Political Markaz - Karachi rain bring chaos to city due to failed system of governance

Karachi rain bring chaos to city due to failed system of governance

Karachi rain bring chaos to city due to failed system of governance

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There were normal rains in Karachi and Karachi which is a big town with millions of people living there and the population in Karachi is spreading out. It has been always been a crisis whenever rain comes to Karachi but this time entire Karachi got immersed in water and another sea was seen near the sea. People’s car, thing drowned. The roads were drowned in such a manner that forces had to bring boats to save people. It is a coastal city and rains come but the situation of city is such that those streams, canals which were meant for drainage have been occupied by people to make homes on it and even industries are set up over those. There was sewerage from different streets for exit of water have now been occupied by people, mafia. Every open space was occupied by the Mafia and homes, shops were made over there and as result there is no proper drainage system there. The other problem is garbage in Karachi. It is natural that garbage is produced daily if people are living there. In a city where millions of people are continuously producing garbage and this is part of normal life. People bring vegetables, the cut pieces of these, plastics, packing material waste are all produced daily and people throw then outside their homes on the street. They think that homes are theirs and streets are from India hence we should not respect these streets. They make garbage piles and then urinate also on it. In every country and even in poor countries they do not allow garbage to be piled as it is dangerous for human health. Even in Islamabad, if we see the people living in bungalows are also producing big number of garbage’s. IF you see in Islamabad as well on every street corner you will see garbage piles. There are settlements made on garbage and there is politics made on garbage. Some ministers have done politics on garbage and have claimed that previous government could not clean up garbage and now we will do it. The contract was given to Chinese company who came and ran away, paying penalty that we cannot manage this. The Turkish company who has the contract for cleaning garbage using technology for Lahore but for Karachi they also did not took the contract.

With the rains everything got disturbed, the traffic jams took place, many sick could not reach the hospital, the food cannot reach home. The rains have passed away since few days but Karachi has still not returned to normal. In the past it was known that in Karachi no one can die of hunger. It was a generous city and every unemployed person would get work in Karachi. This city possessed similar status in commercial terms like Dubai. This was all before the birth of you youths. Then after that Zia ul Haqq gave certain gifts to Pakistan. HE gave the biggest gift of terrorism to Pakistan; as part of that he made terrorist organizations and many other combatant groups which became a pain for Pakistan and the same happened in Karachi. Then other gangs were formed who worked on extortion work in Karachi. There is no development work done in Karachi since 20 yrs. The people in Karachi have serious problem for drinking water. The lakes which were catchment areas for rain water where the agricultural farm houses are made by capitalists and running business there and people of Karachi were struggling for drops of water. The tankers come to deliver water. They save water by the drop and such a crisis of water is there in Karachi. This is the uselessness, carelessness of people as well. This is because these people only give votes to them, to bring these looters in power and then they come and usurp the rights of people.

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