Political Markaz - Kashmir – Converting threat to opportunity

Kashmir – Converting threat to opportunity

Kashmir – Converting threat to opportunity

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In Pakistan the situation of crisis is ongoing and increasing day by day. There is no ray of horizon being seen from any horizon for this nation that situations will change towards good and no sign is being seen. Along with this the tragedy of Kashmir has added up. As such with the crisis present the issue of Kashmir has made the status of Pakistan more complicated. The issue of Kashmir has been a forsaken issue by the Islamic world.


The outcome was that Modi government in India completely usurped and took over Kashmir and made it part of theirs, which they always would say that Kashmir is unbreakable part of India and they have done. They have made it more Indian than other states, as other states have their own state government as well but Kashmir is a union territory completely under central government. There is no local state government in Kashmir and cannot be formed.


The exclusivity which Kashmir had that it was for Kashmir but now it has been made free to everyone. Now there is continuous curfew going on in Kashmir and all communication and connections to Kashmir has been disconnected. The Media, press is allowed to go there. There is no one allowed to reach Kashmir and no one from Kashmir can go out. Few news came out and which shows that there is extreme severity going on. There are no daily commodities available to the Kashmiris. People are besieged in their homes, they are killing them, beating them, molesting their women.


Certain times the Kashmiri’s broke the curfew and there is around a million beastly forces present there who have taken over even the human rights of these people 

And above this the most grievous behavior is from Islamic world, their rulers, parties, organizations, scholars, sects living in Islamic world, who were also excited on all issues but they are not showing any passion about Kashmir. In Pakistan there were organizations who have sacrificed everything of theirs on Kashmir but at present they are also in a deep grievous state or acting in a grievous manner and there is nothing expected from them.


Some organizations have been declared as terrorists, their leadership has been arrested on the instructions of Trump. India has been asking since long to hand them over to India, but they did everything on the instructions of Trump. The way Pakistan takes a step Trump tweets that I have asked them to do this.


The Arab world has not just grieved but in fact the Arab government has done treachery with Kashmir to the level of shamefulness. The Arab nations at present who are the friends of Pakistan. Right now, UAE has called Modi to give him the highest nation honor award to him, as the best person in the world. This is the shamefulness of Arabs, and they have formally announced that Kashmir is an internal issue of India and has nothing do with the Muslim world. All Arab nations have this same stance about Kashmir. In the rest of Islamic world also no statement came out.


The Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei, a day before has clearly expressed the support for Kashmiri and has condemned India that oppressions are going on with Kashmir. He has also said that due to sanctions and restrictions on us, we have good relationship with India but this does not mean we will remain silent on the oppression in Kashmir and asked them to stop this oppression. The Marajae have also given statements on Kashmir, like Ayatollah Lutfullah Safi Gulpaygani, Ayatollah Makarim Shirazi and other elderly persons have given statements and supported the Kashmiri people. Iran has always been the supporter of Kashmir but in the current situation the Kashmiris had more expectations.


Whatever has happened with Kashmir that the Islamic world has become a spectator, if the PM of Pakistan calls any ruler of Islamic world he gets a vague reply. He gets counselling to have patience, tolerate each other and do not act with passion. They don’t even say who is the usurper. When there was Iran, Iraq war, there was a committee as Ummah reformation and there was a small African country president as its chairman. There were few countries to get the negotiations done specifically when Iran started to dominate in the war, they wanted to sort this out.


Whenever they would go to Imam (r.a), he would tell them first announce who is the oppressor and condemn them than we will take steps for negotiation. They could not do it, and for 8 yrs. they did not announce this and then at the end the UN announced that Iraq is tyrant, but these Muslim leaders did not say this. Today also they do not announce who is the tyrant in the matter of Kashmir. They tell Pakistan to refrain from doing anything. Is Pakistan doing the oppression there, is Pakistan molesting woman there? What should Pakistan refrain from? The one who is raising voice for Kashmir and the oppressors you are putting them in one category. See the lack of conscience in these Muslim rulers and the shamelessness of Arab rulers.


