Political Markaz - Kashmir day and Kashmiri’s determination

Kashmir day and Kashmiri’s determination

Kashmir day and Kashmiri’s determination

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Last week, in the country on 5th Feb was the solidarity day for Kashmir. The entire Pakistan community participated on this day, they enjoyed this holiday fully and delivered the rights of Kashmir this way. Kashmir is really oppressed and at present the oppression of Kashmir as per statistics is more than Palestine. The way killing has been done, modesty of woman have been ruined, the basic rights of people are stampeded that they have crossed Palestine. The oppression done by Israel in Palestine is less as compared to Kashmir.

5th Feb is the day of solidarity with Kashmir but the way things have happened, the foolish policies of past rulers of Pakistan which gave a big damage to the Kashmir issue because Pakistan was claimant that Kashmir is their rights. They raised the issue and then all of a sudden they left Kashmiris on their own and it was injustice with Kashmir. Now also apart from statements there is nothing special done for Kashmir. But what should have happened in Kashmir from beginning has started now, the statements are issued by politicians as well that the people of Kashmir should decide their destiny. They have realized this and the people of Kashmir have started to move in that direction.

All these tyranny which is going on is due to this fact that Kashmiri’s have found the right path, which was the path of Imam Khomeini (r.a). Imam (r.a) has shown this path to the oppressed, downtrodden nations and this path was the successful formula for every nation and all those who treaded on his path had been successful. That path is that ever nation should trust, rely on Allah, develop self-confidence, standing on their own feet start the movement of freedom then Allah will fulfil his promise. But if they leave this divine path, and instead rely on friendly countries, international institutes then they will do what they have done with Kashmir. 

These global organizations have behaved oppressively with the nations. With Pakistan they have brutally dealt, then the friendly nations also did all tyranny with us and on top of these were our foolish, greedy rulers. They acted cleverly and these rulers out of foolishness have shown this day to Pakistan and Kashmir. The most oppressive people are of Kashmir today. The people of Kashmir have not become tired, not despaired and they are continuing their movement with hope and one day Allah will give them freedom due to this hope and struggle. 

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