Kashmir has been more. This means in being oppressed the Kashmir’s suffered more than Palestinians and India has gone ahead of Israel in terms of oppression in 2018.

Approximated 350 martyrdom have taken place in Kashmir. The beginning of 2019 also started with martyrdom and in last week around 8 were martyred. And as I said before that there is no one raising voice for the oppression in Kashmir.

The Pakistan Foreign Ministry has said that the voice for oppressed in Kashmir should be taken globally but this voice does not comes out of choked throat because the country where there are so many internal issues and instability how can they defend the rights of others. India is taking full advantage of this in Kashmir and they are being killed brutally.

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