Imam (r.a) would present a formula on which he made his people follow and other followers outside Iran also acted on that formula. That formula, is when enemy has come over to its peak of aggression, when your friends become hypocrites, then in this situation people get afraid. Like in Kashmir the leaders over there would be despaired that there is no one supporting us and raising voice.


Imam says that in this situation when no one is supporting you, you are alone then instead of leaving the field, make it an opportunity for yourself. Convert all the threats of enemy into opportunity and take advantage of all their threats. This is the strategy and if some nation understands this wisdom then no one can defeat them. For Kashmiri’s this is the best opportunity, because to those whom they were relying, damaged and betrayed them, now they have got their hands off from them.


Those name sake supporters of Kashmir who were the biggest obstacle in the freedom of Kashmir, who were not allowing the freedom from being successful now they are no more with them. Now with your own community coming out, only with reliance from Allah you can get this freedom. Now no one is supporting you, so you start an uprising on your own. And Kashmiris’ will do this, they are not the community who are afraid of death. They have given thousands of youths in this way.


Those sacrifices did not give any results because others were involved and were dodging them. Now you have seen Arabs and non-Arabs are not there for their support, so now they have got freedom from everyone now, and the last front is the freedom from India. You have got freedom from betrayers, Muslim rulers, Arabs, groups as they have walked back. Now you are a free community and take the next step and get freedom from these tyrants also. This will definitely come.


One sentence which our FM raised and became popular. He said that Islamic world and Arab world have personal benefits from India and they are now supporting Kashmir. We respect this statement but this opinion is not true as this is the opposite. India has gains and personal interest with the Islamic world. The Arab nations who have energy, oil, wealth what they need from India. If they want technology, weapons they take from Europe, they do not take anything from India. India has the gains from them, as they need oil and energy.


The Arabs do not work in India, the poor people of India in millions are working in Islamic world. They are dependent on Arabs. With all due respect to all journalists, press that this is not the issue. The actual issue is not that due to economic reasons all Arab interests in 2019 all of a sudden has gone to India. There is no Muslim, country who has economic interests with India in fact India needs them. Then why all have gone silent. India is not even a superpower like China. To present India like this and say that Muslim world is dependent on them is not correct.


The actual tragedy is not that there are interests of Muslim world, in fact the issue is that these rulers have no self-respect, dignity and have become disgraced. Everyone knows this but you cannot say in diplomatic language that they are shameless. The reality is this that they have become disgraced and shameless. They have not even an iota of Islam support. They are corrupt who have no pains for Kashmir, Palestine or any other Muslim world. The entire Islamic world watches as spectators for Rohingya, they are watching Palestine silently and they don’t speak on oppression against any Muslims.


The biggest enemy of Islam, that is Israel is with whom they have established diplomatic relationships and Pakistan is also desperately eyeing on that, the day Bin Salman tells us we will also establish an Israeli embassy in Islamabad. They are desperate to do this.


The Muslim rulers consider Palestine and Kashmir as an obstacle for their licentiousness. Why are they so eager to sell Palestine, Kashmir and finish off the issues? They want to close down all the issues, so that with freedom we can do all our corruption freely. At times the press ashamed them sometimes and world disgraces them, hence they have done all this quickly. As they don’t have any shame, dignity they just want to wind up this issue quickly. Is there any Muslim country who has the pain for Yemen? Is there any scholar, Mufti of any school, those who are giving big lectures on human rights, in Europe the human rights organizations what they are doing about Yemen?


The poor people of Yemen have not attacked you; you have done aggression on them. You are giving weapons to the aggressors, like USA, Britain, France. When Germany said we will not give weapons to Saudi, entire EU put pressure on Germany. This world has no pain for anyone and not even their own people. They just come on TV shows and do the drama; other than this there is nothing. The journalists who have gone outside to raise this issue.


The famous Sheikh Rasheed who has gone to London to raise the voice for Kashmir. You should have given a ticket to Azad Kashmir to raise the voice. He went there, and was shopping in a shopping center and some Kashmiris hit him with tomatoes over there. He was raising voice for Kashmir in shopping center. If you leave Kashmiris on their own then this is the best opportunity, they should not be worried in fact thank for Allah. They should act on the custom of Ibrahim. You should consider Imam Hussain as your Imam and come under the standard of Imam Hussain.


The way no one came for help for Imam Hussain, no one will come for your help also. You are not unacquainted with martyrdom; you are not afraid of death. When everyone has left you on their own, send letters of thanks to everyone who were supporting you before, tell them now we will take movement on our own ahead.


On Kashmir issue, there is an astonishing, strange thing going on in Pakistan. Our PM is repeatedly appealing Trump to solve the issue of Kashmir. This is the weakest stance on Kashmir to ask Trump to mediate in Kashmir. Trump has replied both the PM of India and Pakistan are friends, but they are not friends with each other. We know Mr. Trump though your face looks like fool, try to pretend to be fool, but you are not, you know everything.


I am not saying that you are speaking against God but in fact you have denied Math. You are denying the formula of Math. This is the formula that friend of friend is a friend which applies in sociology. You are saying they are both your friends but not friends of each other. This cannot be true. If Modi was your friend and our PM was your friend, then they both would be their friends. The reason is you are also not a friend of anyone. Anyone whom Trump says I am his friend, should be afraid. A corrupt, licentious, tyrant, enemy of humanity, enemy of Islam like Trump says this. Two persons have raised openly the standard of Islam animosity. One is Trump and other is Modi.


Trump in his election campaigns raised the issue of enmity with Islam and Muslims. He banned the entry of seven Muslims countries and called them as terrorist. Modi has won two elections on the basis of enmity with Islam and Muslims. They both have only friend that is Netanyahu. Trump by mistake has got Imran Khan in it. Imran Khan should get clarification on this. Netanyahu is the Friend of Trump and Modi is their friend. This is the right formula. You are enemy of Pakistan, America is the enemy of Pakistan, Muslim, Islam and the outcome of this enmity is in the form of Trump.


The one who is destroying Muslims, he will come to solve Kashmir? One who says Golan is the part of Israel, whom Trump gifted them and they named Golan as Trump. One who is selling Palestine, you are handing over Kashmir to him for mediation? Even if give Kashmir to Satan, then also the risk of damage would be less than what Trump would do. This is something non understandable. Those who have rejected several resolutions for Palestine in UN.


Whenever the Muslims raised any voice on Palestine and no resolution was ever allowed to be passed against Israel in UN. So, will they allow anything to be done with India. Whatever has to happen with Kashmiri will happen. Trump will not do mediation in this and the Muslims globally will not accept that Trump will decide. The decision of trump is already known, that the usurper has rights over it.


The actual issue that is triggered in the world, where they want to stop India is not from the usurped Kashmir but Azad Kashmir in Pakistan. Our FM went on republic day in Muzaffarabad and said that if they look at our part of Kashmir then we will give a strong reply. If Modi talks to Trump on the issue of Kashmir, then it would not be on Jammu, Srinagar, Kargil, Ladakh but it would be for Azad Kashmir in Pakistan.


Modi is talking with Trump about Gilgit, Baltistan and Azad Kashmir. If you ask Trump to mediate, he will come to Gilgit Baltistan. The situation which looks outwardly despaired, but if you think in accordance with the school of Imam hussain (a.s) And path of Imam Khomeini (Ra.) then this is an opportunity for Kashmiris. If the Kashmiris adopt his path then they will salvation inshallah.


On the issue of Kashmir there is an important question. The NATO of Islamic forces of 39 countries which was made by Mohammad bin Salman and Pakistan General Rahil Sharif was made its chief. Why was this force made? Get the newspapers out and see. When we would say that this force is made against Shias and Iran. They would say that this being made for securing Islamic interests.


This force is present and getting heavily paid. You have not included Palestine as an Islamic issue. So is there any other biggest issue then Kashmir for these forces. There is not even a single statement, condemnation from this force. What kind of force was this? For what purpose this has been made? On whom you wanted to attack? At least keep the respect of your name. if you don’t want to support Kashmiri, at least give as statement, that a force of 39 Islamic countries is present. But that is all exposed and you can see what the situation is.

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